Download & Upgrade Rebelle

Latest Version: Rebelle 7.1.6

Latest Rebelle 6 version is 6.2.3
Latest Rebelle 5 version is 5.1.5
Latest Rebelle 4 version is 4.1.2
Latest Rebelle 3 version is 3.2.5
Latest Rebelle 2 version is 2.1.5

Upgrade to Rebelle 7

Upgrade from Rebelle 6 for a discounted price

There will be minor and major update releases. Minor updates are for free. (v.7.1, v.7.2, ...) Major upgrades (v.8.0, v.9.0, ...) are offered for a reduced price for the owners of the last preceding version.

System requirements

Intel i5 or equivalent AMD processor,
1,5 GB hard disk space,
a graphics card with 1 GB RAM (OpenGL 3.3 required for Rebelle Pro),
Windows 10 (64-bit) or Mac OS 10.15

Intel i7 (6th gen or newer), equivalent AMD processor, or Apple Silicon (M-series) chip,
16 GB RAM,
1,5 GB hard disk space,
a graphics card with 2 GB RAM:
NVIDIA gtx760 for FullHD, NVIDIA gtx1060 for 4K screen, or equivalent graphics card,
Windows 10 (64-bit) or Mac OS 11 and newer, Wacom or Windows Ink compatible tablet.

If you aren't sure your system meets Rebelle 7 requirements, you can download a free Trial version first.

Internet connection is required for activation.

Features and Changes

Version 7.1.6

New:- Added possibility to change the color and opacity of Rulers and Paths to Preferences > Color
- It is possible to use the Warp, Deform, and Perspective tools separately for the layer and the mask.

Changes:- Rulers hide when the Canvas Size / Image Size tool is selected
- Rulers become inactive when the Transform is active
- Motion IO: Show the generated random seed in stdout for further reproducibility with the SET_RANDOM_SEED event
- Motion IO: Normal output written to stdout, only warnings and errors written to stderr so that wrapper scripts/apps can forward warnings and errors further to users

Fixes:- Rulers' position is kept after the canvas is resized
- Spinboxes do not react to slow dragging with the stylus
- Fixed shape of transformation box when selection is transformed
- Fixed multiple issues with the Liquify tool (crashes and undo/redo related artifacts)
- Fixed: The Smudge tool is now remembered when last selected
- Fixed: Metallic Materials didn't work in some cases
- Fixed: "Merge Visible Layers" sometimes removed hidden layers
- Fixed artifacts with Alpha Blending modes combined with Background Textures and Dual Brush
- Fixed small brush cursors disappearing at certain zoom levels
- Fixed UI: Active gradient is deselected when another gradient is selected
- Fixed info dialog when brush presets are reordered within a brush set
- Fixed loading of brush sets from Favorites Brush Set Library to Favorites panel
- Fixed occasional crash when the Color panel is opened
- Fixed: Resizing of the Color panel with splitter should now work correctly

Version 7.1.5

New:- Ellipse tool: Added button to reset tool back to circle with no rotation
- Added info message when a path cannot be converted into a selection
- When a color set has been modified in the Color panel and another color set is picked from the Library, Rebelle asks if the changes should be saved or not. When saved, the changes are saved into the original color set.
- The size of the color wheel can now be adjusted inside the Color panel using the newly added splitter
- Reverse action is now possible with the 'Alt' shortcut for Liquify - Expand, Liquify - Pinch, and Liquify - Push Left

Changes:- The name and position of the new layer after merging is obtained from the layer at the bottom instead of the layer at the top
- Reference images now share state between the desktop and tablet mode
- Changed the text for tablet device selection from 'Windows 8+ Pointer Input' to 'Window Pointer Device'
- Larger handlers for 'Color Range' and similar sliders

Fixes:- Fixed: After deleting an item from the panel (Stencils, Paths, Structures, or Reference Images), the next item is now automatically selected and activated on the canvas
- Fixed: Stencil, Path, Structure, or Reference Image menu now deactivates when the item is deselected
- Fixed crash when clicking on the Stencil, Path, Structure, or Reference Image menu
- Fixed crash when changing the color of the Stencils in Preferences while a stencil is active on canvas
- Fixed: In some cases, Create Selection from Path did not display the information that Path must be active
- Fixed: Resetting certain stencils (e.g. circle/rectangle) moved them a couple of pixels from their original position
- Fixed crash with Undo when canvas with structures was resized
- Fixed: After merging layers, Undo sometimes returned layers to the wrong order in panel Layers
- Fixed square artifacts that could appear while using watercolor brushes with Pigments
- Fixed artifacts appearing while drawing with watercolor brushes using 'Paint Blending' mode other than Default in 'Brush Creator' while Pigments are active
- Fixed closing of Rulers panel after loading artwork saved with an inactive ruler
- Fixed: Some SVG files imported to the Paths panel caused a crash when switching their visibility
- Fixed saving of the last used color set
- Fixed: The Color History panel on macOS now displays next to the Color panel
- Fixed Color Library icons when DPI was changed
- Fixed: Shortcuts now work after the focus is on the Color panel's HEX line
- Fixed preview after Filter dialog is opened
- Fixed resetting of preview for Filters: Curves, Levels, and Lens Blur when the dialog window is closed with the X button
- Fixed import of brush set as .zip file
- Fixed: Shortcuts 'Shift' , and 'Alt' are now correctly released after switching from Rebelle to another application
- Fixed import of WEBP file format to Reference Image Library

Version 7.1.4

Changes:- When "Use Alpha" in the Fill Tool is checked, the area is filled with a new color and original alpha, instead of blending with the background

Fixes:- Fixed crash when removing reference image (and possibly path, structure, stencil)
- Fixed 'Reset' / 'OK' / 'Cancel' buttons for Deform, Perspective, and Warp transformation tools for the mouse
- Fixed occasional crash when using Deform, Perspective and Warp
- Fixed redo with Stencils with activated border
- Fixed state of the Stencil menu when the stencil is not active
- Fixed crash at importing non-openable SVG, an error message pops up instead
- Fixed state of Reference image panels when the "Show | Hide Reference Image" button is used
- Fixed: Pressing the "Fast Dry" button in the Layers panel could cause not working keyboard shortcuts
- Fixed issue that could cause the paint to be mixed too strongly in 'Paint & Mix' paint mode with 'Linear Opacity'
- Fixed: NanoPixel Export could create green artifacts on borders on paper with deckled edges
- Fixed: Converting artwork color profile could cause artifacts after undo/redo
- Fixed saving artwork if it contained a reference image that could not be loaded from disk, instead a tooltip "File not found" is displayed
- Fixed crash connected to Guides, Navigator panel, and panels in general
- Fixed possibility to lock aspect ratio using 'Shift' for selection
- Fixed state of Libraries buttons after closing them with a stylus
- Several other crashes fixed

Version 7.1.3

Changes:- Pattern & Gradient Fill selected position is now locked. You can change the gradient beginning and end; and pattern offset and rotation.
- Image imported to the Reference image Library is added as a linked image
- Added "Copy linked image to Library" option in the right-click context menu for adding imported linked images to the Reference Image Library
- Images in the Reference images panel are now automatically saved to the .reb file
- Added possibility to add groups for Shapes / Grains Library in the Brush Creator
- Changed the Favorite Brush Sets icon in the Library, it contains the number of brush presets
- Trial dialog: When Activate fails, the user can log out

Fixes:- Fixed: Modifying a layer (e.g. painting a short stroke or clear/cut layer) quickly after Undo / Redo and then invoking another Undo / Redo caused an unrecoverable data loss in the current layer (the bug caused loss of an entire layer, undoing caused the parts of the artwork to reappear in squares)
- Fixed export for large artworks (e.g. 4x4 NanoPixel size) saved a blank white file
- Fixed crash while transforming multiple layers at once using fractal mode
- Fixed crash while using Transform tools
- Fixed crash when deleting items from the Library
- Fixed crash if the imported Path file was not opened correctly
- Fixed: Undo / Redo transforming a layer mask could cause artifacts
- Fixed: Exporting artwork with deckled edges, hidden paper, or any semi-transparent pixels to JPG or BMP formats that don't support transparency is now correctly blended with a nontransparent black background without "pixelation" and color artifacts
- Fixed: Ruler, perspective, and ellipse tools are now loading properly from .reb files
- Fixed: Shortcuts for ruler, ellipse, and perspective can also switch the tool off
- Fixed: Painting had a delayed start while using the perspective tool
- Fixed pattern icons in the Patterns Library
- Fixed opacity slider for the Blend tool
- Fixed: After the confirmation of the selection for Deform, Perspective, or Warp tools on an empty layer, the selection remains on the canvas
- Fixed: 'Alt' in the Clone tool would activate the Pick color tool instead of position picking while rulers/ paths were active
- Fixed: If the Brush preset uses the Default brush color, the color changes are remembered until the preset is reselected
- Fixed: Layer, Stencil, and Path are updated correctly when using gestures for transformation
- Fixed: Blending mode/material of the new layer, created after merging layers is now set more accurately
- Fixed: Transforming a deselected layer with Mask Opaque / Mask Transparent now keeps the mask in the original position
- Fixed: Canvas Bounds now display while Deform, Warp, or Perspective transformation is used
- Fixed: Perspective tool sometimes displaced the transformed object
- Fixed: Control points of Deform, Warp, or Perspective now snap correctly to Grids, Guides, and Canvas Bounds
- Fixed: Resetting the position of the imported image now places it in the original position
- Fixed Undo / Redo when working with Stencils, Paths, Structures, and Reference Images
- Fixed rendering of icons when color management is enabled for Stencils, Reference images, Paths, and Color panels
- Fixed: Panels are now centered when Rebelle is first launched and the very first time a panel is displayed
- Fixed scale of sliders' handle in the Color panel when DPI is changed
- Fixed: Deleting the currently selected item from the Library now works
- Fixed: Mixing palette colors were changed incorrectly when reloading the .reb file
- Fixed impasto noise when tapping with brushes

