Escape Motions Artwork Contest 2018

Fri, 02 Nov 2018 10:50:55


Escape Motions announces its second artwork contest in the history! This is an invitation to all professional as well as enthusiast artists to submit entries created in Rebelle, Flame Painter, Amberlight and Inspirit software. From November 2nd  to November 30th  you will get the opportunity to show off your talent and win amazingly creative prizes from us and our sponsors worth more than $13,000!

How to enter the Contest

Contest has four categories: Rebelle, Flame Painter, Amberlight and Inspirit. To enter the contest, publish artwork fully or partially created in our software to the Escape Motions Community gallery with hashtag:


Each entrant may publish one artwork to each category. There is no predefined topic specified, the entry may be a painting, an illustration, a photo manipulation or an abstract composition. Your imagination is the only limit here. Using third party software is allowed. 

Joining in can’t be easier! You can submit your entries the following ways:

- Publish directly from the software and add a tag #contest2018, or
- Upload your artwork from your Community account to a relevant category - Rebelle, Flame Painter, Amberlight and Inspirit - and add a tag #contest2018

It is not possible to publish directly from Inspirit app. In order to enter the contest with Inspirit picture, the entrant needs to upload it directly through his Community account and add #contest2018 hashtag to Tags.

Uploading Artworks to Contest Gallery

You can start uploading your entry on November 2nd 2018 00:00 GMT (contest starts). We will accept all entries submitted by November 30th, 2018 23:59 GMT (contest ends). We will announce the winners of first, second and third place in each category on Monday, December 10th.


Three winners in each category will be selected internally by us in the Escape Motions team. We will judge all submitted art pieces based on quality, personality, and originality.


We’ve carefully selected amazingly creative prizes:

The Intel® Software NUC mini PCs
Moho, Poser, MotionArtist and Stufitt applications by Smith Micro
Paintable Digital Painting Academy annual subscriptions
Discount coupons for software, templates, ebooks and more from Mighty Deals
One year subscription to ImagineFX, 3D Artist and Computer Arts magazines
Luminar photo-editing software by Skylum
Photolemur fully automated photo enhancer
Dynamic Auto Painter 6 and Photo Reactor applications by Mediachance
Photoshop Artistry course by Sebastian Michaels
The Artists Quarter Rebelle tutorials by Tim Shelbourne
Artstation subscriptions
Template of your choice from Template Monster

And what is more, it’s not only the winners who get valuable prizes! Every entrant gets exclusive discounts for magazine subscriptions by Future Publishing, special 15% discount on any deal at Mighty Deals and 30% discount on Escape Motions products.

You can visit the Contest website to find out more. So be done with reading now and show off. :)

Best of luck to you all, talented artists!
Your Escape Motions Team

* Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Flame Painter 3.3 Update Released

Fri, 26 Oct 2018 09:44:18

Today we’re releasing a new update of Flame Painter 3, your go-to software for adding light, streaks, smoke effects, for creating fascinating backgrounds and much more. The new update features important changes such as support for high-DPI displays or the new registration system. 


Support for high-DPI displays

Until today, the Scale option was not implemented into Flame Painter like in the rest of our apps. This has changed - from Flame Painter 3.3 you can enjoy the software in higher resolutions with easily readable user interface, in both Personal and Professional edition. The UI will adapt to your high-DPI display automatically at the start.

Community menu

New Community menu has been added to the top menu - you can now access Gallery, Forum or your Account easily directly from application. Moreover, you can publish your flamboyant Flame Painter artworks from this menu.

New registration system

From version 3.3, Flame Painter no longer supports registration keys. New as well as existing users will need to login to Flame Painter 3.3 update using an existing Community account.

Use an existing account:

- Use login details - email/username and password - of your Community (previously Gallery) account of Escape Motions website. If you don’t know the password to your account, enter your email address here to create a new password.

- If you own Rebelle 3, you already have the Community account. Login to Flame Painter 3.3 using your email/username and password.

If you don’t have an account, please create one:

  • Enter your registration details (email and registration key) for Flame Painter 3 on this Download page.
  • Here create your username and password and click “Confirm”.
  • You will receive a confirmation email - confirm your account by clicking on the link in the email.
  • Done! Go and register Flame Painter 3.3 with your email/username and password.

