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Latest Version: Rebelle 4.0.4

Latest Rebelle 3 version is 3.2.5
Latest Rebelle 2 version is 2.1.5

Upgrade to Rebelle 4

Upgrade from Rebelle 3 for a discounted price.

There will be minor and major update releases. Minor updates are for free. (v.4.1, v.4.2, ...) Major upgrades (v.4.0, v.5.0, ...) are offered for a reduced price for the owners of the last preceding version.

System requirements

Intel i5 or equivalent AMD processor
200MB hard disk space
Graphics card with 1GB RAM
Windows 7 (64-bit or 32-bit) or Mac OS X 10.13

Intel i7 or equivalent AMD processor
1GB harddisk space
Graphics card with 1GB RAM
64-bit system Windows 8, 10 or Mac OS X 10.13 - 10.15
Wacom or Windows Ink compatible tablet

Internet connection is required for activation.

Features and Changes

Version 4.0.4

Bug Fixes: - Eraser is correctly influenced by paper structure
- Fixed issue with wobbly cursor rotation
- Fixed double dots with Ink device tablets.
- Fixed dots incorrect rotation
- FIxed saving files on network drives
- Fixed the issue when the "Show Wet" permanently colored in the layer
- Pulled String repainted correctly
- Smoother brush size change with Ctrl + mouse drag
- More crashes are fixed
Changes: - Added cursors while changing brush size and opacity with Ctrl + mouse drag

Version 4.0.3

Bug fixes - Several crashes are fixed (e.g. when closing Rebelle on macOS)
- When renaming group (brushes, papers, stencil), order of items was changed

Version 4.0.2

Bug fixes - Several crashes are fixed
- Fixed several GUI bugs with tooltips, shortcuts, and buttons
- Fixed high CPU usage when idle

Version 4.0.1

Bug fixes - Several crashes are fixed
- Fixed "Blend" and "Paint & Blend" brush mode produced rainbow colors
- Fixed pen pressure smoothing
- Fixed open and save DPI in JPG and PNG file formats
- Fixed blinking crosshair cursor outside of the canvas
- "Clear Layer" button can be enabled in Preferences -> General -> Add "Clear Layer" button to Layers panel.
- Fixed UI text - oils and acrylics have "Loading" instead of "Opacity" slider
- Fixed more minor UI issues

Changes: - Transformed selection is put into the original layer instead of creating a new one
- Added new keyboard shortcuts for "Dirty Brush", "Reset Brush Changes", "Save Brush Changes as Default", "Save as New Preset", and "Transparent / Semi-Opaque / Opaque" color mixing mode.

Version 4.0

Changes & Fixes - Hyper-realistic Oils & Acrylics
- Revised Watercolors
- Wet & dry media mixing
- Performance optimizations
- Color management
- Layer groups
- Clone tool
- Fill tool
- Support for pen tilt
- Brush line stabilization
- Improved Brush Creator
- and much more ...

Version 3.2.5

Features and Changes: - Save .reb projects in Demo version
- Open .reb projects from Demo version in the full version
- Accelerometer rotation by 90 degrees added
- Option to disable PSD compression added.

Bug Fixes: - Fixed lag on high-resolution displays
- Fixed color mixing via the "X" shortcut when a grid is active on the color palette
- Fixed reference image transformation when using multitouch gestures
- Fixed crash when a new file was created after the unconfirmed image import
- Fixed: When rotating or flipping the canvas, it also influences the active brush rotation
- Fixed: Selection remains a selection after re-opening a saved .reb file
- Fixed: Switching between Transform and Canvas Size tools works correctly
- Text of the memory limits in Preferences are displayed correctly now
- Other minor bug fixes.

Version 3.2.1

Features and Changes: - Fixed: When rotating the reference image using multi-touch, canvas does not react
- Fixed: Rotation using three-fingers touch is not possible when the canvas rotation is disabled for multi-touch actions
- Fixed pressure decrease at the start of the stroke
- Other minor bug fixes.