Version 7.1.2

New:- Added "Thick Impasto" checkbox to Brush Creator -> Paint -> Oils & Acrylic Impasto for a more pronounced impasto. The option is by default active for Rebelle 7 brush presets and inactive for Rebelle 6 brushes.
- Added outline for structures displayed when placed over the edge of the canvas
- Filter Layers now have ability to reset their settings to the default values

Changes:- After the confirmation of the selection for Deform, Perspective, or Warp tools, the selection remains on the canvas
- Selection area adapts to changes made with Deform, Perspective, and Warp tools
- Clicking outside the Deform, Perspective, and Warp transform box now confirms the transformation
- Larger manipulating area for control points for Deform, Perspective, and Warp tools

Fixes:- Fixed: Custom paper surfaces now work correctly with activated Height maps
- Fixed: Aspect ratio is locked by default when transforming a selection (bug in R.7.1.1)
- Fixed: First placement of Structures, Paths, Stencils, and Reference images
- Fixed: The state of the buttons in Reference images is now remembered within the REB file
- Fixed: Sudden change in the size of the Library panels on macOS
- Fixed: Freehand selection now correctly captures 1-pixel areas on bottom left and right side of the canvas

Version 7.1.1

New:- Added 'Legacy Paper Mode' for brushes, found in Brush Creator -> Paint -> Canvas Texture Influence. This mode disables Heightmaps and uses the Paper Texture Scratch mode from Rebelle 6.
- Painting is now possible right after placing the Path or Stencil on canvas, no need to confirm first
- Added 'Lock' option for Paths and Structures
- Added 'Lock Aspect Ratio' option for Stencils, Paths, Structures and Reference Images
- Added possibility to filter groups in Favorites Tool and Libraries

Changes:- Reverted change from 7.1.0 for the Oiliness slider
- Reverted change from 7.1.0 for the Pressure slider
- Pressure slider now again directly influences opacity of Shape, Dual Brush, and Background textures (in 7.1.0 it would only influence them if their respective opacity parameters used pressure-controlled curves)
- When the Ruler is activated on the canvas, Paths are visualized as dashed lines and become deactivated and their menus hide. Upon closing the Ruler tool or enabling Paths, Paths revert to their normal state (if the Ruler tool was activated, it is subsequently deactivated)
- Added random placement of Stencils, Paths, and Structures on canvas
- Minimal size of Stencils, Paths, and Structures set to 10 px
- Removed 'Hide' option for Stencils, Paths, Structures, and Reference Images
- Adjusted transparency and color of the Stencils, Paths, Structures, and Reference Images menu
- Hidden Reference image stays hidden during transformations
- Added 'Rename' and 'Remove' options for the Reference images panel's context menu
- The 'Reset' option in the menu for Stencils, Paths, and Structures resets the scale, rotation, flip, and invert. Does not reset position.
- The 'Reset' option in the menu for Reference Images resets the scale and rotation
- Visual settings for Metallic materials are saved into the .reb file
- Change in the behavior of the group filter - if there is only one group in the panel, the box for filtering groups will be hidden

Fixes:- Fixed crash when opening or closing the application
- Fixed: Change of default paint curves for Express Oils from 7.1.0 is now correctly applied
- Fixed impasto structure behavior with Smudge enabled
- Fixed: 'Smudged Lines' curve editor could be showing incorrect labels
- Fixed color artifacts on a clipping layer when it had a layer mask with gray areas
- Fixed: Canvas preview in Navigator and Preview panels had incorrect size (cropped)
- Fixed image import when Stencils, Paths, Structures, or Reference Images are active on canvas
- Fixed menu of Stencils, Paths, Structures, and Reference Images when Stencil is active on canvas
- Fixed: Stencils generated from selections or layers are now positioned accurately according to where they were created
- Fixed: Layers were not correctly displayed on canvas in some cases of the 'Show/Hide layer' sequence
- Fixed: Importing from Photoshop via the Photoshop plugin now respects the 'Import image without profile' policy in Color Management Preferences
- Fixed: Labels in the 'Canvas Size tool' panel change their width according to the label text
- Fixed: The state of the "Use Paper Heightmaps" option in the 'Select Canvas' dialog is stored in the .reb file
- Fixed: The state of the Library panels is remembered
- Fixed icon style in the Library panels and Gradients when UI is in Light theme
- Fixed: Sudden change in the size of the Library panels on macOS
- Fixed: Primary color changed when a grid was active on the color palette
- Fixed: Repositioning of multiple merged panels docked on the left or right side of UI when painting behind them
- Fixed: Shortcut for Pause Diffusion now disabled when Liquify tool is in use
- Fixed: When changing the color set, the default color order is no longer reset, the selected color order is used for colors from the new color set

Version 7.1.0

New:- Upgraded papers and art surfaces, better height map ray-tracing
- Revision of the brushes for better painting. Download 7.1 brushes from this link, drag & drop them into the Rebelle application, and new groups will be created.
- Revised global pressure curves for Express Oils, Watercolors, and dry media
- New UI for editing stencils, paths, and structures on the canvas
- Multiple stencils, paths, and structures can be used on canvas at the same time
- Ability to set "Scale" for patterns in the Fill tool
- "Refresh Content and Libraries" added to 'Help' menu to reload the content from the user folder into panels and libraries (without restarting Rebelle)
- Added "Ctrl+Shift+{" and "Ctrl+Shift+}" default keyboard shortcuts for changing Pressure brush parameter
- Updated languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Chinese-traditional, Korean, Greek, Slovene, Ukrainian, and Slovak

Changes:- Oiliness slider in the lower values is more pronounced for Oils & Acrylics and Express Oils
- Pressure parameter (from Properties panel, hidden by default) now limits maximum pressure used by various pressure-controlled brush features except brush and dual brush size.
- Pressure parameter is visualized (grey area) inside curve editors that are affected.
- Dual Brush and Background Textures blending modes that remove alpha (for example Multiply) removed less alpha with lower Opacity parameter values (from Properties panel). This has been corrected.
- "Weight Curve" editor has been renamed to "Depth Curve" editor
- Changed UI behavior for Libraries, add item to current panel with one click (Color Set, Stencil, Path libraries, etc.)
- Show/hide multiple stencils, paths, and structures from panels
- Updated UI for Filter layers: When Filter Layer is created, settings open automatically
- Highlighted Filter layer icon when hovering over the layer icon
- Changed tooltip in the side panels to "Unpin/Pin Panel"

Fixes:- Brush splat rotation is now more precise in "Follow Trajectory" mode
- Fixed: Dual Brush now removes alpha smoothly in "Use for Stroke" mode
- Fixed: Painting with dry tools could remove some flowing paint
- Fixed: Locking the angle in Transform mode is now working
- Structures: If the canvas was tilted, structures were cut incorrectly in Edit mode
- Structures now appear correctly when more layers are used
- Stencils: Names were not set correctly when loading
- Show -> Canvas Bounds now show up correctly while editing Structures, Paths, and Stencils
- Fixed Canvas Resize after reference image transformation was active on canvas
- Fixed crash when switching from Stencils and Fill tool
- Fixed: Reference Image's Edit mode is now canceled correctly after hitting 'Esc'
- Fixed stuck cursor after resizing a brush with 'Ctrl' and hitting 'Alt' to pick color
- Fixed: Icons, links, and tooltips for links now appear correctly in the Reference Image panel
- Fixed: Reset Layout to default now resets Libraries as well
- Fixed: The order of the color swatches in color set was reversed upon restarting Rebelle
- Fixed "Don't need to confirm Pick Color tool with the mouse button" setting for Warmer / Cooler colors shortcuts (Alt+W / Alt+C)
- Fixed resetting of Hue and Saturation value when Lightness is set to 0
- Fixed: Entering values manually via the keyboard in the Filters dialogs did not work
- Fixed: Zoom/move the canvas and rotate is possible with Filter dialog window opened, even though the default keyboard shortcuts for these actions have changed
- Fixed: Docked panel tabbed with other panels now shows correctly after using the shortcut for showing this panel
- Fixed saving of REB file with color sets with unsupported characters (e.g. "&",...)
- Fixed: Color panel now loads .colors file, .txt file and PNG files correctly as a color set
- Fixed: Preview and Navigator panels sometimes stopped being updated
- Fixed crash after changing selection while Fill tool editor is active
- Fixed washed-out colors on wet areas while Fill tool editor is active
- Fixed reset pen pressure of Curve editors when switching to another curve
- Fixed crash when background textures were used with some texture scales
- Fixed: When Color Management is enabled, imported image without color profile behave according to Preferences "Paste/import images without profile"
- Fixed artifacts on images with hidden canvas saved through NanoPixel export

Version 7.0.7

Changes:- The 'Opacity' slider can be adjusted for Filter layers
- Added possibility to resize pinned Library panels (except library panels in Brush Creator)
- Added possibility to dock Library panels left and right (except library panels in Brush Creator)
- Added a new info window for 'Favorite' brushes when adding brush set to the 'Brush Set Library' informing about the number of groups and brush presets
- When zooming in with Nanopixel (zoom cca 300x - 500x), the paper texture is better blended with the NanoPixel detail texture, lowering the posterization effect

Fixes:- Fixed multiple crashes with NanoPixel (OpenGL crash)
- Fixed light color artifacts when painting with Pigments on Apple M chips
- Fixed shortcuts after 4-finger swipe with trackpad on MacOS
- Structures are now rendered correctly with colored papers and 'White Simple' paper
- Fixed user interface for Rulers after undo
- Fixed overlay icons for actions; show/hide water, pause simulation doesn't appear after activating NanoPixel
- Fixed: The order of paper colors was reversed each time Rebelle was started
- Fixed "Order by Lightness / Hue" when the color set is changed
- Fixed sensitivity of "Adjust color with keyboard shortcut" for Warmer Color / Cooler Color shortcuts
- For watercolors, the Nanopixel detail texture in max. zoom (2000x) has better blending with the paper texture
- The state and position of Library panels are remembered when Rebelle is closed
- Fixed Layer Mask opacity for Color Balance filter
- Fixed painting on 'White Simple' paper and custom-made papers with single-color
- Paint on Structures that are used with user-made papers use white areas for painting now