Download Flame Painter 3.3 update and Flame Painter Connect for PS CC 2019 from our Download page using your registration key - this is the last time you are going to need it. The update is free for all Flame Painter 3 users.

If you need any assistance just let us know at - we’re here to help you :)

Enjoy the update to the fullest!
Your Escape Motions Team

Image Courtesy: Harvey Bunda |


Interview with artist: Carlo Molinari

Wed, 26 Sep 2018 05:31:20

With pleasure, we’re introducing you an experienced Italian painter, illustrator and Rebelle Featured Artist Carlo Molinari. This exceptional talent graduated with honors at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari. Currently based in Santeramo, Italy he’s working as an illustrator, painter, photo editor and graphic. We caught up with him and he was kind enough to answer a few questions about his life and art.

Hello Carlo, after this brief introduction, can you share with us what are some of the projects you’ve done in the past you are most proud of?

I find it very hard to choose preferred jobs. I liked many of them, each one for a different reason. Just to name a few, I really enjoyed making images for JOHN HENRY and MARY WALKER books. It was a mix of digital pencil and watercolor with the vintage appeal. Another book where I challenged myself was about VIOLA DESMOND. I used there inks with interesting distressed textured background. In another completely different style I made some images for self promotion in modern vector mood, and so on…:)


 You are very versatile artist. Is this how you’d describe your style?

As you can see my recent works are done solely digitally. I really like paintings rich in dynamic brushstrokes, color and thickness. In the illustration I like to experiment with different styles. So over the years I have created images in photographic, pictorial, 3D and vector styles and techniques. However, I also do love painting impressionist images with the use of watercolor, pastels, pencils and digital inks. So yes, I love to experiment with different media. :)


You and Rebelle - how did it all begin? What did impress you the most about it?

I love digital experimentation and I’m always on a lookout for new software to try. In one of these researches I came across Rebelle, which totally amazed me for the rendering of watercolor and wet media. I was astounded by its ability to blend the pastels which still preserve the texture of the background paper.

It’s also very easy to learn, because you don’t have too much control panels to confuse you with, but the essentials are at hand! I think it’s ideal software for illustrators who are looking for a natural look of traditional media in their drawings and paintings. And the new video tutorials - well done!


Your stunning portrait work with clearly distinguishable style immediately convinced us to name you Rebelle Featured Artist. Would you mind sharing some painting tips for fellow artists?

I really like the portrait genre, especially if it’s interpreted in a dynamic or stylized style. In pictorial and detailed images, the subject is usually only the protagonist. There is no dynamism given by the signs of pencil, brush, the heat or even some imperfection caused by spots of color that make the image more natural, live and warm. Personally I try to create images in which the subject and the painting technique are divided in the final result on a par. Meaning the images are made with 50% presence of subject and 50% presence of expression of strokes, stains, pencils signs - the pictorial calligraphy of the artist!

I believe that the “pictorial calligraphy” is what distinguishes artist’s work. I like it not to be lost in the finished image.

Any art websites or books that you really enjoy?

I often use Pinterest and Instagram to look for reference images, sources of inspiration and above all artists to enjoy and appreciate!

I am a passionate collector of art books and image. The artists that I like very much these days are: Tai Shan Schieremberg, David Downton, Daniel Egneus, Massimo Carnevale, Gigi Cavenago, Drew Struzan, Christian Hook, Alex Kanewsky, just to name a few. I’d definitely recommend checking the works of these art masters to every art lover.


Carlo, for my final question: Can you tell us about your future projects or plans?

I currently have two personal websites with my works, but these are very old and outdated. You can visit it here at So for me the upcoming project is clear – to update them in a timely manner. I would like to make a website where I can sell digital illustrations for home decor made with various styles and subjects. For this project I can’t wait to use a lot of Rebelle. :)

So fingers crossed! Thank you for your time, Carlo and take care! 

Visit Carlo Molinari’s recent works on his agent’s website:

Join Carlo Molinari on Behance:


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