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Fields is an experimental particle field sandbox. Millions of small particles are driven by force fields, which you can move, resize and change their parameters and this way create abstract compositions. This is a remake of my older but favourite experiment.

Press "RANDOM SCENE" for new scene, then click to viewport and drag thumbs to change the field parameters.

You can find new Fluidance motion effect or more experiments here.


- move - drag scene with left mouse button
- rotate - right mouse button (left-right)
- zoom - right mouse button (up-down) or mouse scroll

- move field - drag the center thumb
- field strength - drag thumb on horizontal line
- first modificator - drag thumb on top line
- second modificator - drag thumb on bottom line


GUI - control GUI [show | hide ] or click with left mousebutton on screen
FIELDS - number of fields on scene (1-12)
LIGHTNESS - light up scene (if it's too dark)
RENDERING - scene rendering [ start | stop ]
CLEAR SCENE - clean scene
SCENE NUMBER - you can write your scene number here
RANDOM SCENE - create new random scene

Keyboard shortcuts:

[ spacebar ] - scene rendering [ start | stop ]
[ ctrl ] - control GUI [ show | hide ] or click with left mousebutton on screen
[ del ] - delete field (click on center of the field and press Del)

Troubleshoot help:

The applet is tested and working in browsers with Java plugin:
- Windows - Firefox, Opera, Internet Exporer
- MacOS - Firefox, Safari
- Linux (tested on Ubuntu) - Firefox

Found out that applet is not working with Chrome on some systems.
If applet is not running in a browser window try to:
1. reload page and wait a while, if it doesn't help,
2. delete browsers cache and restart browser, if this doesn't help,
3. download latest Java (you need Java 6 Update 10 or later) from here for windows or manually from here for all operating systems and reload page. Test if you have installed latest Java plugin here.
4. use Firefox or Opera instead of Internet Exporer (you have to allow active content in IE).

Programmed in processing.
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