Version 7.0.6

Fixes:- Fixed crash - adding a Structure right after creating a new artwork
- Fixed crash - opening a reb file with Path
- Fixed crash - selecting a Path after opening a reb file with Path
- Transform Selection didn't apply aspect ratio
- Reset Transform (Stencils, Paths, Structures, Ref. Images) works properly also when the object is flipped
- The stencil's lock state wasn't updated properly after the edit
- Loading a reb file with Structure, Stencil or Path caused various issues
- The layer group expanded/collapsed state is stored in .reb file
- Guide lines were multiplied when .reb file was saved and loaded
- NanoPixel issue with white edges when using oils may be fixed
- NanoPixel On/Off thin and thick paint is similar (it is not 100% the same, the code is different)
- Imported user-made .png as background paper is inverted: paint on white areas now
- Curve editors now show pressure levels influenced by the Pressure Sensitivity setting
- The curve in Pressure Sensitivity looks better and more realistically represents the pen pressure
- Fixed collapse/uncollapse of the docked panels, also when multiple panels tab-stacked
- The size of the undocked panel should be correct
- Choosing the "Standalone license" in the installer on Windows clears the "Floating license" setting if it was chosen in the previous installation
- When locking transparency for the active layer and after that performing Transform/Warp/Deform/Perspective, the transparency mask is now properly updated

Version 7.0.5

Fixes:- Several crashes were fixed
- Motion IO crash fixed
- Fixed watercolor simulation behavior for full-color papers
- Fixed painting on full-color paper structure (visible for watercolors)
- NanoPixel had too high contrast for rendering paper structure on paint
- NanoPixel rendered structure incorrectly on watercolor and other structure-less media
- Painting should be visually similar when switching Nanopixel on/off (there will be more updates in the upcoming versions)
- Color panel - fixed shortcuts to increase/decrease color values (Hue/Red, Saturation/Green, Blue/Lightness)
- Color panel - fixed color sliders when the Color Wheel has the grid turned on.
- Mixing Palette panel - selected tool and size are saved to the .reb file
- The size of the uncollapsed panels is remembered
- Paths and Transform didn't work
- Fixed fullscreen mode with NanoPixel turned on
- Note: some of these fixes were already implemented in version 7.0.4

Version 7.0.3

Optimizations:- Structures are shown faster on canvas after editing / transforming

Changes:- Transforms: holding Shift switches to free aspect ratio, releasing it switches back to fixed aspect ratio

Fixes:- Several fixes related to structures (possibly causing crashes)
- Tooltip fixes

Crash Fixes:- Drag&drop on macOS
- "Critical error occurred vector::_M_range_check:_n(which is1) >= this->size()"

Fixes announced in 7.0.2 but we forgot to include them in that build and are finally released now:- Switching a Mixing Palette tool when switching main tools
- Save actual Color Set to reb file, saving also Color names
- Switch primary and secondary color via shortcut
- Secondary color is restored after Rebelle restart

Version 7.0.2

New Features:- Added option to set Vertical Sync (by default it is disabled). Disabling Vertical Sync may speed up NanoPixel rendering

Fixes:- Undo & Redo works for transform tools when mask is selected
- Reference Image panel: flip vertical/horizontal
- Box selection: aspect ratio isn't restricted
- Merging only Metallic layers puts the result into a new Metallic layer
- Switching a Mixing Palette tool when switching main tools
- Save actual Color Set to reb file, saving also Color names
- Switch primary and secondary color via shortcut
- Secondary color is restored after Rebelle restart
- Panel Rulers was not saved properly
- Merging a layer group incorrectly collapsed all layers

Crash Fixes:- Starting Rebelle
- Connecting Rebelle to Floating License Server to get a license

Version 7.0.1

Fixes:- Color set library crash fixed
- Brushes panel group filter crash fixed
- Several crashes fixed
- Fixed clipping mask for non-metallic layers which were above metallic layers
- Fixed paper when NanoPixel is used
- The Color panel position fixed
- Hide Color Set section in the Color panel hides the Color Set library as well
- Masking layer is correctly updated when the transformation (Deform, Perspective, and Warp tools) is used

Version 7.0.0

New Features:- Metallic Materials
- Authentic Brushes
- Upgraded Brush Creator
- Filter Layers
- Deform and Perspective
- Paths
- Structures
- Fill with Gradients and Patterns
- New Brush Types (grunge, scumbling, etc.)
- Improved Pencils, Charcoals and Pastels
- Resource Management through Libraries
- Improved Paper and Art Surfaces
- Colorize All Papers and Art Surfaces
- Redesigned Color Panel
- Rulers
- Feather Selection
- Native Apple M chip Compatibility
- More than 250 Brushes

Version 6.2.3

Fixes:- Fixed crash when mixing colors in MultiColored brush
- More minor fixes

Version 6.2.2

New:- Added support for open & import of HEIF image format (.heif, .heic files)
- Announcement dialog at Rebelle startup can be disabled in Preferences > General
- Rebelle Motion IO build for macOS

Fixes:- Several crashes fixed

Version 6.2.1

Changes:- Added new option 'Show "Opacity" in cursor preview when changing brush "Size" ' in Preferences -> Tools -> Painting Cursor
- Added 'Logout' button in menu -> Help -> About Rebelle window

Fixes:- Fixed crash with the 'Blow' tool when using the 'Ctrl' shortcut
- Fixed shortcuts in Fullscreen mode"
- Fixed behavior of the 'Warp' tool when painting has more layers
- Fixed issues with the activation of the Trial version

Version 6.2.0

New:- Rebelle Motion IO - scripting tool for animated movies (available from Rebelle website)
- Rebelle 30 days Trial version instead of Rebelle Demo (available from Rebelle website)

Changes:- The cursor shape is resized during the painting according to brush size and pen pressure. You can change this in Preferences -> Tools
- If the layer is not visible, copying into the clipboard is ignored with the message "Current layer is not visible."
- If the layer is not visible and Magic Wand is selected, the cursor is changed to the crossed-out eye

Fixes:- Fixed crash when the image in the Granulation folder has a wrong size
- Fixed gestures and touch input in the Reference image panel
- Color profile preview was not working with NanoPixel on

Version 6.1.9

Changes:- Main menu automatically hides in fullscreen on Windows, it reappears when moving the cursor to the top edge of the screen

Fixes:- Fixed incorrect cursor size for certain shape textures
- Fixed invisible cursor when "Auto" was selected for the "Override cursor mode with..." option in Preferences
- Fixed incorrect cursor size for large brushes with tip tilt
- Fixed incorrect behavior of tip tilt when used with large brushes
- Fixed filters output when using selections and color range
- Fixed incorrect behavior of the Brightness/Contrast filter when the 'Preview' option was not selected

Version 6.1.8

Changes:- Advanced paint cursor with new modes: Circle, Rectangle, Shape, and Auto
- Cursor modes added to Brush Creator -> Paint -> Cursor
- New options for cursor customization added to Preferences -> Tools -> Painting Cursor
- WEBP image format support

Fixes:- Color picking with clipping masks gave black color

Version 6.1.7

Changes:- Fill tool is now remembered after picking a color
- Possibility to set custom shortcuts for creating clipping masks/layer masks and other masking functions added to Preferences -> Keyboard -> Layer

Fixes:- Fixed remembering of the correct Paint mode after the brush automatically switches to Blend mode and a color is picked from canvas/color palette or the 'V' shortcut is used
- Fixed clipping layers blending which resulted in incorrect colors where the clipping opacity wasn't full
- Fixed color picking on clipping masks

Version 6.1.6

Changes:- New option "Restore Last Selection" added to the menu Edit -> Selection
- Pigment color mixing is now remembered from the previous session and also in the saved .REB file
- 'Reset' button for the Curves filter added
- Preferences -> Tools: option to show a pop-up window while changing the brush properties with shortcuts now applies for Ctrl / Cmd shortcut

Fixes:- Fixed crash when adding a new shape/grain to the brush preset via Brush Creator
- Fixed issues with the 'Clone' and 'Water' tool
- 'Favorites' is now remembered after switching to another tool and then back using a Paint mode shortcut
- Fixed switching to the correct Paint mode after picking a color from canvas or color palette after the 'V' shortcut was used
- Fixed updating of layers' preview after using undo/redo on a clipping mask
- Fixed fluid simulation behavior when the Filters dialog window is opened
- Fixed Color range for filters
- Fixed resetting of values in filter dialogs
- Fixed displaying of the correct value set by the slider in the filter Levels dialog: Input Levels -> slider mid value

Version 6.1.5

Changes:- Ability to add an image from the clipboard to the Reference Images panel. Press the right mouse button over the panel and choose "Paste Image from Clipboard" or use the shortcut "Ctrl/Cmd + V". It is not working for image files copied from the file manager.
- New 'Open / Save Selection As' added in the menu Edit -> Selection. You can open any image (.png) as a selection.
- New 'Create Selection from Stencil' added in menu Edit -> Selection
- Last used colors in Color Set panel are resizing according to the panel menu -> Icon Size
- Fixed displaying of the dialog on the second monitor when deleting the canvas of the Mixing Palette
- Icon is changed in the Record Time-lapse panel when recording is automatically paused (e.g. by inactivity)
- New option to set the same paint mode for all paint tools added in Preferences -> Tools
- Brush presets in Favorites have the same paint mode
- Brush preset paint mode when creating a new artwork is not changed
- Ability to snap stencils to grid, guides, and canvas bounds
- Improved Fractal resize quality for Transform tool (Pro edition)
- Gaussian Blur filter now appears less pronounced at lower (1-10) values
- A dialog window pops up when there is not enough memory for the Lens Blur filter

Fixes:- Fixed saving of Paint & Blend mode into the brush presets of dry non-wet tools
- Fixed crash on screen or UI DPI change
- More minor fixes

Version 6.1.4

Changes:- Added 'Scale X' and 'Scale Y' sliders to Texture Properties for Shape and Grain in the Brush Creator. Brush presets with different Scale X/Y can be opened but will not be compatible with the previous Rebelle versions.
- 'Paint & Mix' with Threshold parameter = 0 starts with paint and mixes according to the pressure (in the previous versions color mixing started after a slight release of the pen pressure).

