Quiz: CG or REAL

Many times we see artworks that are of such good quality we don't consider whether the picture is created on computer (computer-generated) or if it was painted traditionally with real brushes on canvas. We show you nine fragments from paintings and your task is to select whether you think the images are computer generated or real.
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CG - Artwork painted by Iulia Khestanova in Rebelle painting application.
REAL - The Starry Night is a famous oil on canvas by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh.
CG - "Under the sea" picture created in Microsoft Paint included in every Windows package. :)
CG - Watercolor "Happy Sun with Clouds" painted in Rebelle.
REAL - Winter Sparkle by contemporary artist Megan Duncanson.
CG - Flowing color drops and splashes created in Rebelle painting program.
REAL - This Expressionist Redfish is painted by Mike Savlen.
CG - Watercolor face of girl painted in our new Rebelle painting program.
REAL - Watercolor bird painting by Inese Poga

Your Results

Watercolor CG artworks were painted in Rebelle, our new aquarelle and acrylic paint application. After more than a year of prototyping and experimenting with watercolors, months of developing new features we can show you the new tool for both traditional and CG artists.
The application for desktop - Windows and Mac OS is coming soon, but you can try in a browser the free Java version available in our experiments shelf:

Watch the teaser of our upcoming tool:

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