Version 3.2

Features and Changes: - Fixed crash when creating a new artwork with 72 DPI
- Fixed crash when canceling selection using Esc key
- Fixed bug when clicking on the context panel menu - the panel menu hid by itself
- Fixed bug with Tab shortcut when hiding panels
- Fixed crash when opening a .reb file using right-click -> "Open with"
- Other minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1.8

Features and Changes: - Fixed pen rotation which now does not change with canvas rotation
- Fixed pixelation and artifacts
- Fixed bug with color changes after the work was saved
- Fixed diacritic in layers' names
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 3.1.6

Features and Changes: - PSD compression: saved PSD files are now 5x smaller
- Registration window: 'License key' part has been removed

Bug Fixes: - Fixed PSD open & save on macOS X 10.11 and 10.12.
- Fixed lag on macOS
- Fixed artifact with acrylics and pastel tool when painting above a hidden layer
- Fixed crash during registration when invalid details were entered
- Fixed icon thumbnails on viewport when using functions Fast Dry/Dry the Layer/Undo/Redo
- After you confirmed the transformation with the OK button, the transformed area is now not shifted
- Other minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1.5

Features and Changes: - Rewritten code for color filters - they behave as artist would expect
- Support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts
- Option to lock grid in Color panel from menu.
- Option to turn off the memory warning in Preferences.
- Import of more assets (papers, brushes, color sets) at once added.
- Drag & drop of multiple assets at once added.
- ‘Invert pen tilt’ option for Wacom devices added.

Bug Fixes: - Fixed Tool-tip delay.
- Touch actions - option to turn off single-touch and multi-touch actions separately.
- Color Palette: RGB’s Green value was larger by 1 than in the System color palette.
- Color Palette: Sliders in Circle mode now display correct HSV values.
- ‘Snap to Canvas’ option now works correctly for ‘Resize Image/Canvas’.
- UI scaling fixed for New Artwork window, Demo window and Wacom/Ink dialog.
- Other minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1

Features and Changes: - New HSLuv palette available from Color panel menu
- Option to divide palette into grids (available from Color panel menu, or with mouse Scroll Wheel, or with a shortcut Ctrl + click on color palette)
- New Community menu in top menu bar added - access Gallery, Forum or your Account directly from application
- Multiple keyboard shortcuts for each action in Keyboard Shortcuts available
- Reference image can be moved and scaled using touch input
- Reference image is saved to *.reb file
- Icon indicators appear in top left corner for actions: Invert Selection, Select All, Deselect All
- Stencil created from layer or from selection is placed on preferred position

Bug Fixes: - Fixed color artifacts when project is saved
- Corrected touch gestures for selection, transform layer and resize canvas
- Fixed paint and pick color bug while fast clicking on same canvas position
- After startup, menu items Copy/Paste Brush Preset and Import/Export Brush Preset are available
- Click to canvas from outside of menu or brush preview does not paint splat
- Info dialog about memory limit is shown only once

Version 3.0.5

Changes & Fixes - Fixed: Performance issue (visible in v.3.0.3 and v.3.0.4) with small brushes fixed
- minor bugfixes

Version 3.0.4

Changes & Fixes - Fixed: Performance issue (visible only in v.3.0.3) with small brushes fixed
- Fixed: Preferences -> Tools "Always use Pen Tilt/Rotation..." does not influence Brush Creator -> Rotation "None"
- Fixed: "Use Deckled Edges" switch in "Select Canvas" is remembered correctly
- Fixed: It is possible to edit Brush Creator after deleting a brush group
- Fixed: After brush preset import, the list of brushes is refreshed correctly

