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Latest Version: Flame Painter 4.1.0

Latest Flame Painter 3 version is 3.3.1
Latest Flame Painter 2 version is 2.5.6

Upgrade to Flame Painter 4

Upgrade from Flame Painter 1,2 or 3 for a discounted price.

There will be minor and major update releases.
Minor updates are for free. (v.3.1, v.3.5, ...)
Major upgrades are for a very reduced price. (v.3.0, v.4.0, ...)

Flame Painter Connect

Photoshop plugin for Flame Painter 4 & Flame Painter 3 Pro.

System requirements


Windows 10, 8, 7
Intel Pentium 4 processor
OpenGL 2.0 graphic card
200 MB free disk space

Mac OS:

Mac OS X 10.11 and newer
Intel 64bit processor
OpenGL 2.0 graphic card
200 MB free disk space

Internet connection is required for activation.

Features and Changes

Version 4.1 (recent)

Features and Changes: - New Straight line [shortcut Shift]
- New Ruler & Perspective tools
- Import Brushes via the "File" menu
- "All Brushes", "Paint Brushes", "Graphic Brushes", "Effect Brushes" switch in Brushes panel
- "Use Palette and Blending from Brush" switch in Brushes panel
- Double or reduce the vertices by half on a vector path using new buttons in the "Edit Vector Layer" tool
- "Spacing" and "Spacing Jitter" added in 'Shape Profile' for 'Sequence' in Brush Creator
- New UI language: German, Spanish, and Slovak

Bug Fixes: - Fixed: After PSD export layers were locked after opening the file in Photoshop
- Fixed: In Vector Layer Editor, when changing Particles parameter in Elastic/Ribbon Particle System, Init Curve could break
- Fixed: In Vector Layer Editor, sometimes after transforming the vector layer, Init Curve Transform could be incorrect
- Fixed: In Vector Layer Editor, undo for Edit Tool was not always working
- Fixed: Sometimes the drawing with Brush tool did not work after switching from Transform tool
- Other minor bugfixes

Version 4.0.1

Features and Changes: - Added new brush image and opacity textures to experiment with
- Main menu -> View -> "Show Cursor" shows/hides cursor only for painting tools
- Added "Add-on" text in Demo version for Liner, Fuzzy and Elastic particle systems
- Option to simply import .svg vector file with drag & drop

Bug Fixes: - Fixed "Share Brush" button - it is possible to share your favorite brushes to online Brush Library
- Edit Vector Layer: speed optimization for strokes with many anchor points
- Edit Vector Layer: anchor points can't be added after the vector layer is transformed
- Navigator: fixed bug with navigation rectangle when the canvas is flipped and the rotation angle is not 0
- Particle systems draw correctly with 1 particle
- Fixed importing a non-valid image or .svg file
- Fixed crash after confirming or canceling a selection
- Fixed duplicate keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B (removed from "Show Safe Boundary")
- Fixed crash on macOS after adding a selection
- Fixed 'stuttering' that could happen while drawing with a pen and using "Pen position" + "Wacom device (Wintab)"
- Color Filters: Fixed issue with Desaturate dialog
- Other minor bugfixes

Version 4.0

- New Particle Systems: Flame, Ribbon, Follow, Liner, Fuzzy, Elastic
- Extensive Brush Library with Hundreds of Brush Presets
- Unlimited Brush Customization
- Brush Creator
- Import of Vector Paths
- Editable Vector Layers
- Photoshop Plug-in
- Symmetry Tool
- Advanced Palette Panel
- Canvas Size Tool
- Pick Color Tool
- Selections
- Improved Fill Tool
- New Filters
- Multi-touch Support

Version 3.3.1

- Support for high-DPI displays
- New Community menu in top menu bar added
- access Gallery, Forum or your Account directly from application
- New registration system - log in to the application using a password which substitutes a registration key
- Fixed: Version 3.3 registration issue

Version 3.2

- Wacom preserves tablet pressure data with vector layers
- Cancel HiRes rendering with "Esc" key
- Added file association on Mac OS
- Fixed: Switching between vector layers in Edit mode
- Fixed: publishing artwork to online gallery without safe boundary
- More minor bugfixes

