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Credits and Special Thanks

Cover pictures:

Craig Mullins (, Ekaterina Chesalova (, Martin Hanschild (, Philipp Neundorf, Valence, Kamila Stankiewicz (,Iwona Gradzka-Kurzaj (, Olivier (, Zoltan Korcsok (

Flame Painter
Frank Siekmann, Scott Uminga (, Harvey Bunda (, Louis Dyer (, Michael Dashow (, Liiga Smilshkalne (, Rana Dias (

Peter Blaškovič, Scott Uminga (, Lauren Martin

Tutorial videos: Nigel Brewster, Vladimir Chopine (, Jason Maranto

Translation & corrections: Tanya Hayman, Tony Lloyd, Daniel Streidt, Higashiuchi Takuri, Kenjiro Nagano, Kévin Jorand (Accent), Marta Fernandez, Irene Briz, Elke Schnabel, Anna Aroui, Andrea Hornáková, Veronika Klimeková, Umin Kang, deo.R, Tatjana Prelog, Kouki Aikawa, Sergey Krotov, Burak Erdoğan, Roni Kantola, Maciej Dobreńko, Andy Chen, Massimo Corinaldesi, Serge Fleury, Eduardo Gheller, Thilo Hadamovsky, Iculator Zaloom, Mfm Awdeh