Version 3.0.3

Changes & Fixes - Export paper with deckled edges to .psd file
- The blend mode is remembered when merging layers with the same mode
- Read DPI from imported paper file
- Dialog with note that it is good to save file in .reb format when closing application
- Support for drag & drop items to given position
- Support for drag & drop Color Sets from local disk or browser
- Move and order brush / paper / stencil groups
- Info dialogs appears when there is memory limit to undo actions
- Minimum paper scale is 25%
- Fixed: Canvas flickering when painting
- Fixed: Circle brush cursor flickering
- Fixed: Color Set panel size is stored correctly
- Fixed: Canvas with 72 DPI has correct paper structure
- Fixed: Blend and Smudge tool smudges water correctly
- Fixed: Publishing image with deckled edges to gallery
- Fixed: Canvas size text in title bar

Version 3.0.2

Changes & Fixes - Tilt angle can be locked with "Shift" shortcut
- Canvas size can be set up to 3 decimal digits
- Pick color from Reference, Preview and Navigator panel
- Smoothed image in Reference, Preview and Navigator panel
- New icons design in Layers panel
- Mouse icon changed when using Ruler and Perspective tool
- View -> Show cursor is saved when closing application
- Fixed: after layer deletion, selected layer had wrong blending mode
- Fixed: corruped file after canvas resize, crash on file open
- Fixed: Masking layer in Layers panel minor issues
- Fixed: crash when using custom canvas presets
- Fixed: Wet Tool when used with touch devices
- Fixed: UI - merged panels had white line
- Fixed: warning when using Filters and system has low memory

Version 3.0.1

Changes & Fixes - Masking Fluid layer is active even if layer is hidden
- Pick color from Reference panel
- After layer duplication a new layer is selected
- Fixed: Hide Stencils crash fixed
- Fixed: menu -> View -> Stay on Top, all panels have correct position
- Fixed: Lock ratio when changing canvas or image resize
- Fixed: When starting application on macOS, panels are hidden

Version 3.0

Changes & Fixes - Ultra-realistic papers
- Watercolor simulation code re-design
- New "DropEngine"
- "Masking Fluid" layer
- Straight line, Ruler & Perspective tools
- "Reference Image" and "Preview" panel
- Magic Wand
- Support for pen rotation
- Canvas and Image resize
- New "Filter" menu
- and much more ...

Version 2.1.5

Changes & Fixes - Painting is more fluent now, we fixed delay after the wet stroke is painted
- Faster and nicer acrylic tools
- Fixed: bug when removing stencils
- Fixed: undo/redo memory leak
- more minor bugfixes

Version 2.1.4

Changes & Fixes - Fixed: when editing the spinboxes the cursor disappeared on Windows
- Fixed: various bugs after using undo function
- other minor bugfixes

Version 2.1.3

Changes & Fixes - Fixed: DPI on high resolution (Retina) displays
- Fixed: when low on memory, stencils used to crash software
- watercolor balancing
- minor bugfixes

Version 2.1.2

Changes - Nicer watercolor drops
- Watercolor diffusion better follows paper structure
- Crash reports

Version 2.1.1

Changes & Fixes - Faster and more precise watercolor engine
- Faster watercolor brushes
- Fixed: multitouch for Surface and ink devices
- Fixed: manipulation with stencils
- Other minor bugfixes

Version 2.1

Watercolors - Watercolor strokes don’t have a hard edge when working wet on wet, they blend more smoothly and follow the paper structure better
- Water slider is less sensitive

Brushes & Painting - Improved brush renderer - nicer and smoother thin lines
- New adaptive lazy mouse, line smoothing is a lot better
- Brush icon thumbnails can now be changed - choose to show image, stroke or brush name to save the space in UI
- Group support for brushes, papers and stencils
- Copy & paste brushes between tools
- Drag & drop of brushes, stencils and paper textures from local disk, web browser and between groups
- 4 different cursors: Circle, Circle with direction, Circle with crosshair and Crosshair

Shortcuts - Import and Export keyboard shortcuts
- Import and Export your custom UI layouts
- Canvas zooming is now possible with “Z” + mouse move
- Rotate canvas is now possible with “R” + mouse move
- New shortcuts available in Preferences -> Keyboard

Image Tracing - Modified Image Tracing - from Layers panel choose Tracing Layer (T) and Influenced Layer ( • )

Colors - In Color Panel a secondary color has been added
- When creating color set from image you can choose from 4, 9, 16 or 25 colors.

