Amberlight FAQ

If you need help using Amberlight, refer to the included manual first. You will find it easy to read and full of information. Before asking questions please read Frequently Asked Questions, you might find the answer to your question faster.

Upgrade to v.2

I purchased Amberlight 1 from your website. How can I upgrade to Amberlight 2?

Existing users of Amberlight 1 are eligible to upgrade to Amberlight 2 with more than 50% discount. The price of the upgrade is $39.99. To upgrade, please go to our Upgrade Page. where you enter your registration details. You can also upgrade through the Amberlight 1.2.1 menu: "Help" -> "Upgrade to Amberlight 2". You will be redirected to the Shop with the upgrade price already applied.

I bought Amberlight 1 on Mac App Store. How can I upgrade to Amberlight 2?

Existing users of Amberlight 1 are eligible to upgrade to Amberlight 2 with more than 50% discount. The price of the upgrade is $39.99. Please send us your iTunes receipt confirming the purchase of Amberlight 1 at our email [email protected]. We'll get back to you with a discount.

What is your upgrade policy? How will I know there is a new update?

All minor updates are for free (v.2.1, v.2.5, etc.). Major upgrades (v.3.0, v.4.0,...) are released once a year for a very reduced price for all Amberlight users. We notify users through our newsletter and blog.

Purchase, Registration & License

My Registration Key does not work.

If the registration key input text box is red - it means that there are more letters than needed. Please copy & paste the registration details you received as sometimes it happens that users misspell numbers with letters and vice versa when entering the key manually. From Amberlight 2.1.5 version it is possible to register using an existing Community account.

Internet connection is required for activation.

Why was my credit card declined?

Unfortunately, when the payment processing company declines a transaction on behalf of your bank or card issuer, it does not tell us why.

Your card may have been declined by your bank or card issuer for a variety of reasons; common reasons include:
- Incorrect credit card number or expiration date
- Insufficient funds
- Some banks will reject charges based on their own fraud rules

You will need to contact your bank or card issuer to find out the specific reason your card was declined, since they are the one declining the transaction, and not us.

You may re-attempt the transaction or choose the "PayPal" Payment method.
You don't need to have a PayPal account
- after you click the "Checkout with PayPal" method, you will be given a choice to "Pay with a credit or debit card".

I lost my installation file and Registration Key and... my computer!

- If you lost your installation file, you can download it again from here.
- If you lost your Registration Key, enter your email (Your ID) here, and we will send you the keys.
- If you lost your computer, be happy your family and friends are healthy, it's more important than a lost computer. And we can still send you your installation file and Registration Key. :)

How many computers can I install a single license of Amberlight on?

- You may install Amberlight on multiple computers provided that not more than one of those computers is in use simultaneously and that those computers are solely for your own personal use. Amberlight may be installed on a computer that is for multiple users but it may not be installed on more than one computer regardless of whether those computers are operated simultaneously or not. Users may use the Software for commercial, or for-profit activities as well as for personal, non-commercial, or non-profit activities.
This is the complete license agreement included in the software installation.

I need an invoice for Amberlight purchase.

Please write us at [email protected] and include your full invoicing details. We will send you an invoice in a timely manner.

Will Amberlight 2 be available on Mac App Store?

We have no plan to release Amberlight 2 on Mac App Store.

Image, Animations & Rendering

Which formats can I save from Amberlight 2?

You can export either as an image, image sequence in JPG, BMP, TIF or PNG file format with alpha channel or as a video in AVI, MOV and MKV with H.264, H.265 and huffYUV codec or WEBM with VP8 codec.

Can I use the video output from Amberlight 2 commercially?

Yes, you can if you own a H.264 license, or if you convert the video using a codec that allows commercial usage. No software that uses the H.264 codec allows you to export video for commercial purposes. To use video with the H.264 codec for commercial purposes, every user needs to get a license from Users who do not have such a license may use video from Amberlight for commercial purposes after they simply convert the exported video using a codec that allows commercial use. We plan to include more codecs that allow commercial or non-commercial use in one of the nearest updates. More information about H.264 can be found at

Is there any way to increase the default resolution from 1280x720 pixels?

You can set your scene size in the menu "File"->"New...". The maximum resolution in Amberlight is unlimited and mainly depends on your computer memory.
If you would like to change scene size, change it from the menu "Scene" -> "Scene Settings...".

My Amberlight images are pixelated. What can I do?

Let the scene render for a longer period. The more steps the render takes, the smoother the outcome.

What is the difference between Flame Painter and Amberlight?

Flame Painter and Amberlight are independent software that differ both in the algorithm they use and the results they create. The effects achieved with Amberlight can be hardly done in Flame Painter as Amberlight creates more computer-generated art with a use of the "law of physics". In Flame Painter, you work with brushes and their settings, whereas in Amberlight you manipulate with its fields and their parameters to influence the scene while you watch it being re-rendered.

Can I export animation from Amberlight?

From Amberlight 2 users can export animations either as an image, image sequence in JPG, BMP, TIF or PNG file format with alpha channel or as a video in AVI, MOV and MKV with H.264, H.265 and huffYUV codec or WEBM with VP8 codec. The results can be imported into other graphic applications and become a part of bigger creative projects.

What is the alpha channel?

The Alpha channel is a transparency channel which contains transparency information about the image. It is useful if you want to compose your painting as a layer in the third-party applications like Photoshop or Gimp.
Here is a link with more information about the alpha channel: What is alpha matting?

Why does an image from Amberlight 1 look different in Amberlight 2?

To reach a more stable image output for animation, we had to modify Amberlight's algorithm. Therefore some images may look slightly different in the new version.


Visit forum to connect with fellow artists, post your questions or find solutions to your issues.

System requirements


Windows 10, 8, 7
Intel or AMD processor
OpenGL 2.0 graphic card
100 MB free disk space

Mac OS:

Mac OS X 10.12 and newer,
including macOS 12 Ventura
Intel or AMD processor or
Apple M1 chip with Rosetta 2
OpenGL 2.0 graphic card
100 MB free disk space

Internet connection is required for activation.

"I purchased Amberlight because of the amazing possibilities for generating abstract backgrounds and surreal environments. Actually, it has been one wow after another. Great work! Very inspiring to use."

~ Jim Gawne ~

"Amberlight does one specific thing, but does it amazingly well. If you are looking for something that creates light-particle paintings, and has some very intuitive controls, this is a fantastic tool."

~ Raschied ~

"Highly addictive and incredibly creative!"

~ Garry Clark ~

"I create artworks and photography which incorporate the amazing and compelling images which can be generated with Amberlight."

~ Jerry Chan ~

"I LOVE the background-style art this program can create. The fractal-style imagery is just gorgeous!"

~ Anna McCullough ~

"Amberlight is not only a lot of fun to just play around with, its speed and ability to generate alpha information make it an incredibly useful tool for the artist’s toolbox!"

~ Rocketsledd ~

"Cool looking results. Ease of use."

~ Dean Huggins ~

"I love the abstract shapes it produces. You have created some amazing art programs guys! Thanks for making them and sharing them!"

~ Teresa Cowley ~