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Latest Version: Flame Painter 4.1.5

The latest Flame Painter 3 version is 3.3.1
The latest Flame Painter 2 version is 2.5.6

Upgrade to Flame Painter 4

Upgrade from Flame Painter 2 or 3 for a discounted price.

There will be minor and major update releases.
Minor updates are for free. (v.4.1, v.4.5, ...)
Major upgrades are for a very reduced price. (v.4.0, v.5.0, ...)

Flame Painter Connect

Photoshop plugin for Flame Painter 4 & Flame Painter 3 Pro.

System requirements


Windows 10, 8, 7
Intel Pentium 4 processor
OpenGL 2.0 graphic card
200 MB free disk space

Mac OS:

Mac OS X 10.13 and newer,
including macOS 12 Ventura
Intel 64bit processor or Apple M1 chip with Rosetta 2
OpenGL 2.0 graphic card
200 MB free disk space

Internet connection is required for activation.

Features and Changes

Version 4.1.5 (recent)

Features and Changes: - Save .fpa projects in Demo version
- Open .fpa projects from Demo version in the full version

Bug Fixes: - Fixed crash when a .jpg file smaller than the default canvas was opened
- Fixed crash when a new file was created after the unconfirmed image import
- Fixed image outline when a semi-transparent image was imported
- Fixed: Switching between Transform and Canvas Size tools now works correctly
- Fixed: Edit box in Canvas Size tool can now be edited correctly
- Fixed: Text of the memory limits in Preferences are now displayed correctly
- Fixed: Read-Only files now cannot be overwritten
- Other minor bugfixes

Version 4.1

Features and Changes: - New Straight line [shortcut Shift]
- New Ruler & Perspective tools
- Import Brushes via the "File" menu
- "All Brushes", "Paint Brushes", "Graphic Brushes", "Effect Brushes" switch in Brushes panel
- "Use Palette and Blending from Brush" switch in Brushes panel
- Double or reduce the vertices by half on a vector path using new buttons in the "Edit Vector Layer" tool
- "Spacing" and "Spacing Jitter" added in 'Shape Profile' for 'Sequence' in Brush Creator
- New UI language: German, Spanish, and Slovak

Bug Fixes: - Fixed: After PSD export layers were locked after opening the file in Photoshop
- Fixed: In Vector Layer Editor, when changing Particles parameter in Elastic/Ribbon Particle System, Init Curve could break
- Fixed: In Vector Layer Editor, sometimes after transforming the vector layer, Init Curve Transform could be incorrect
- Fixed: In Vector Layer Editor, undo for Edit Tool was not always working
- Fixed: Sometimes the drawing with Brush tool did not work after switching from Transform tool
- Other minor bugfixes

Version 4.0.1

Features and Changes: - Added new brush image and opacity textures to experiment with
- Main menu -> View -> "Show Cursor" shows/hides cursor only for painting tools
- Added "Add-on" text in Demo version for Liner, Fuzzy and Elastic particle systems
- Option to simply import .svg vector file with drag & drop

Bug Fixes: - Fixed "Share Brush" button - it is possible to share your favorite brushes to online Brush Library
- Edit Vector Layer: speed optimization for strokes with many anchor points
- Edit Vector Layer: anchor points can't be added after the vector layer is transformed
- Navigator: fixed bug with navigation rectangle when the canvas is flipped and the rotation angle is not 0
- Particle systems draw correctly with 1 particle
- Fixed importing a non-valid image or .svg file
- Fixed crash after confirming or canceling a selection
- Fixed duplicate keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B (removed from "Show Safe Boundary")
- Fixed crash on macOS after adding a selection
- Fixed 'stuttering' that could happen while drawing with a pen and using "Pen position" + "Wacom device (Wintab)"
- Color Filters: Fixed issue with Desaturate dialog
- Other minor bugfixes

Version 4.0

- New Particle Systems: Flame, Ribbon, Follow, Liner, Fuzzy, Elastic
- Extensive Brush Library with Hundreds of Brush Presets
- Unlimited Brush Customization
- Brush Creator
- Import of Vector Paths
- Editable Vector Layers
- Photoshop Plug-in
- Symmetry Tool
- Advanced Palette Panel
- Canvas Size Tool
- Pick Color Tool
- Selections
- Improved Fill Tool
- New Filters
- Multi-touch Support

Version 3.3.1

- Support for high-DPI displays
- New Community menu in top menu bar added
- access Gallery, Forum or your Account directly from application
- New registration system - log in to the application using a password which substitutes a registration key
- Fixed: Version 3.3 registration issue

Version 3.2

- Wacom preserves tablet pressure data with vector layers
- Cancel HiRes rendering with "Esc" key
- Added file association on Mac OS
- Fixed: Switching between vector layers in Edit mode
- Fixed: publishing artwork to online gallery without safe boundary
- More minor bugfixes