Layers - All selected layers can now be transformed simultaneously
- Ability to turn off canvas rotation using two-fingers when using multitouch
- Added ability to switch on “Always show texture on paint” when exporting image (in Select Canvas window)
- Ability to move selected and transformed areas by pixel using keyboard arrows
- Drag & drop PSD files

User Interface & more - New Dialog UI changed -ability to open recent work or open/import work
- Autosave (you can set time in Preferences)
- Select All / Deselect All buttons added in Selection tool
- Option to set custom color for Selection Tool in Preferences
- Brush Creator - shape and grain texture preview, option for flip and invert the texture
- More minor changes and many minor bug fixes...

Version 2.0.3

Changes & Fixes - Fixed: crash during application launch
- Other minor bugfixes

Version 2.0.2

Changes & Fixes - PSD created with other than RGB color mode is automatically converted to RGB when opened in Rebelle
- No need to restart application after changing tablet options in Preferences
- Windows "Flicks" & "Press and hold for right-clicking" are turned off
- Added option "Don’t Show Again" in New Artwork dialog
- Undo action is not created every time the canvas is cleared or dried
- "New Artwork" window is now displayed on monitor with the main window
- Fixed position of the main window after application restart
- Fixed incorrect position of the stencil menu
- Fixed handling of keyboard shortcuts
- many other minor fixes

Version 2.0.1

Changes & Fixes - Iterative save of other file formats, not only .reb
- Windows 32-bit version released
- Fixed for Surface tablets: pressure sensitivity as well as eraser now work
- Fixed: check keyboard shortcuts for duplicities after hitting Reset
- Fixed: lag when stencil was selected on canvas
- Fixed: crash with backspace shortcut on stencils
- Fixed: show cursor after saving artwork
- Fixed: invalidate pre-blended structure after current layer is moved
- Fixed: per monitor dpi awareness
- Fixed: unexpected crash while painting
- many other minor fixes

Version 2.0

Changes - New Brush engine
- Custom Brushes
- Creative stencils and masking fluid
- Selection tools
- Layered PSD support
- Multi-touch gestures
- and much more ...

Version 1.5.5

Changes & Fixes - Fixed touch gestures for Wacom and Ink devices on Windows
- Fixed compatibility with Wacom touch devices on Mac OS
- Added ‘Enable multitouch’ option to Preferences
- Pause Diffusion bug fixed
- Minor bug fixes

Version 1.5.2

Changes & Fixes - Fixed the cursor position when painting
- Preferences - use mouse or pen position when painting
- Preferences - select Wacom device or Microsoft Ink device
- Fixed painting with Astropad tablet
- Fixed Dirty brush when painting after Clean brush
- Fit language translations into text boxes

Version 1.5.1

Changes & Fixes - New languages included: French, Russian, Turkish
- Preparing: Japanese, Chinese, Finnish, Slovenian, Welsh
- Auto-update for language translations within application.
- Languages can be selected from menu -> Help -> Languages.
- Fixed cursor offset for some tablets.
- Fixed bug with multitouch for some tablets.
- Shortcuts for brush modes (Normal, Permanent, Dirty and Clean).
- You can choose the color also with "Dirty Brush".
- Changes in layer naming when merging layers.
- Mac OS texture visibility fix.
- Number edit box easier to use.
- Edit box slider can be changed with touch.
- Tablet rotation fixed.
- Tilting respects portrait/landscape orientation.
- Transform layer scale fixed.
- User interface minor changes.
- Default UI changed.

