Special Discounts for Students,
Teachers, and Schools

We at Escape Motions believe that everyone can be an artist. To help you unleash your fullest potential, we offer individual licenses for full-time students and teachers at a discounted rate. In addition to individual licenses, we also offer significant discounts on volume licenses for art classrooms.

These educational discounts are designed to make our software more affordable and accessible to those who are pursuing education or teaching in the arts. We continue our commitment to providing tools and resources that help students and teachers explore their creative abilities.

Individual Licenses for Students and Teachers

Are you a full-time student or teacher interested in painting? Get a lifetime license to creative tools that are daily used by professional artists around the world.
Now, with a 40% discount.

Rebelle 7 $89.99 $53.99
Rebelle 7 Pro $149.99 $89.99
Flame Painter 4 $89.99 $53.99
Amberlight 2 $89.99 $53.99
Inspirit $29.99 $17.99
Creative Package
Rebelle 7, Flame Painter 4, Amberlight 2
$269.99 $161.99
Creative Package Pro
Rebelle 7 Pro, Flame Painter 4, Amberlight 2
$329.99 $197.99
*Prices do not include tax
No Monthly Payments. Own it.

No Monthly Payments. Own it.

30-Days Refund Policy

30-Days Refund Policy

Excellent Support

Excellent Support

Volume Licenses for Classrooms

Are you an elementary, higher-education, or university teacher interested in new painting tools for your class? Do not miss our offer and never run out of art supplies! The more licenses you sign up for, the bigger your discount.

Rebelle 7,
Flame Painter 4,
Amberlight 2
(MSRP $89.99)
Rebelle 7 Pro
(MSRP $149.99)
(MSRP $29.99)
1-19 seats $53.99 $89.99 $17.99
20-39 seats $49.99 $79.99 $15.99
40-59 seats $45.99 $69.99 $13.99
60-79 seats $39.99 $59.99 $11.99
80+ seats Contact us for a quote
*Prices are listed per seat and do not include tax

NOTE: Each software is offered with a standalone license requiring the installation on every computer. In addition, Rebelle is offering a floating license providing an installation on a local network and a flexible license allocation management.
Learn more about differences between standalone and floating license in the FAQ section below.

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If you are interested in the Escape Motions software for your classroom or an individual educational discount, please fill in the contact form below or contact us at [email protected].

License type and institution information

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of individual licenses do we offer?

We offer an individual standalone license for students and teachers. This type of license allows installing three (3) copies of the Software directly on a computer running Microsoft Windows or macOS that you personally own or control provided that not more than one of those computers is in use simultaneously. A standalone license purchased by a private individual allows using the software for commercial, or for-profit activities as well as for personal, non-commercial, or nonprofit activities.

What types of volume licenses do we offer?

We offer two types of licenses for schools: Standalone and Floating (available only for Rebelle). Choosing the most appropriate license type depends on the computers, accounts and network setup of each particular school.

  • Standalone: Each license is tied to a single Windows or macOS account on a single computer and is not transferable to other computers. Choose this type of license:
    • When you have some amount of licenses
    • and you need to run the software on the same amount of computers (or less)
    • and each computer runs the software under a single local Windows or macOS account.
  • Floating (available only for Rebelle): Each license can be assigned to any Windows or macOS account on any computer on your local network. When Rebelle is closed, it's license slot is freed and made available to any other computer on your local network who asks for it. Choose this type of license:
    • When you need to run Rebelle on more computers than you have Rebelle licenses
    • and/or there are multiple accounts which run Rebelle on your computers

How can I obtain an individual license with an educational discount?
  1. Fill out the form above or email us at [email protected]. We will send you a discount code after verifying your educational status.
  2. The discount code is valid for 7 days and needs to be applied in our shop.
How can I obtain a volume license for my school?
  1. Please create a Community account for your school here: https://www.escapemotions.com/community/register
    An active Community account will be required for registering the license at the first start.
  2. Fill out the form above or email us at [email protected]. Please let us know how many computers you would like to use the software with and if they run under Windows or macOS. We will be in touch with further instructions.
How does the volume license installation work?

Standalone License
It is necessary to install and register the software on each computer individually. After the installation, you will be asked for your Escape Motions username and password. The license will then be downloaded to the computer.

Floating License
We will send you our "Escape Motions Floating License Server" application that needs to be installed on any computer on your local network connected to the internet (e.g. on a teacher's computer or on your school server). FLS provides licenses for Rebelle.

We will also send you the full version of Rebelle. If you have a shared network folder accessible from student computers, you can install Rebelle to that shared folder. Students will run Rebelle from there. Or you can install Rebelle on each student computer individually.

