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I was born in 1975, grew up in Piestany, Slovakia, where I went to a grammar school where I specialized in computer programming and had fun with creating visual demos for Amiga scene with my friends. I also completed 12 years of art courses.

After finishing secondary school, I had two options: to go to art college and learn 2D animation or to continue at the Faculty of Architecture in Bratislava. I decided to study architecture, because it was closer to 3D and digital tools and there were different drawing and modelling courses as well. I started with visualisations and 3D animations at the university, which was a very new discipline and I worked for a multimedia company based on Amiga computers.

I started to work as a CG animator at the end of my school education on commercials for television and various companies. Since 2003 I have been at Cauldron, a game development company, where I worked as a lead animator mostly for Activision. I left the company in 2011 and now I focus on my experimental development full time.

Some of my hobbies are playing percussions, especially Cajon, in my spare time drawing, experimenting with interactive motion graphics and having fun with animation.

Here you can find a few articles about my experimental projects, mostly about Flame Painter.


Peter Blaškovič

personal and work e-mail: blaskovic(at)escapemotions(dot)com

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