Papers and Art Surfaces

Blur the line between traditional and digital painting while experimenting with more than 130 ultra-realistic papers, canvases, and other art surfaces. From the standard Cold Pressed or Japanese Washi papers to a collection of linen canvases, lithography stones, or wood veneer, these extraordinary textures give you countless opportunities to experiment with different media and painting techniques. Recently added diverse and detailed full-color surfaces enhance the traditional feel even more. All art surfaces use NanoPixel technology providing infinite details and realistic textures like never before.

What are art surfaces?

Rebelle art surfaces are scanned versions of real-world papers that were developed in cooperation with academic professionals to enhance and encourage the creative process to the most realistic levels possible. These surfaces are not a simple copy of reality, they are textured images created with respect to the original pattern and behave realistically like the real paper while painting in Rebelle.

Why were they created?

One of the biggest alternations in the behavior of paint is due to the surface on which it is applied - the surface. We tested various real-life papers in order to embrace their common characteristics and differences and figured out how to include such support for various behavior. These papers have been turned into digital form based on real-world papers and behave like them when painting in Rebelle - incredibly realistically.

How are they created?

When creating the art surfaces, we look for a suitable contrast in texture to capture the characteristics of the fibers, which create a unique structure every time. With the texture scale setting at 100%, the digital paper matches the real-world paper 1:1. Rebelle papers are tileable so there are no repeats visible at high-resolution files. The papers are print-ready with a minimum of 400 DPI settings.

Magic with Diffusion

Every surface behaves differently with water, just like in real life. Master the magic of watercolor diffusion on various structures.

Adjust Texture Visibility

Make the texture pop up in your artwork or turn the visibility down for more subtle texture.

Scale Surface Texture

Experiment with the different scales of the texture to achieve the perfect surface for your drawing or painting.

Change Surface Color

Rebelle allows you to customize the color of your selected art surface – choose from a full range of color palette and make your artwork stand out.

NanoPixel Detail

Zoom into the surface structure up to 2000% in real-time to see the paper fibers in their exquisite detail. This feature is available in Rebelle Pro.

Realistic Deckled Edges

Enable deckled edges to make your work look amazingly realistic. Deckled edges which are unique to each paper adjust to a new canvas size automatically.


Reuse Papers Infinitely

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  • The monochromatic papers are compatible with Rebelle 3 and newer. The full-color papers are compatible with Rebelle 5 and newer.

  • Absolutely not. Unlike real sheets of paper which can be used only once, Rebelle papers are reusable and you can paint on each of them an unlimited number of times. This gives you more freedom in the creative process and helps you save drastically on art supplies.

  • Rebelle 7 comes with 7 default papers: Aquarelle, CA01 Canvas, EX25 Hemp Smooth, HM01 Handmade, HP01 Hot Pressed, RH05 Rough, WK01 Washi + a White Simple paper. In addition to default papers, you can choose from more than 130 papers that can be purchased as add-ons and imported to Rebelle.

  • To obtain a complete collection of Rebelle papers, you can purchase both "Papers bundle" and "Full-color papers bundle" in our shop.
    The "Papers bundle" contains all paper sets EXCEPT the full-color paper sets. It's because the full-color papers are compatible only with Rebelle 5 and newer versions. The rest of the papers are also compatible with Rebelle 4 and Rebelle 3.

  • Yes, you can import custom papers in PNG file format to Rebelle via the 'Select Canvas' window. These papers need to be tileable so that there are no seams visible when creating high-resolution files.

  • Of course. Take the paper in Rebelle as a layer. It will be printed with its lows (darker points) and highs (lighter points). If you print on real textured paper, we'd recommend hiding the paper in Rebelle so that the texture does not print and the real paper's texture stays dominant.

  • Please note the actual paper file is available only as a thumbnail in 256 x 256 pixels. The actual paper is compiled within this thumbnail in a special format and cannot be used in other software than Rebelle.