About Us

About Us

Escape Motions is a small studio of creatives and programmers based in a beautiful spa town Piestany, Slovakia. We love to experiment with art and code to find a new visual expression in digital media. We put our heart and soul into what we do, every our application is handcrafted and we play with every bit of code to bring original innovative tools to creative people of all levels. Our vision is to bring creative experience to everyone.


But how it all began? In 2009, Peter Blaškovič, a young creative soul from Slovakia, developed a painting application within his "I am an artist" experimental project, which became the top procedural painting software in the world. He called it Flame Painter. Even though the original application was created just for fun, after a while, Peter’s website attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors – both enthusiasts and professionals. Flame Painter started a revolution in the "painting with flames". Currently its devoted community uses Flame Painter for professional use, educational purposes, as well as for therapeutic use - e.g. for relaxation and calming patients with disabilities. Peter believes that everyone can be an artist and his vision is to motivate people to be creative.

Photo of Peter



The guy behind it all

The founder of Escape Motions and graduated architect, Peter has always been keen on computer graphics, animation and coding visual demos for Amiga. Created interactive experiments which attracted thousands of people to his website and in 2012 set up his own company. Peter’s biggest hobbies are playing percussions and painting.

Photo of Michal



Longest-running developer

Michal is the longest-running developer having been with Escape Motions for over 4 years. He received his PhD from Brno University of Technology and is passionate about C++, linux, debugging, nature protection, running and spending his free time with wife Hanka and son Matko.

Photo of Ľuboš



Programmer - the perfectionist

After working in many software development companies, Lubos joined our team as a strong force that pushes our creative boundaries even further. He loves to do different kind sports as well as listen to music and play guitar. His biggest relax is out fishing or working in the garden and became our official supplier of fresh tomatoes.

Photo of Miro



The brave developer

Miro recently graduated from Technical University of Ostrava. Besides being an extremely nifty programmer he loves all sorts of extreme sports and adrenaline. His hobbies also include programming, skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking and fishing.

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Photography-loving programmer

A refreshing addition to our versatile team, Anton joined us to utilize his years of experience from the app development. When he is not behind his computer, he loves to go out to make a great photography or for a bike ride. He is also into astronomy and is a huge natural science enthusiast.

Photo of Veronika



Your support and an absolute animal lover

During her Master studies of International business in Bratislava Veronika tapped into the world of marketing and started to work at Escape Motions. She is your daily dose of support, coordinates activities between programmers, webmaster and testers, creates content and helps with every step of the creative process. She loves nature, her crazy weimaraner and has recently got into yoga.

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Media-relations guru, singer and dancer

Ada’s responsibility is to manage all activities from content, contact with media to finding talented artists. When she is not in the office, she’s a belly dancer, dance instructor and singer who can't say which activity she loves the most. In her free time she loves to cuddle with her always-angry veiled chameleon Boris and her husband Dali.

Photo of Jaro



Webmaster with vast movie knowledge

Jaro loves to take care of the website, especially ours. He is a massive movie, series and book maniac with countless titles in his collection. He is the one who tells you which Game of Thrones character should have been killed long time ago according to the books! His biggest hobbies also include photography and swimming.