Fixes:- Fixed lag with the Properties sliders when the watercolor was diffusing
- Fixed occasional crashes with the Warp tool
- Fixed occasional crashes when texture properties sliders in Brush Creator were changed
- Reference image panel now reappears after you move the reference image preview on the canvas
- Smudge & Liquify bug when switching layers or opening a filter dialog
- Gloss and Impasto Depth issue with Smudge & Liquify, the options are now greyed out
- The state of the watercolor simulation is now remembered when Smudge & Liquify is selected
- Fixed shortcuts for Flip vertical and Flip horizontal
- Removal of a reference image from the list of images in the panel does not change the selected tool
- Fixed opening and saving identical reference images from the REB file
- Guides are not deleted after canvas resize
- Fixed canvas preview while the Canvas Resize tool is selected and NanoPixel is activated
- Fixed the issue with multiple filters running at once (macOS)
- Fixed 'Stay On Top' for filter dialog windows
- Fixed flickering of the preview in the 'Desaturate' filter
- Fixed grain texture scale of brushes that used multiple textures of different size
- Fixed color issue of the panels using Color Management when moved between displays
- More minor fixes

Version 6.1.3

Changes:- More responsive UI, especially with the watercolor simulation or when the Brush Creator is opened
- Liquify has a new "Bake Changes" tool, which bakes the changes into the layer
- When Liquify tool is used, watercolor simulation is paused
- When painting, a very slight release of the pressure pen does not start a new stroke, but the stroke continues (practical for Paint & Mix mode)
- Rebelle remembers when it is closed in Tablet mode
- Rebelle remembers when it is closed with "Stay on Top" selected
- ICC profile is saved in the Mixing Palette file
- Rebelle installer now supports ARM64-based devices

Fixes:- Missing strokes when using the Guides or Ruler tool
- Fixed locked "Ctrl" / "Cmd" when changing Canvas Size with "Ctrl+Alt+C", or Transform tool "Ctrl+T"
- Fixed cursor jumping when painting under the left dock panels
- Layers - "Alt + Click" to the layer visibility "Eye" now works with groups too
- Rebelle now remembers panels size and position when docking and undocking
- Tablet mode - fixed collapsing of the panels
- Tablet mode - "Reset Layout to Default" correctly resets the layout
- Mixing Palette - background color change is fixed
- Color Filters - "Color Range" behavior fix
- Color Set Panel - when picking a color with the "X" shortcut, it renamed the color to "XXXXX..."
- Fixed brush mark rotation when using Follow Trajectory in Brush Creator
- Keyboard Shortcuts - "Reset to Defaults" correctly cleans the empty shortcuts
- Fixed canvas rotation with the "R" shortcut
- When using Canvas Size or Transform tools, the "Edit Guides" button is hidden
- When moving the canvas it is not locked to the grid
- "Nanopixel Export..." dialog UI scaling is fixed
- Fixed occasional crashes after canceling the Warp tool
- Several crashes fixed
- More minor fixes

Version 6.1.2

Changes:- Liquify tool - added a new 'Smooth' button
- Liquify tool - when an image is not modified, the 'Smooth' and 'Reconstruct' buttons are greyed-out

Fixes:- Fixed crash when switching between 'Warp' and 'Transform' with a selection
- Fixed crash when deleting the reference image and then changing the UI resolution
- Fixed occasional crash when trying to select visible layers under the cursor
- Fixed crash while opening corrupted .reb file
- Fixed crash while moving panel and switching between 'Desktop' and 'Tablet' mode
- Fixed crash when closing Rebelle with a reference image opened
- Fixed occasional 'Mixing Palette' crashes
- When painting behind left-docked panels, the painting cursor used to jump left
- 'Pick Color' with NanoPixel works correctly
- More minor bug fixes

Version 6.1.1

Changes:- While painting, the brush cursor is not showing a pop-up window when changing properties with shortcuts
- Preferences -> Tools: option to show a pop-up window while changing the brush properties with shortcuts. Extra checkbox for brush 'Size'
- Preferences -> Color: "Don't need to confirm Pick Color tool with the mouse button" works also with Preview, Mixing Palette, and References panels
- Zooming the canvas with the shortcut "Z" + mouse button now works better, with no separation between horizontal and vertical mouse movement
- Changing sliders in the vertical Properties panel now works better

Fixes:- Crash when switching between Liquify and other tools
- Crash with Reference image guides and preview
- Crash when using undo with the Selection tool
- Crash when using touch after the reference image is removed
- Opacity was occasionally set to 100% when moving the selection

Version 6.1.0

New:- New Levels filter
- New Curves filter
- New Simple Sharpen filter
- New Color Picker for Color Range in filters
- It is possible to zoom and pan canvas while using filters
- New paint style: Automatically switches to Blend mode after using any Paint mode for wet media (in Preferences -> Tools)
- New Keyboard Shortcuts for the first 10 brushes in the Favourites list, first 4 are set to "6", "7", "8", "9"
- New Keyboard Shortcut to change between the last Paint mode and Blend mode ("V")
- New Keyboard Shortcut: Use Primary Color ("C")
- New Keyboard Shortcut: Clean Brush (not set). If the color is dirty, it cleans the brush and sets the primary color
- New settings window for quality and image size when saving JPG file, menu -> File -> Save As and select JPG
- The paint cursor shows the brush size, opacity/loading, water/oiliness, and pressure when it is changed from the Properties panel, or with shortcuts (Ctrl + mouse, "[", "]", etc)
- New Open / Save Mixing Palette image
- Preferences -> Tools: [ ] Save Dirty brush colors to Color history (Default is off)
- Preferences -> Color: [ ] Don't need to confirm Pick Color tool with the mouse button (Default is off)
- For the Favorite brush presets the tooltip shows the original tool and the keyboard shortcut (if set)
- Layer Mask - when selection is made, "Add Layer Mask" automatically creates a mask with the shape of the selection
- Layer Mask - "Lock Layer Mask Position" from the context menu in the Layers Panel
- Layer Mask - new "Copy Layer Mask" and "Paste Layer Mask" from the context menu in the Layers Panel
- Layer Mask - it is possible to select the mask and Ctrl/Cmd + C to copy and Ctrl/Cmd + V to paste the Layer Mask into layer
- Layer Mask - Fill tool now works with layer masks

Changes:- Scale slider for Shape and Grain textures in Brush Creator is now non-linear for better control
- Changed how blend modes in Brush Creator are working (for example Lighten mode). We had to update 6 default brushes (2 Watercolors and 4 Pastels), you can download them from the actual blog
- Clone tool shortcut change ("Shift + C")
- Sharpen filters do not sharpen the oil impasto

Fixes:- The watercolor diffusion horizontal line bug is fixed
- Pick Color tool is not snapping to grids anymore
- The Pressure sensitivity slider is now correctly saved to brush preset
- Alpha blending modes are not allowed anymore for tools that don't support them (e.g. Smudge, Water...)
- When Eraser mode is used and the color is picked from canvas, the last Paint mode is correctly set
- Lens Blur artifacts fixed
- Minor bug fixes related to brush preset textures

Version 6.0.9

Changes:- All paint modes can be used in Layer Masks (Paint, Paint & Mix, Paint & Blend, Blend, and Erase)
- Copy & paste Layer masks added
- Fractal image processing now requires less memory and is faster for Liquify and Warp tools
- Gaussian Blur filter optimizations
- Gaussian Blur filter has enlarged radius
- Various minor UI changes

Fixes:- Fixed splat rotation at the beginning of strokes when using "Follow Trajectory", it is much more accurate and predictable now
- Fixed offset in Liquify tool with smaller brush sizes
- Fixed Liquify tool when used with stencils and selections
- Pick color tool now picks color on press
- Fixed issue with hidden sliders in the Properties panel when collapsed and a brush or tool was changed
- Fixed crash with papers when a paper file has an invalid file format
- Fixed occasional freeze after using undo
- Artifacts in Layer Masks after using undo of canvas resize
- Volumes now show for the Favorites tool's brush presets

Version 6.0.8

Changes:- New "Smudge Density" parameter in the Brush Creator for controlling the detail of the brush stroke when Smudge is used
- Colors in fractal upscaling are much more precise - this affects all tools using fractal upscaling: Liquify, Transform, Canvas Resize tools
- Filters' dialog windows remember their size and position after the restart
- New "Viewport: Background Color" option in the Preferences -> Color for changing the color of the viewport behind the canvas

Fixes:- Fixed undo bug in the Liquify tool
- Fixed wrong application layout after the start with "Lock Panels" enabled
- Fixed issue with changed parameters of the brushes in "Favorites"
- Fixed black artifacts when the "Lens Blur" filter is used

Version 6.0.7

Changes:- Faster response of the Liquify tool
- A new option in Preferences for changing the opacity of the reference image preview
- Added missing tooltip for the "Canvas Size" tool
- Added tooltip "Expand Panel" when the panel is collapsed
- "Copy to Favorites" option greyed out when "Favorites" is selected
- Instant analysis of some crash kinds directly in the crash report dialog
- Various minor changes in the UI

Fixes:- Fixed crash with small grain scales
- Fixed Rebelle showing incorrect UI layout on start
- Fixed snapping of the reference image preview
- Fixed snapping of the selection
- "Favorites" is now remembered after using the pen eraser

Version 6.0.6

Changes:- Added undo/redo while editing reference image preview on the canvas
- Using Image Size or Crop modifies also Reference image position and proportions
- Picking color when Layer Mask is selected picks the greyscale color from the mask
- Using shortcuts is possible while using a pen eraser
- It is possible to use a pen eraser not only as an eraser, but it could remember the last used tool. To turn it on, go to Preferences -> Tools -> [ ] For the Pen Eraser always use the last tool instead of the eraser