Version 3.1

- New Flame Painter Connect v.1.2
- Drag & Drop PSD files
- Wacom pressure influences also Pen and Eraser
- Associate FPA files with Flame Painter Application
- Send us feedback from Menu -> Help -> Send Feedback
- Transform layer with keyboard arrows
- Mouse wheel zooms also with Alt key
- Brush Presets panel: added checkbox for keeping your current blending mode while opening brush presets
- Added new menu item: Menu -> Help -> Show Online Brushes
- Layers panel: merge with bottom layer if only one layer is selected
- Layers panel: added button "Export to Photoshop"
- Added progress dialog bar for Hi-Res renderer and SVG export
- Layers panel: use (2), (3), ... for names of duplicated layers instead of (copy)
- GUI changes in the Preferences dialog

- Fixed: use tablet without pressure influence in Personal Edition
- Fixed: fixed cursor on OK/Cancel buttons while importing an image
- Fixed: viewport boundary frame was 1 pixel off in the top left corner
- Fixed: question dialog box keyboard shortcuts on Mac
- Fixed: communication between FP and the photoshop plugin
- Fixed: PSD export file format fixed bugs and UTF8 filenames
- Fixed: first mouse press after showing the info dialog in painting on vector layer didn't work
- Fixed: SVG file format include dimensions and proper safe boundary offsets

    Version 3.0.5

- Fixed Wacom tablet issues on Windows OS
- Fixed SVG export bug on some configurations
- Fixed Hi-Res renderer
- Photoshop Plug-in for Photoshop CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC
- Fixed minor Photoshop plug-in issues
- Fixed "Preferences -> Wacom -> Use pressure" switches
- File dialog shows thumbnails of .FPA files
- File dialog now correctly remembers last opened directories
- "Collapse layers" skips invisible layers
- Drawing area was not visible on some systems
- Layers panel works on Mac OS also with system "Voice Over" activated

Version 3.0

- Hires renderer
- Photoshop plugin CS6, CC
- Open and save layered PSD files
- Export SVG vector format files
- Copy&paste layers to 3rd party apps
- Wacom tablet support
- Unlimited layers
- 22 Photoshop blending modes
- Move and resize layers & canvas
- Safe boundary - extended canvas size
- Leap Motion support
- Multicore optimizations

    Version 2.5.6

- fixed file dialog on Mac OS X
- fixed retina display resolution on Mac OS
- upgrade to version 3.0 directly from the menu
- minor bug fixes

Version 2.5

- 32-bit and 64-bit application
- Blur and Glow effect filters
- Basic Brush for simple strokes
- infinite tiling - infinite canvas instead of only 2x canvas
- easy one-click brush sharing in online Brush Library
- show and hide all panels
- resizable left panel, you can see all brushes and gradients in one panel
- larger file dialogs
- swap Gradient colors with "Ctrl" shortcut
- Zoom up to 800%
- fixed darken layer blending mode
- gray viewport background was sometimes not updated correctly
- Windows: presentation mode renamed to "Show Main Menu"
- MacOS: fixed file dialogs (filetype combobox did not work on some systems)

Version 2.2

- Image Tiling
- Presentation borderless mode
- Move canvas also with shortcut: Spacebar + LMB
- Convert vector layer to bitmap layer
- Eraser with a new “Step” slider
- show * in title bar when file has changed
- Progress bar for vector layer rendering
- Keyboard shortcuts for brush size “[“, “]”
- DPI info is saved in PNG, JPG, BMP and TIF images
- Core code optimizations
- many bugfixes... :)

Version 2.0

- Unlimited layers
- Editable Vector Layers
- Supersmooth Antialiasing
- Fast Flame Renderer
- Flame, Follow and Ribbon styles
- Normal, Lighten & Darken modes
- Beautiful gradient transitions
- Open and save your Brush Presets
- Drag & Drop brushes form website
- Drag & Drop images from folder or web
- Publish and share artworks in Gallery
- Customizable interface with dockable tabs
- Fullscreen mode
- Show / Hide cursor for presentations
- FPA, PNG, JPG, TIF and BMP files
- Commercial license

"This software can produce incredible effects that would otherwise take a lot of time in Photoshop."

~ Photoshop Creative ~

"Flame Painter is capable of quite a range of output, from adding light trails to photographs to creating abstract backgrounds and images reminiscent of ink-and-wash drawings."

~ ~

"This is a great piece of software to paint powerful effects onto existing images and a great addition for those who like experimenting while having fun."

~ Renderosity Magazine ~

"Flame Painter is the perfect tool to explore your inner artistic flare."

~ ~

"Flame brushes are just one small segment of the process, and the control and precision you have using these esoteric elements will make you feel bad for folks trying to do similar things any other way."

~ ~

"This program is an excellent relaxing solution while you're on a break from work as well as a potential source of inspiration for graphic artists."

~ ~

iPad & iPhone

Flame Painter for iOS

We believe that everyone can be an artist, we just need inspiration. That's why we designed unique brush presets, creative tools and a beautiful user interface. Enthusiasts can create their own brushes and paint with them fantastic pictures and children can become real artists with only a few swipes of the finger.