Version 3.1

- New Flame Painter Connect v.1.2
- Drag & Drop PSD files
- Wacom pressure influences also Pen and Eraser
- Associate FPA files with Flame Painter Application
- Send us feedback from Menu -> Help -> Send Feedback
- Transform layer with keyboard arrows
- Mouse wheel zooms also with Alt key
- Brush Presets panel: added checkbox for keeping your current blending mode while opening brush presets
- Added new menu item: Menu -> Help -> Show Online Brushes
- Layers panel: merge with bottom layer if only one layer is selected
- Layers panel: added button "Export to Photoshop"
- Added progress dialog bar for Hi-Res renderer and SVG export
- Layers panel: use (2), (3), ... for names of duplicated layers instead of (copy)
- GUI changes in the Preferences dialog

- Fixed: use tablet without pressure influence in Personal Edition
- Fixed: fixed cursor on OK/Cancel buttons while importing an image
- Fixed: viewport boundary frame was 1 pixel off in the top left corner
- Fixed: question dialog box keyboard shortcuts on Mac
- Fixed: communication between FP and the photoshop plugin
- Fixed: PSD export file format fixed bugs and UTF8 filenames
- Fixed: first mouse press after showing the info dialog in painting on vector layer didn't work
- Fixed: SVG file format include dimensions and proper safe boundary offsets

    Version 3.0.5

- Fixed Wacom tablet issues on Windows OS
- Fixed SVG export bug on some configurations
- Fixed Hi-Res renderer
- Photoshop Plug-in for Photoshop CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC
- Fixed minor Photoshop plug-in issues
- Fixed "Preferences -> Wacom -> Use pressure" switches
- File dialog shows thumbnails of .FPA files
- File dialog now correctly remembers last opened directories
- "Collapse layers" skips invisible layers
- Drawing area was not visible on some systems
- Layers panel works on Mac OS also with system "Voice Over" activated

Version 3.0

- Hires renderer
- Photoshop plugin CS6, CC
- Open and save layered PSD files
- Export SVG vector format files
- Copy&paste layers to 3rd party apps
- Wacom tablet support
- Unlimited layers
- 22 Photoshop blending modes
- Move and resize layers & canvas
- Safe boundary - extended canvas size
- Leap Motion support
- Multicore optimizations

    Version 2.5.6

- fixed file dialog on Mac OS X
- fixed retina display resolution on Mac OS
- upgrade to version 3.0 directly from the menu
- minor bug fixes

Version 2.5

- 32-bit and 64-bit application
- Blur and Glow effect filters
- Basic Brush for simple strokes
- infinite tiling - infinite canvas instead of only 2x canvas
- easy one-click brush sharing in online Brush Library
- show and hide all panels
- resizable left panel, you can see all brushes and gradients in one panel
- larger file dialogs
- swap Gradient colors with "Ctrl" shortcut
- Zoom up to 800%
- fixed darken layer blending mode
- gray viewport background was sometimes not updated correctly
- Windows: presentation mode renamed to "Show Main Menu"
- MacOS: fixed file dialogs (filetype combobox did not work on some systems)

Version 2.2

- Image Tiling
- Presentation borderless mode
- Move canvas also with shortcut: Spacebar + LMB
- Convert vector layer to bitmap layer
- Eraser with a new “Step” slider
- show * in title bar when file has changed
- Progress bar for vector layer rendering
- Keyboard shortcuts for brush size “[“, “]”
- DPI info is saved in PNG, JPG, BMP and TIF images
- Core code optimizations
- many bugfixes... :)

Version 2.0

- Unlimited layers
- Editable Vector Layers
- Supersmooth Antialiasing
- Fast Flame Renderer
- Flame, Follow and Ribbon styles
- Normal, Lighten & Darken modes
- Beautiful gradient transitions
- Open and save your Brush Presets
- Drag & Drop brushes form website
- Drag & Drop images from folder or web
- Publish and share artworks in Gallery
- Customizable interface with dockable tabs
- Fullscreen mode
- Show / Hide cursor for presentations
- FPA, PNG, JPG, TIF and BMP files
- Commercial license

"This application is going to upgrade my graphic designs into the next level."
Gökmen Maydos

"As a photographer and filmmaker I can use the expansive range of emotion Flame Painter elicits. The creative possibilites are innumerable."
Michael, photographer

"It is a powerful and extremely fun creative tool for artists who don't want to invent the wheel."
Maura Ackley, artist

"Flame Painter is incredible! It is creative/artistic, without having to use code/mathematics. "
Shelly McMahan