Street Party Now!


Can you feel the heat? We're dancing at the party on Concrete Street! We got Artie on the left with a beer in his hand with a monster as his guest and to the right is Stan! With something disconcerting on the front of his shirt, too exerted to flirt with the girl by the curb - with her fresh pink dress and others dressed to impress, I like the one that's sitting shirtless with his belly well fed! We never said that this party'd ever come to an end - the sun is setting but no fretting we can do it again!
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22 May, 2018 1080x720


I like your paintings A LOT!!! And your little comments complete everything. Very unique style. Some pictures are like a dream. Maybe I dream this night a dream in your style... And tomorrow I will go shopping in the "dumb things 4 dummies" or I will buy "things I don't want"...

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