Version 1.5

Paint tools - New, more realistic paint blending for watercolors and acrylics
- New options for watercolors and acrylic - Permanent, Normal, Dirty and Clean brushes
- Lazy mouse for smoothing painting with mouse, finger or pen
- New options for Eraser to keep the layer wet when erasing
- Smudge tool, new option to smudge only wet parts of painting
- Dry tool, new option to keep layer a little wet when drying water
- All users brush settings are stored and reloaded when application is open
- Reset to default preset for all brushes and tools
- Active pressure pen eraser for Wacom and Surface Pro
- One finger can be set for any tool, brush or to move the canvas

Editing - Touch gestures for Wacom, Surface and other tablets - rotate, move and resize layers easily with two fingers
- Translate layer - Keyboard shortcut "Shift" to lock layer proportions when resizing layer
- Translate layer - Keyboard shortcut "Alt" to resize layer around its center
- Translate layer - Keyboard shortcut "Shift" to lock rotation in 45 degrees
- Keyboard shortcuts to lighten, darken, hue and saturation of the existing color
- Precise editing when translating layers
- Buttons to flip layer horizontally and vertically
- Option to import greyscale Jpeg

User Interface - Language selection support: English, German, Spanish, Korean and Slovak with option for any language
- More flexible user interface, panels can be locked to left, right, top and down borders.
- New panel Tilt, with optional use of tablet acceleromenter
- Center the accelerometer when using tilting
- New panel Color with cleaner interface
- New panel Color Set with a list uf user color sets
- Publish pictures to online Gallery
- Hide panels when painting over them
- Rememeber last used layer when saving file
- Minimize panel button
- Reset user interface to default settings

Viewport - Multitouch gestures for touch tablets - rotate, pan and zoom canvas
- Rotate and mirror canvas
- Greyscale preview of painting

Layers - Shortcut "Alt + ]" and "Alt + [" to scroll through the layers in the Layers panel
- Shortcut "Ctrl+ ]" and "Ctrl + [" to move layer up and down in the Layers panel
- Drag & drop layers Layer panel icons to duplicate, clean or remove them

Papers & canvases - Rename and reorder list of canvases by user
- Option to set the scale of canvas texture

Colors - New pick color tool
- Color Sets with custom colors
- Create Color Set from any image
- Edit color names in Color Sets

Version 1.4.3

Fixes - fixed painting smoothness

Version 1.4.2

Fixes - fixed paper selection
- fixed Wacom pen
- fixed undo

Version 1.4.1

Fixes - fixed Undo/Redo on fluid flow simulation
- fixed Undo/Redo on imported image
- fixed right button for move canvas on Wacom tablets
- fixed lagging on some system configurations
- fixed handling of numeric keyboard shortcuts
- fixed handling of mouse events for spinboxes
- fixed hiding dock panels

Version 1.4

Changes - smoother painting
- stronger Eraser, better for small sizes
- faster painting for large canvases
- more intuitive numbers editing with mouse movement
- zoom scale 1 - 2000%
- changes in New file dialog
- paint structure is visible when painting diagonal lines
- stable show / hide all panels with Tab
- possible to pick color from locked layer
- less undo memory used when painting
- it not possible to remove locked layer
- numeric keyboard shortcuts available

Fixes - fixed threshold when picking color from palette with pen
- fixed canvas scaling when rotating tablet
- paper visibility save fixed
- blending modes save fixed
- undo behavior fixed
- fixed layer selection in Layers panel when using pressure pen
- fixed painting with mouse on Mac OS
- fixed paint lagging on Mac OS
- fixed file dialog on Mac OS
- many more bug-fixes

Version 1.3.1

Fixes - Custom keyboard shortcuts.
- GUI scaling.
- Thumbnail preview on windows.
- Drag&drop .reb files.
- Color selection when drawing started (in palette colors and recent colors list).
- Bigger icon for tracing layer ("T" icon).
- Show/hide cursor on Mac OS.

