flame painter

How to Publish

You can publish your artworks directly from application. To publish your artwork, follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Create a Gallery account

To create an account you have two options:

From application:

Create your Gallery account from application menu: File → Publish Preferences. Set Your name, Email ("Your ID") and Password to Gallery and optionally a link to your Website.

From website:

On Gallery website press login → Create Account and enter “Your ID” (registration email). We will send you a Password, which you can change later on.

Note: You can find "Your ID" in application's menu Help → About application. If "Your ID" does not exist, enter your active email.

Step 2: Publish artwork from application to the Gallery

To publish your artwork, use the Publish... option in the File Menu. Enter the Artwork Name, a picture Description and Tags. Click Publish button. Your picture will be published in the Gallery (http://www.escapemotions.com/gallery/).

Step 3: Edit your profile and artworks in Gallery

If you have already created an account, go to Gallery website, press login and enter "Your ID" and Password.

In My Artworks section you can edit your artworks name, description, tags and other settings.

In My Profile section you can edit your name, change your password, add your website and additional information about you.