Fixes:- Fixed press and release of Ctrl, Alt, and Shift shortcuts
- The Layers panel shows the correct blending mode after creating or opening an artwork
- The Brush Creator panel could show incorrect button icons in the Light theme after the UI scale change
- The icon for the Record Time-lapse button changed for the Light theme
- Share brushes should work, restricted for Favorites
- In the Layers panel, the context menu on right-click uses the whole row

Version 6.0.5

Changes:- Show only selected vertices and tangents in the Warp tool
- When a reb file is opened, exporting a layer from Photoshop to Rebelle doesn't create a new artwork, but adds the Photoshop layer to the existing Rebelle artwork
- Updated languages: German, Spanish, French, Greek, Portuguese (Brazilian), Traditional Chinese, Slovak, and Slovene

Fixes:- Freeze that could happen after canvas resize, crop, opening, or creating new artwork
- Warp tool optimization, faster rendering, and switching between tools
- Transform tool optimization, faster switching between tools
- Favorite Tool: holding and releasing shortcut "X" (Mix Color) when the Favorite tool is selected returns back to the Favorites
- Favorite Tool: selecting another tool or color, when the Favorite tool was previously selected returns back to the Favorites
- Favorite Tool: When the Smudge or Liquify tool is selected, pressing Shift+B for Favorites did nothing
- Liquify tool brush rotation fixed
- Mixing palette canvas update fixed
- When the artwork is opened, the size of the Reference image preview on canvas was not correct
- Fixed crash when grid subdivision was set to 1

Version 6.0.4

Changes:- Added a new button for Reference Image to hide guide lines
- Reference Image -> "Show Image on Canvas" image is resized and centered on the canvas
- UI updated for Filters -> "Color Range"
- UI updated for Brush Creator -> Shape & Grain -> "Image Sequence"

Fixes:- Fixed square artifacts when drawing on the layer mask
- Fixed crash after warp confirmation
- Warp and Transform tools had problems with the masking layer and locking
- Pen buttons were not registered unless the pen left & enter the proximity (WinTab)
- Fixed color blending modes when merging layer with clipping mask
- Liquify tool crashes with layers and undo
- Wet tools and Pigments do not reset Liquify tool
- Fixed crash with Reference Image guides
- Reference Image panels have the correct size when collapsed or when New Artwork is opened

Version 6.0.3

Fixes:- Minor bugs and crashes

Version 6.0.2

Fixes:- Fixed crash when the new artwork is created after selection
- Black icons in Warp tool with NanoPixel
- More minor bugs and crashes

Version 6.0.1

Changes:- UI change in Filters "Color Range", more practical to use
- Add Layer Mask makes mask active
- Minor UI changes

Fixes:- Fixed crashes with Liquify tool
- Fixed usage of Color Picker with Favorite tools
- Color Picker was not working correctly with Layer Masks and Clipping Masks
- Fixed mixing and blending between oils and watercolors
- Fixed color selection by hue in the Filters "Color Range"
- Fixed opening of reference image when the image file was renamed or modified
- In Tablet preferences, the Xencelabs option is reset after relaunching Rebelle Context menu items (in Layers, Brushes, etc.) are not activated with a mouse right-click
- Fixed "Lock Aspect Ratio" when the image is changed in the Image Size tool

Version 6.0.0

New Features:- Liquify Tool
- Warp Tool
- Fractal Image Processing
- Clipping Masks
- Layer Masks
- Grid & Guides
- Reference Image Guides
- Favorite Brushes
- Stroke Length
- Upgraded Brush Creator
- New Brush Types
- Effect Brushes
- Improved Pencils and Pastels
- New Image Filters
- Color Range for Color Filters
- Light and Dark Interface Theme
- More than 240 Brushes

Version 5.1.5

Fixes:- Color in the color picker with 'Mix mode' wasn't reset properly
- Line Smoothing settings (Pressure / Position smoothing,...) from Preferences were overriding Line Smoothing parameters saved in the brush presets
- Oil strokes could have black edges in 'Paint mode'
- Fixed color artifacts in the brush
- Fixed icon in the "Volume Presets" panel when a new preset was created
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 5.1.4

Changes:- Warning message when paper is missing in .reb file
- Color management: show full ICC profile name in profile tooltip

Fixes:- Watercolor on canvas was sometimes split into two areas
- Pigments with watercolors when pen is released works correctly
- Visual Settings -> Watercolor Behaviour -> Diffusion Speed is saved into Custom preset
- Color and alpha issues when painting with Oils and Acrylics

Version 5.1.3

Changes:- Better Pigment color mixing in MultiColored brush mode
- Watercolor simulation is paused while painting in Mixing Palette panel or panning canvas in Preview panel
- Preview panel optimizations for faster canvas panning
- Button "Fit to Screen" in the Reference Image panel is resetting size and rotation

Fixes:- Fixed artifacts when using Dirty and MultiColored brush
- Fixed artifacts when using watercolor diffusion with Tilt
- Fixed crash when painting near the canvas edge with some brushes
- Destination folder setting in Record Time-lapse panel is working correctly
- Faster copy-paste to clipboard
- Fixed Mixing Palette crash
- Mixing Palette's tools switched with the change of the painting tool
- Reference Image did not save the scale, the rotation of the image, and its buttons settings
- Reference Images panel is cleared when a new artwork is created
- Preview and Navigator panels are correctly updated after consecutive canvas changes
- System character set is used for encoding layer names in PSD export
- Layer "Group" state (opened / collapsed) is saved in .reb file
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 5.1.1

Changes:- Zoom and pan for the Preview panel are available
- Drag & drop the brush presets into Rebelle from the online brush library

Fixes:- Speed optimization for watercolor painting and simulation with Pigments
- Faster painting with grayscale preview (shortcut "G")
- Fixed crash when resizing artwork with NanoPixel
- Correct overlaying oil and watercolor brush strokes while the simulation is paused
- Correct watercolor diffusion with Express Oils
- New artwork in not changing paint mode for brush preset
- NanoPixel image is correctly published to the community Gallery
- Floating license clients (e.g. students) don't have access to the license owner account (e.g. school)
- "Diffusion Speed" is saved into Custom Preset in Visual Settings -> Watercolor Behaviour
- Switching between Tablet and Desktop mode is fixed
- Partially fixed multi-touch
- NanoPixel Export doesn't add an extra dot to a filename
- Iterative Save works correctly for filenames with an extra dot (e.g. "Portrait No.5")

Version 5.1.0

Fixes:- Fixed crash when creating a new artwork
- Fixed multitouch gestures for Mixing Palette and Reference Image

Version 5.0.9

Changes:- Watercolor simulation is not bouncing from the borders of the canvas
- Hide 'Pick color' wheel and show just a simple eyedropper cursor: Preferences > Color > Cursor

Fixes:- Overall speed improvement for Oil and Acrylic tools
- The correct image antialiasing is applied after panning the canvas
- Fixed crash for oil brushes in combination with the Tip Tilt setting

Version 5.0.8

Changes:- New manual with the latest changes: Rebelle 6.0.8
- Mixing Palette - Paint, Blend tool is not mixed with background color
- Mixing Palette - brushes have hard edges to prevent mixing with the background
- Mixing Palette - changing the Paint tool "Opacity" makes glazing strokes
- Mixing Palette panel menu -> "Background Color" to change the background color
- Timelapse video recording can be started directly from "New Artwork"
- When opening previous artwork with timelapse recording, the application will ask to continue
- Record Time-lapse panel has two buttons - "Start / Stop Recording" and "Record Settings"
- Color Set panel menu -> "Create Color Set from Text File" can use "TAB" instead of "space"
- Layer color adjustments when the canvas is hidden: Preferences -> Color -> Hidden Canvas Color Settings

Fixes:- Speed optimizations for fast short strokes
- Visual improvement - smoother strokes with size and rotation variations
- Brush Creator panel -> Tip Tilt curve editor -> "Use Precise Tip Tilt" - to get smoother strokes when using pen tilt
- Better NanoPixel image export for 2x2 scale
- Fixed crash when the application starts and gains focus too soon
- "Save as .psd" generates a valid thumbnail when NanoPixel is used (still doesn't work for transparent artworks)
- Fixed glitches when using multitouch for canvas rotation and panning
- Switching between desktop and tablet mode is fixed

Version 5.0.7

Changes:- Pigment color mixing is working with Blend, Smudge, and Clone tool
- New tool for changing image format with selection, menu -> Edit -> "Crop Canvas"
- New "Use Precise Tip Tilt" in the Brush Creator: Tip Tilt curve editor for smoother lines when using pen tilt
- New Mixing Palette panel menu -> "Use Shortcuts from Properties panel" (shortcuts: "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "Alt", "X")
- More intuitive Zoom ("Z") / Rotate ("R") / Flip ("Shift + F") the canvas with the settings in Preferences
- New in Preferences -> General -> Canvas: "Rotate at cursor"
- New in Preferences -> General -> Canvas: "Flip at cursor"
- New in Preferences -> General -> "Pause simulation while using other applications"
- New in Preferences -> General -> "Open floating panels on the display with Rebelle's main window"
- New in Preferences -> General -> "Add 'Export to Photoshop' button to Layers panel" (Rebelle 6 Pro)

Fixes:- OpenGL related crash with NanoPixel
- Crash with Eraser tool

Version 5.0.6

Fixes:- Works on systems with SSE4.1 or AVX2 instruction set
- Crashing with paint tool "Blend" mode with AVX2
- Crashing on Mac OS with M1 (with Rosetta)
- Crashing when switching to WinTab using pen
- Correct .reb files thumbnails also with NanoPixel

Version 5.0.5

Changes:- New "Pick Color" button in the Reference image panel

Fixes:- Paint speed optimization when CPU with AVX2 is available
- Paint speed optimization when NanoPixel is used
- Optimization: Navigator and Preview image is updated only when panels are open
- Optimization: Watercolor simulation in Navigator and Preview panel is updated 2 FPS
- Crash when the simulation is running and exporting NanoPixel image
- Crash when macOS hibernates
- Occasional Color Set flickering
- Mixing Palette color management