When a student runs Rebelle, it looks for the FLS on your local network. When the FLS is found, Rebelle asks it for a license slot and then starts up. When Rebelle is closed, its license slot is automatically released for other students.

Do I need to use a graphic tablet and stylus when painting?

It is possible to draw and paint even without a graphic tablet or stylus. The mouse can be used instead. Undoubtedly, it is always better to use a graphic tablet and stylus with graphic software, if available. The creative process is more intuitive.

Are there any educational materials available?

User Manuals are available for download from the Support page of each software and tutorial videos can be viewed on our Youtube channel.


  • I have never used more advanced software for real-media mimicking than Rebelle. People were surprised to find out my art was digital.

    Kuzayova, Illustrator
  • Flame Painter is capable of quite a range of output, from adding light trails to photographs to creating abstract backgrounds and images reminiscent of ink-and-wash drawings.

  • Amberlight is a fascinating and unpredictable app, sometimes offering up quite beautiful and enigmatic imagery. It may look like a novelty, but you'll definitely find some way of using it!

  • Inspirit can generate impressive mandala shapes and kaleidoscope art, providing you with a painting tool that is both easy to use and modern-looking. Creating those dazzling mandalas with Inspirit is not just inspiring, but also relaxing.

  • I was blown away by the watercolor and paper interactions in Rebelle. There really is no other software that as closely emulates the real world of watercolor.

    Simon Lovell, Illustrator and Designer
  • Flame Painter is a great piece of software to paint powerful effects onto existing images and a great addition for those who like experimenting while having fun.

    Renderosity Magazine
  • Amberlight 2 is infinitely useful, as you can easily create fantastic still backgrounds and incredible looping video for motion graphics and film projects.

    Renderosity Magazine
  • None painting software has been as jaw-dropping to see in evolution as Escape Motions' Rebelle. If you want digital art software that provides results as close to real-world painting as possible, Rebelle should be on your radar.

    Nick Sorbin, Renderosity Magazine
  • Your imagination is all you need to create beautiful artwork, images, flame paintings, and more with Flame Painter.

  • Amberlight is a definite buy if you are a designer or just a creative geek. Using magnetic fields to create artwork may seem unconventional but you will find it quite useful once you dig in.

    Andy Sowards, Web Designer and Developer
  • Rebelle is an excellent, affordable program replicating traditional painting techniques with absolute authenticity.

  • Flame Painter is an imaginative piece of software that enables you to create amazing effects and apply them to your Photoshop artwork.

    Photoshop Creative
  • I purchased Amberlight because of the amazing possibilities for generating abstract backgrounds and surreal environments. Actually, it has been one wow after another. Great work! Very inspiring to use.

    Jim Gawne
  • Rebelle claims to provide a true-to-life painting experience, and it doesn't disappoint.

  • It’s fun and addictive to play with the various Flame Painter brushes, because the organic flow of the brush is quite mesmerizing.

  • Amberlight does one specific thing, but does it amazingly well. If you are looking for something that creates light-particle paintings, and has some very intuitive controls, this is a fantastic tool.

  • Rebelle is one of the best art programs you'll come across. It offers the most realistic art brushes out of any programs featured here, it is the easiest to navigate, making it fast to learn.

  • Although, the Flame Painter’s particle systems are well suited to generating effects like glows and light trails, they can also be used to create a surprisingly wide range of illustrations and concept art.

  • I create artworks and photography which incorporate the amazing and compelling images which can be generated with Amberlight.

    Jerry Chan
  • Being a traditional artist that loves to play with fluid paints, Rebelle is one of the coolest things to have in your digital arsenal!

    Barbara Din, Renderosity Magazine
  • Flame Painter is the perfect tool to explore your inner artistic flare.

  • I LOVE the background-style art this program can create. The fractal-style imagery of Amberlight is just gorgeous!

    Anna McCullough
  • Rebelle oils are magnificent. Stunning! They offer an exquisite example of “technology so advanced it appears to be magic”.

    Matthew Stern, Traditional and Digital artist
  • Flame Painter is amazing and I never saw something like that before. I truly recommend this to all people to create more magic!

    AronVisuals, Digital Artist
  • I love the abstract shapes Amberlight produces!

    Teresa Cowley
  • Painting with Flame Painter and Amberlight has been quite mesmerizing. It was compelling to watch organic spaces being made and create unique textures out of them and incorporate them into my illustrations.

    Scott Uminga, Illustrator
  • Amberlight is highly addictive and incredibly creative!

    Garry Clark
  • Flame Painter is one of my main effects arsenal when it comes to art. It is awesome in all aspects and always makes your painting pop out!

    Harvey Bunda, Concept Artist and Illustrator