Version 1.3

User Interface - Redesigned UI, Tools panel can be horizontal or vertical.
- Scale interface for Hi-res displays.
- UI icons repainted for high resolution displays.
- In the New Artwork dialog you can set dimensions in pixels, cm and inches.
- Paper Size Presets in the New artwork dialog.
- Full screen mode fixed with Esc key.
- Fixed crash when display is rotated in Surface Pro.
- Preferences added (File -> Preferences).
- Option to set keyboard shorctus in Preferences.
- Option to show New Picture dialog with paper presets when app is launched (Preferences).
- Reset Tilt button.
- Tilt amount has zero level point click.
- Hide cursor from menu.

Palette Panel - Palette panel with a new HSL Color wheel.
- Color Picker - pick color reset with “Esc” key.
- Trace color with various sample size (Preferences).
- Mix mode sensitivity (Preferences).

Navigator Panel - New Navigator Panel with picture preview.
- The ability to type a zoom level.
- Option to Zoom in / out at the mouse cursor position (Preferences).
- Smooth Zoom in Navigator Panel.
- Fit to Screen canvas

Layers Panel - Lock Layers
- Alt + click on a layer’s “eye” icon makes only that layer visible.
- Layer structure is restored when merging layers.
- Imported image with alpha channel has 100% opacity.
- Rename layer shortcuts conflict fixed.

Brushes - Watercolor brush first flow fixed.
- When painting, sometimes a square texture was visible.
- When smearing, sometimes smear tool was dirty.
- Fixed airbrush ghosts lines.
- Pastel brush can have user textures.

Files - Standard system file dialog for Windows.
- Rebelle file icon thumbnails and image preview in file browser.
- Open Recent files.
- Iterative Save - useful, when you need a record of the painting process.
- JPG quality can be set from Preferences.
- Drag & drop image and .reb files directly from any internet or file browser.

Papers - Texture visibility slider in Paper dialog added.
- Add/Remove custom paper textures and colors added.

- and many other minor fixes…

Version 1.1

Changes & Fixes - Mix color mode available from color set, palette and canvas.
- Adaptive user interface scaling for high-resolution displays.
- Show / hide panels with “Tab” key.
- When color is picked from palette panel, brush tool is automatically selected afterwards.
- Color picker shows previous and new color next to cursor.
- Spinning wheel appears when opening and saving file.
- Click and drag on layers’ “Eye” in Layers panel to show or hide multiple layers.
- Brush cursor represents a continuous circle.
- High CPU usage when doing nothing fixed.
- Optimized memory usage.
- Opacity issue when merging layers fixed.
- Jumping layers in the stack when merging layers or using undo fixed.
- Key shortcuts available from all panels.
- Fixed mouse buffering when picking color or blowing water.
- 1 pixel wide frame around picture removed.
- Pick color cursor visibility on Mac OS fixed.

"In Rebelle I've found what I was looking for. The working process and the way how the paint spreads is so incredibly close to the traditional media!"

~ Kamila Stankiewicz ~

"Firstly bravo! I have used nearly every PC art app of any worth and you have beaten them all. This is a different league."

~ Guyfunguy ~

"It is magnificent software, which opens new doors to new levels of creativity."

~ Suawek Kolakowski ~

"I truly see it has immense potential & is a wonderful tool for all artistic levels. And it is so incredibly intuitive, I practically knew how to use it right away with its tiny learning curve. It's my new go to painting app."

~ Jeanne Corbeil ~

"Sheer genius!!!"

~ David Mcguire ~

"It's amazing! The physics are really spot on. Aside from its standalone quality, for me this will eliminate endless hunting online for quality watercolour strokes/resources/elements."

~ Francis Aeonic ~

"I like very much the intuitive interface of Rebelle and your watercolor brush is the best I have seen until now."

~ Martial Fauteux ~

"Super ingenious masterpiece!"

~ Iulia Khestanova ~