Version 5.0.4

Changes:- It is possible to pick a color from Mixing Palette panel without the background
- Mixing Palette -> menu -> Pick Color with Background
- Mixing Palette -> menu -> Reset Zoom to 100%

Fixes:- Faster painting of the short strokes
- Crash at the start of the application when OpenGL driver is not detected
- Cursor does not disappear on Mac OS when changing applications
- When color is picked from the canvas, the first stroke is painted correctly
- Reset Brush Changes correctly sets values in Volume Preset panel
- Pick a color in Mixing Palette panel is not reverting to paint state
- Pressure slider changes values in Volume Preset panel
- Correct color profile in PS plugin (download "Escape Motions Connect 1.5.0")
- Canvas is not disappearing when rotated in 90°

Version 5.0.3

Changes:- Select Layer (Ctrl+Shift+Mouse Click on canvas) - selects only unlocked layers
- Nanopixel Export - added DPI info
- 3 brush sizes in the Mixing Palette
- Eraser tool in the Mixing Palette

Fixes:- Mac M1 + Ventura: black canvas when painting size is larger than 2048 pixels
- Strokes flickering
- Storing correct DPI in exported JPG, PNG, TIFF
- Floating license
- Transparent background in exported images (File -> Save + NanoPixel Export)
- When the paper was hidden, semi-transparent pixels were shifted towards black
- Keyboard shortcuts CTRL + SHIFT + SOME_KEY works correctly
- Cursor is hidden when it should be visible and vice versa
- Zoom in the Mixing Palette

Version 5.0.2

Changes:- Mixing Palette zoom in/out
- Updated languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese Traditional, Arabic, Slovak

Fixes:- Watercolor squared glitches while blending
- Opens correctly Rebelle 3 painting
- Failed autosave with the color palette
- NanoPixel export with transparent painting (little squares)
- Viewport under the panels is updating correctly

Version 5.0.1

Changes:- NanoPixel and granulation is turned off by default
- 'X' for mixing colors works with Pigments

Version 5.0.0

New Features:- Improved Oils & Acrylics
- Multicolored & Dirty Brush
- Express Oils
- Pigments color mixing
- NanoPixel technology
- Color management
- Photoshop plug-in
- Volume Presets & Curve Editors
- Color Mixing Palette
- Time-lapse recording
- Full-color papers
- and much more...

Version 4.1.2

Fixes:- Fixed: freeze during pen releases
- Fixed: Selection tool

Version 4.1.1

:- Fixed: A crash which occasionally happened at the beginning of strokes

Version 4.1.0

New Features:- New magnificent watercolor diffusion for a wet-on-wet paint technique
- Blend mode of paint brushes can blend and smudge painting
- 'Dirty brush' keeps dirty paint longer time
- Better RYB (red-yellow-blue) color mixing
- 'Water' slider in the Properties panel is more sensitive in low values
- Tilt panel slider is more sensitive in low values
- Non-glazing brushes are more similar to Rebelle 3 brushes
- Better watercolor edge darkening
- Watercolor edges are antialiased while the paint is drying
- When painting with oils and acrylics, the layer remains wet
- Added styles for the circle cursor for painting modes
- Added new shortcuts

Features and Changes:- Selection is automatically disabled after the copy & paste
- Added 'Show/hide selection lines' from Edit menu
- Added 'Tilt rotation offset' to Preferences
- Added new settings to be previewed in the Brush Creator
- Added tooltips for 'Collapse Panel' and 'Panel Menu'
- Changed tooltips for buttons: 'New Layer', 'New Group'
- Removed 'Max used' memory limit from Preferences
- Added possibility to rename a layer right after it has been created
- Brush 'crosshair' cursor is changing with the brush size
- Brush optimization for faster brushes depending on their parameters
- 'Windows 8+ Pointer Input' option added to Preferences
- New 'Smudge Quick Strokes' feature in Brush Creator
- Redesigned 'Share to Social media'
- Minor UI design changes

Fixes:- Fixed: The default paper now has deckled edges
- Fixed: Brush Creator Image Library > Import Texture displayed an error message in some cases
- Fixed: The last layer was cleared after reopening the artwork if the current layer in the artwork was a layer group
- Fixed: Paint was corrupted after 'Fast Dry' and 'Undo' in some cases
- The drawing does not get interrupted when a different pen button is pressed during the painting
- System cursor does not hide when going from menu panels back to the canvas
- When 'Tab' shortcut was used, the cursor jumped
- The flickering when painting quick strokes with the 'Show wet' mode on
- The shortcut for 'Wet tool' and 'Dry tool' did not turn on the 'Show wet' mode
- Tooltips did not show when Rebelle window was not active (only for Windows)
- When 'Stay on Top' was selected, the undocked panels were not visible
- When undo was used after merging layers, no layer or layer group was selected
- Shortcuts for 'Rotate Clockwise' and 'Rotate Counterclockwise' did not rotate to the correct side
- Tiled grain when using more images
- Blow tool is working even if the mouse is not moving
- Artifacts when painting with oil or acrylic tool on two layers
- Minor fix in gamma correction while painting
- Various UI bugs
- Crashes and minor bug fixes

Version 4.0.5

Changes:- Added head-up display while changing brush size and opacity with Ctrl + mouse drag.
- "Cross" cursor changes its size according to brush size
- "Steady Stroke" cursor is changing color according to background color

Fixes:- Fixed: some buttons and panel menus could not be opened with tablet pen on macOS
- Fixed "Reset Brush Changes" and "Save Volumes" button in Properties panel
- Fixed cursor position, when TAB was pressed
- Fixed vertical stripe artifact on the left side of the canvas in watercolor simulation
- Fixed the size of panel Brushes on application startup
- Panel Tools design fixed when switching from horizontal to vertical layout and back
- More crashes are fixed

Version 4.0.4

Changes:- Added cursors while changing brush size and opacity with Ctrl + mouse drag

Fixes:- Eraser is correctly influenced by paper structure
- Fixed issue with wobbly cursor rotation
- Fixed double dots with Ink device tablets
- Fixed dots incorrect rotation
- Fixed saving files on network drives
- Fixed the issue when the "Show Wet" permanently colored in the layer
- Pulled String repainted correctly
- Smoother brush size change with Ctrl + mouse drag
- More crashes are fixed

Version 4.0.3

Fixes:- Several crashes are fixed (e.g. when closing Rebelle on macOS)
- When renaming group (brushes, papers, stencil), order of items was changed

Version 4.0.2

Fixes:- Several crashes are fixed
- Fixed several GUI bugs with tooltips, shortcuts, and buttons
- Fixed high CPU usage when idle

Version 4.0.1

Changes:- Transformed selection is put into the original layer instead of creating a new one
- Added new keyboard shortcuts for "Dirty Brush", "Reset Brush Changes", "Save Brush Changes as Default", "Save as New Preset", and "Transparent / Semi-Opaque / Opaque" color mixing mode

Fixes:- Several crashes are fixed
- Fixed "Blend" and "Paint & Blend" brush mode produced rainbow colors
- Fixed pen pressure smoothing
- Fixed open and save DPI in JPG and PNG file formats
- Fixed blinking crosshair cursor outside of the canvas
- "Clear Layer" button can be enabled in Preferences -> General -> Add "Clear Layer" button to Layers panel
- Fixed UI text - oils and acrylics have "Loading" instead of "Opacity" slider
- Fixed more minor UI issues

Version 4.0.0

New Features:- Hyper-realistic Oils & Acrylics
- Revised Watercolors
- Wet & dry media mixing
- Performance optimizations
- Color management
- Layer groups
- Clone tool
- Fill tool
- Support for pen tilt
- Brush line stabilization
- Improved Brush Creator
- and much more...

Version 3.2.5

Changes:- Save .reb projects in Demo version
- Open .reb projects from Demo version in the full version
- Accelerometer rotation by 90 degrees added
- Option to disable PSD compression added

Fixes:- Fixed lag on high-resolution displays
- Fixed color mixing via the "X" shortcut when a grid is active on the color palette
- Fixed reference image transformation when using multitouch gestures
- Fixed crash when a new file was created after the unconfirmed image import
- Fixed: When rotating or flipping the canvas, it also influences the active brush rotation
- Fixed: Selection remains a selection after re-opening a saved .reb file
- Fixed: Switching between Transform and Canvas Size tools works correctly
- Text of the memory limits in Preferences are displayed correctly now
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 3.2.1

Fixes:- Fixed: When rotating the reference image using multi-touch, canvas does not react
- Fixed: Rotation using three-fingers touch is not possible when the canvas rotation is disabled for multi-touch actions
- Fixed pressure decrease at the start of the stroke
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 3.2.0

Fixes:- Fixed crash when creating a new artwork with 72 DPI
- Fixed crash when canceling selection using Esc key
- Fixed bug when clicking on the context panel menu - the panel menu hid by itself
- Fixed bug with Tab shortcut when hiding panels
- Fixed crash when opening a .reb file using right-click -> "Open with"
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 3.1.8

Fixes:- Fixed pen rotation which now does not change with canvas rotation
- Fixed pixelation and artifacts
- Fixed bug with color changes after the work was saved
- Fixed diacritic in layers' names
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 3.1.6

Changes:- PSD compression: saved PSD files are now 5x smaller
- Registration window: 'License key' part has been removed

Fixes:- Fixed PSD open & save on macOS X 10.11 and 10.12
- Fixed lag on macOS
- Fixed artifact with acrylics and pastel tool when painting above a hidden layer
- Fixed crash during registration when invalid details were entered
- Fixed icon thumbnails on viewport when using functions Fast Dry/Dry the Layer/Undo/Redo
- After you confirmed the transformation with the OK button, the transformed area is now not shifted
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 3.1.5

Changes:- Rewritten code for color filters - they behave as artist would expect
- Support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts
- Option to lock grid in Color panel from menu
- Option to turn off the memory warning in Preferences
- Import of more assets (papers, brushes, color sets) at once added
- Drag & drop of multiple assets at once added
- ‘Invert pen tilt’ option for Wacom devices added

Fixes:- Fixed Tool-tip delay
- Touch actions - option to turn off single-touch and multi-touch actions separately
- Color Palette: RGB’s Green value was larger by 1 than in the System color palette
- Color Palette: Sliders in Circle mode now display correct HSV values
- ‘Snap to Canvas’ option now works correctly for ‘Resize Image/Canvas’
- UI scaling fixed for New Artwork window, Demo window and Wacom/Ink dialog
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 3.1.0

Changes:- New HSLuv palette available from Color panel menu
- Option to divide palette into grids (available from Color panel menu, or with mouse Scroll Wheel, or with a shortcut Ctrl + click on color palette)
- New Community menu in top menu bar added - access Gallery, Forum or your Account directly from application
- Multiple keyboard shortcuts for each action in Keyboard Shortcuts available
- Reference image can be moved and scaled using touch input
- Reference image is saved to *.reb file
- Icon indicators appear in top left corner for actions: Invert Selection, Select All, Deselect All
- Stencil created from layer or from selection is placed on preferred position

Fixes:- Fixed color artifacts when project is saved
- Corrected touch gestures for selection, transform layer and resize canvas
- Fixed paint and pick color bug while fast clicking on same canvas position
- After startup, menu items Copy/Paste Brush Preset and Import/Export Brush Preset are available
- Click to canvas from outside of menu or brush preview does not paint splat
- Info dialog about memory limit is shown only once

Version 3.0.5

Fixes:- Fixed: Performance issue (visible in v.3.0.3 and v.3.0.4) with small brushes fixed
- Minor bug fixes

Version 3.0.4

Fixes:- Fixed: Performance issue (visible only in v.3.0.3) with small brushes fixed
- Fixed: Preferences -> Tools "Always use Pen Tilt/Rotation..." does not influence Brush Creator -> Rotation "None"
- Fixed: "Use Deckled Edges" switch in "Select Canvas" is remembered correctly
- Fixed: It is possible to edit Brush Creator after deleting a brush group
- Fixed: After brush preset import, the list of brushes is refreshed correctly

Version 3.0.3

Changes:- Export paper with deckled edges to .psd file
- The blend mode is remembered when merging layers with the same mode
- Read DPI from imported paper file
- Dialog with note that it is good to save file in .reb format when closing application
- Support for drag & drop items to given position
- Support for drag & drop Color Sets from local disk or browser
- Move and order brush / paper / stencil groups
- Info dialogs appears when there is memory limit to undo actions
- Minimum paper scale is 25%

Fixes:- Fixed: Canvas flickering when painting
- Fixed: Circle brush cursor flickering
- Fixed: Color Set panel size is stored correctly
- Fixed: Canvas with 72 DPI has correct paper structure
- Fixed: Blend and Smudge tool smudges water correctly
- Fixed: Publishing image with deckled edges to gallery
- Fixed: Canvas size text in title bar

Version 3.0.2

Changes:- Tilt angle can be locked with "Shift" shortcut
- Canvas size can be set up to 3 decimal digits
- Pick color from Reference, Preview and Navigator panel
- Smoothed image in Reference, Preview and Navigator panel
- New icons design in Layers panel
- Mouse icon changed when using Ruler and Perspective tool
- View -> Show cursor is saved when closing application

Fixes:- Fixed: after layer deletion, selected layer had wrong blending mode
- Fixed: corruped file after canvas resize, crash on file open
- Fixed: Masking layer in Layers panel minor issues
- Fixed: crash when using custom canvas presets
- Fixed: Wet Tool when used with touch devices
- Fixed: UI - merged panels had white line
- Fixed: warning when using Filters and system has low memory

Version 3.0.1

Changes:- Masking Fluid layer is active even if layer is hidden
- Pick color from Reference panel
- After layer duplication a new layer is selected

Fixes:- Fixed: Hide Stencils crash fixed
- Fixed: menu -> View -> Stay on Top, all panels have correct position
- Fixed: Lock ratio when changing canvas or image resize
- Fixed: When starting application on macOS, panels are hidden

Version 3.0.0

New Features:- Ultra-realistic papers
- Watercolor simulation code re-design
- New "DropEngine"
- "Masking Fluid" layer
- Straight line, Ruler & Perspective tools
- "Reference Image" and "Preview" panel
- Magic Wand
- Support for pen rotation
- Canvas and Image resize
- New "Filter" menu
- and much more...

Version 2.1.5

Changes:- Painting is more fluent now, we fixed delay after the wet stroke is painted
- Faster and nicer acrylic tools

Fixes:- Fixed: bug when removing stencils
- Fixed: undo/redo memory leak
- More minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.4

Fixes:- Fixed: when editing the spinboxes the cursor disappeared on Windows
- Fixed: various bugs after using undo function
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.3

Fixes:- Fixed: DPI on high resolution (Retina) displays
- Fixed: when low on memory, stencils used to crash software
- Watercolor balancing
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.2

Changes:- Nicer watercolor drops
- Watercolor diffusion better follows paper structure
- Crash reports

Version 2.1.1

Changes:- Faster and more precise watercolor engine
- Faster watercolor brushes

Fixes:- Fixed: multitouch for Surface and ink devices
- Fixed: manipulation with stencils
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.0

Changes:- Watercolor strokes don’t have a hard edge when working wet on wet, they blend more smoothly and follow the paper structure better
- Water slider is less sensitive
- Improved brush renderer - nicer and smoother thin lines
- New adaptive lazy mouse, line smoothing is a lot better
- Brush icon thumbnails can now be changed - choose to show image, stroke or brush name to save the space in UI
- Group support for brushes, papers and stencils
- Copy & paste brushes between tools
- Drag & drop of brushes, stencils and paper textures from local disk, web browser and between groups
- 4 different cursors: Circle, Circle with direction, Circle with crosshair and Crosshair
- Import and Export keyboard shortcuts
- Import and Export your custom UI layouts
- Canvas zooming is now possible with “Z” + mouse move
- Rotate canvas is now possible with “R” + mouse move
- New shortcuts available in Preferences -> Keyboard
- Modified Image Tracing - from Layers panel choose Tracing Layer (T) and Influenced Layer ( • )
- In Color Panel a secondary color has been added
- When creating color set from image you can choose from 4, 9, 16 or 25 colors
- All selected layers can now be transformed simultaneously
- Ability to turn off canvas rotation using two-fingers when using multitouch
- Added ability to switch on “Always show texture on paint” when exporting image (in Select Canvas window)
- Ability to move selected and transformed areas by pixel using keyboard arrows
- Drag & drop PSD files
- New Dialog UI changed -ability to open recent work or open/import work
- Autosave (you can set time in Preferences)
- Select All / Deselect All buttons added in Selection tool
- Option to set custom color for Selection Tool in Preferences
- Brush Creator - shape and grain texture preview, option for flip and invert the texture
- More minor changes and many minor bug fixes...

Version 2.0.3

Fixes:- Fixed: crash during application launch
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.0.2

Changes:- PSD created with other than RGB color mode is automatically converted to RGB when opened in Rebelle
- No need to restart application after changing tablet options in Preferences
- Windows "Flicks" & "Press and hold for right-clicking" are turned off
- Added option "Don’t Show Again" in New Artwork dialog
- Undo action is not created every time the canvas is cleared or dried
- "New Artwork" window is now displayed on monitor with the main window

Fixes:- Fixed position of the main window after application restart
- Fixed incorrect position of the stencil menu
- Fixed handling of keyboard shortcuts
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.0.1

Changes:- Iterative save of other file formats, not only .reb
- Windows 32-bit version released

Fixes:- Fixed for Surface tablets: pressure sensitivity as well as eraser now work
- Fixed: check keyboard shortcuts for duplicities after hitting Reset
- Fixed: lag when stencil was selected on canvas
- Fixed: crash with backspace shortcut on stencils
- Fixed: show cursor after saving artwork
- Fixed: invalidate pre-blended structure after current layer is moved
- Fixed: per monitor dpi awareness
- Fixed: unexpected crash while painting
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.0.0

New Features:- New Brush Engine
- Custom Brushes
- Creative Stencils and Masking Fluid
- Selection Tools
- Layered PSD Support
- Multi-touch Gestures
- and much more...

Version 1.5.5

Changes:- Added ‘Enable multitouch’ option to Preferences

Fixes:- Fixed touch gestures for Wacom and Ink devices on Windows
- Fixed compatibility with Wacom touch devices on Mac OS
- Pause Diffusion bug fixed
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.5.2

Changes:- Preferences - use mouse or pen position when painting
- Preferences - select Wacom device or Microsoft Ink device

Fixes:- Fixed the cursor position when painting
- Fixed painting with Astropad tablet
- Fixed Dirty brush when painting after Clean brush
- Fit language translations into text boxes

Version 1.5.1

Changes:- New languages included: French, Russian, Turkish
- Preparing: Japanese, Chinese, Finnish, Slovenian, Welsh
- Auto-update for language translations within application
- Languages can be selected from menu -> Help -> Languages
- Shortcuts for brush modes (Normal, Permanent, Dirty and Clean)
- You can choose the color also with "Dirty Brush"
- Changes in layer naming when merging layers
- Number edit box easier to use
- Edit box slider can be changed with touch
- Tilting respects portrait/landscape orientation
- User interface minor changes
- Default UI changed

Fixes:- Fixed cursor offset for some tablets
- Fixed bug with multitouch for some tablets
- Mac OS texture visibility fix
- Tablet rotation fixed
- Transform layer scale fixed

Version 1.5.0

Features and Changes:- New, more realistic paint blending for watercolors and acrylics
- New options for watercolors and acrylic: Permanent, Normal, Dirty and Clean brushes
- Lazy mouse for smoothing painting with mouse, finger or pen
- New options for Eraser to keep the layer wet when erasing
- Smudge tool, new option to smudge only wet parts of painting
- Dry tool, new option to keep layer a little wet when drying water
- All users brush settings are stored and reloaded when application is open
- Reset to default preset for all brushes and tools
- Active pressure pen eraser for Wacom and Surface Pro
- One finger can be set for any tool, brush or to move the canvas
- Touch gestures for Wacom, Surface and other tablets - rotate, move and resize layers easily with two fingers
- Translate layer - Keyboard shortcut "Shift" to lock layer proportions when resizing layer
- Translate layer - Keyboard shortcut "Alt" to resize layer around its center
- Translate layer - Keyboard shortcut "Shift" to lock rotation in 45 degrees
- Keyboard shortcuts to lighten, darken, hue and saturation of the existing color
- Precise editing when translating layers
- Buttons to flip layer horizontally and vertically
- Option to import grayscale Jpeg
- Language selection support: English, German, Spanish, Korean and Slovak with option for any language
- More flexible user interface, panels can be locked to left, right, top and down borders
- New panel Tilt, with optional use of tablet accelerometer
- Center the accelerometer when using tilting
- New panel Color with cleaner interface
- New panel Color Set with a list of user color sets
- Publish pictures to online Gallery
- Hide panels when painting over them
- Remember last used layer when saving file
- Minimize panel button
- Reset user interface to default settings
- Multitouch gestures for touch tablets - rotate, pan and zoom canvas
- Rotate and mirror canvas
- Grayscale preview of painting
- Shortcut "Alt + ]" and "Alt + [" to scroll through the layers in the Layers panel
- Shortcut "Ctrl+ ]" and "Ctrl + [" to move layer up and down in the Layers panel
- Drag & drop layers Layer panel icons to duplicate, clean or remove them
- Rename and reorder list of canvases by user
- Option to set the scale of canvas texture
- New pick color tool
- Color Sets with custom colors
- Create Color Set from any image
- Edit color names in Color Sets

Version 1.4.3

Fixes:- Fixed painting smoothness

Version 1.4.2

Fixes:- Fixed paper selection
- Fixed Wacom pen
- Fixed undo

Version 1.4.1

Fixes:- Fixed Undo/Redo on fluid flow simulation
- Fixed Undo/Redo on imported image
- Fixed right button for move canvas on Wacom tablets
- Fixed lagging on some system configurations
- Fixed handling of numeric keyboard shortcuts
- Fixed handling of mouse events for spinboxes
- Fixed hiding dock panels

Version 1.4.0

Changes:- Smoother painting
- Stronger Eraser, better for small sizes
- Faster painting for large canvases
- More intuitive numbers editing with mouse movement
- Zoom scale 1 - 2000%
- Changes in New file dialog
- Paint structure is visible when painting diagonal lines
- Stable show / hide all panels with Tab
- Possible to pick color from locked layer
- Less undo memory used when painting
- It not possible to remove locked layer
- Numeric keyboard shortcuts available

Fixes:- Fixed threshold when picking color from palette with pen
- Fixed canvas scaling when rotating tablet
- Paper visibility save fixed
- Blending modes save fixed
- Undo behavior fixed
- Fixed layer selection in Layers panel when using pressure pen
- Fixed painting with mouse on Mac OS
- Fixed paint lagging on Mac OS
- Fixed file dialog on Mac OS
- Many more bug fixes

Version 1.3.1

Fixes:- Custom keyboard shortcuts
- GUI scaling
- Thumbnail preview on windows
- Drag&drop .reb files
- Color selection when drawing started (in palette colors and recent colors list)
- Bigger icon for tracing layer ("T" icon)
- Show/hide cursor on Mac OS

Version 1.3.0

Features and Changes:- Redesigned UI, Tools panel can be horizontal or vertical
- Scale interface for Hi-res displays
- UI icons repainted for high resolution displays
- In the New Artwork dialog you can set dimensions in pixels, cm and inches
- Paper Size Presets in the New artwork dialog
- Full screen mode fixed with Esc key
- Fixed crash when display is rotated in Surface Pro
- Preferences added (File -> Preferences)
- Option to set keyboard shortcuts in Preferences
- Option to show New Picture dialog with paper presets when the app is launched (Preferences)
- Reset Tilt button
- Tilt amount has zero level point click
- Hide cursor from menu
- Palette panel with a new HSL Color wheel
- Color Picker - pick color reset with Esc key
- Trace color with various sample sizes (Preferences)
- Mix mode sensitivity (Preferences)
- New Navigator Panel with picture preview
- The ability to type a zoom level
- Option to Zoom in / out at the mouse cursor position (Preferences)
- Smooth Zoom in Navigator Panel
- Fit to Screen canvas
- Lock Layers
- Alt + click on a layer’s “eye” icon makes only that layer visible
- Layer structure is restored when merging layers
- Imported image with alpha channel has 100% opacity
- Rename layer shortcuts conflict fixed
- Watercolor brush first flow fixed
- When painting, sometimes a square texture was visible
- When smearing, sometimes the smear tool was dirty
- Fixed airbrush ghost lines
- Pastel brushes can have user textures
- Standard system file dialog for Windows
- Rebelle file icon thumbnails and image preview in file browser
- Open Recent files
- Iterative Save - useful, when you need a record of the painting process
- JPG quality can be set from Preferences
- Drag & drop image and .reb files directly from any internet or file browser
- Texture visibility slider in Paper dialog added
- Add/Remove custom paper textures and colors added
- and many other minor fixes…

Version 1.1.0

Changes:- Mix color mode available from color set, palette and canvas
- Adaptive user interface scaling for high-resolution displays
- Show / hide panels with “Tab” key
- When color is picked from the palette panel, brush tool is automatically selected afterwards
- Color picker shows previous and new color next to cursor
- Spinning wheel appears when opening and saving file
- Click and drag on layers’ “Eye” in the Layers panel to show or hide multiple layers
- Brush cursor represents a continuous circle
- Optimized memory usage
- Key shortcuts available from all panels
- 1 pixel wide frame around picture removed

Fixes:- High CPU usage when doing nothing fixed
- Opacity issue when merging layers fixed
- Jumping layers in the stack when merging layers or using undo fixed
- Fixed mouse buffering when picking color or blowing water
- Pick color cursor visibility on Mac OS fixed

Version 1.0.0

New Features:- Unique Watercolor Algorithm
- Wet & Dry Tools
- Intuitive Easy-to-use Interface
- Image Import
- Transform Tool
- Image Tracing

Rebelle is one of the best art programs you'll come across. It offers the most realistic art brushes out of any programs featured here, it is the easiest to navigate, making it fast to learn.
Barbara Din, Renderosity Magazine
Being a traditional artist that loves to play with fluid paints, Rebelle is one of the coolest things to have in your digital arsenal!
Matthew Stern, Traditional and Digital artist
Rebelle oils are magnificent. Stunning! They offer an exquisite example of “technology so advanced it appears to be magic”.
Craig Mullins, Digital Painter
You need to get Rebelle. It is very well designed, and powerful but simple at the same time, quite a feat in software design. The response to different settings is linear and predictable and it behaves as you would expect the paint to behave. It is not just a watercolor simulator, the other tools are equally excellent. Combining them is a joy.
Georg Ireland, Digital painter
As a digital artist, no other software brings me closer to traditional painting techniques as Rebelle does. What impresses me the most about version 7 are the improvements to the paper and art surfaces. It gives the natural feeling of painting on paper texture rather than using an art pen on a glass surface.
Karen Bonaker, Digital painting educator
The new Metallic brushes are an absolute game-changer, unlocking endless creative possibilities for you to explore!
Carles Carbonell Bernado, Illustrator
The new Art Surfaces and Structures are outstanding in emulating traditional painting and are a joy to use, especially for landscape painting.
Angela Tribbeck, Illustrator
Rebelle manages to combine ease of use with powerful tools, making for a relaxing and stress-free painting experience. While the new features in Rebelle 7 are all very exciting, for me the most exciting are the gradients, filter layers, and dual brushes.
Ivan Seelnon, Illustrator
New RGBL sliders are amazing. It's like a built-in personalized color palette for any type of painting. Paths are a secret weapon with the ability to set them up outside the canvas and be able to bring them back in with ease to get some clean lines.
Carles Carbonell Bernado, Illustrator
The new Rulers and Paths open a wide array of options for accurate or technical drawing in Rebelle.
Janie, Painter
I am completely blown away by the metallic colors and their new brushes. I can spend hours playing around and pushing the "layer" of metallic paint on the surface and observing the light illuminating the crests of paint strokes. This only could be a motivation to have the new version.
Karen Bonaker, Digital painting educator
I absolutely adore the new Rebelle 7! It is incredibly user-friendly and packed with mind-blowing features that bring my paintings to life in the most realistic way imaginable.
Peter Smith, Digital Artist
Rebelle 7 continues to push the limits of natural media simulation. It is as real as it gets and with no mess to clean up afterward! The new metallic materials look amazing and the new structures feature will give even more opportunity to make rich and interesting surfaces on which to paint.
Tom Gallovich, Digital painting instructor
No other software can duplicate the spontaneous movement and color mixing the way Rebelle does! The exact same watercolor effects as traditional watercolors with the “Ctrl + Z” digital advantage. This alone makes it a must-have toolbox addition for the professional illustrator.
Odessa Sawyer, Illustrator
I love working with Rebelle 7. I am impressed with the brushes overall in every medium, and it's just really fun to use. It's the best software for getting a true, realistic feeling of traditional painting.
Rob Salkowitz, Painter and educator
With Rebelle, you're not just buying the software that brings you the closest to making traditional art in the digital world, you're also buying Escape Motions' tireless commitment to improving it, version after version, update after update. Rebelle 7 offers the most realistic natural materials yet for drawing and painting.
Kuzayova, Illustrator
I have never used more advanced software for real-media mimicking than Rebelle. People were surprised to find out my art was digital.
Simon Lovell, Illustrator and Designer
I was blown away by the watercolor and paper interactions in Rebelle. There really is no other software that as closely emulates the real world of watercolor.
Nick Sorbin, Renderosity Magazine
None painting software has been as jaw-dropping to see in evolution as Escape Motions' Rebelle. If you want digital art software that provides results as close to real-world painting as possible, Rebelle should be on your radar.
Rebelle is an excellent, affordable program replicating traditional painting techniques with absolute authenticity.,
Rebelle claims to provide a true-to-life painting experience, and it doesn't disappoint.