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Latest Version: Rebelle 3.1.8

Latest Rebelle 2 version is 2.1.5

Upgrade to Rebelle 3

Upgrade from Rebelle 1 & 2 for a discounted price.

There will be minor and major update releases.
Minor updates are for free. (v.1.1, v.1.2, ...)
Major upgrades are for a very reduced price. (v.2.0, v.3.0, ...)

System requirements

Minimum: Intel i5 or equivalent AMD processor, 4GB RAM, 200MB hard disk space, Open GL graphics card with 1GB RAM, Windows 7 (64-bit or 32-bit) or Mac OS X 10.11

Recommended: Intel i7 or equivalent AMD, 8GB RAM, 200MB harddisk space, Open GL graphics card with 2GB RAM, 64-bit system Windows 7, 8,10 or Mac OS X 10.11 and newer, Wacom or Surface compatible tablet.

Internet connection is required for activation.

Features and Changes

Version 3.1.8

Features and Changes: - Fixed pen rotation which now does not change with canvas rotation
- Fixed pixelation and artifacts
- Fixed bug with color changes after the work was saved
- Fixed diacritic in layers' names
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 3.1.6

Features and Changes: - PSD compression: saved PSD files are now 5x smaller
- Registration window: 'License key' part has been removed

Bug Fixes: - Fixed PSD open & save on macOS X 10.11 and 10.12.
- Fixed lag on macOS
- Fixed artifact with acrylics and pastel tool when painting above a hidden layer
- Fixed crash during registration when invalid details were entered
- Fixed icon thumbnails on viewport when using functions Fast Dry/Dry the Layer/Undo/Redo
- After you confirmed the transformation with the OK button, the transformed area is now not shifted
- Other minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1.5

Features and Changes: - Rewritten code for color filters - they behave as artist would expect
- Support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts
- Option to lock grid in Color panel from menu.
- Option to turn off the memory warning in Preferences.
- Import of more assets (papers, brushes, color sets) at once added.
- Drag & drop of multiple assets at once added.
- ‘Invert pen tilt’ option for Wacom devices added.

Bug Fixes: - Fixed Tool-tip delay.
- Touch actions - option to turn off single-touch and multi-touch actions separately.
- Color Palette: RGB’s Green value was larger by 1 than in the System color palette.
- Color Palette: Sliders in Circle mode now display correct HSV values.
- ‘Snap to Canvas’ option now works correctly for ‘Resize Image/Canvas’.
- UI scaling fixed for New Artwork window, Demo window and Wacom/Ink dialog.
- Other minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1

Features and Changes: - New HSLuv palette available from Color panel menu
- Option to divide palette into grids (available from Color panel menu, or with mouse Scroll Wheel, or with a shortcut Ctrl + click on color palette)
- New Community menu in top menu bar added - access Gallery, Forum or your Account directly from application
- Multiple keyboard shortcuts for each action in Keyboard Shortcuts available
- Reference image can be moved and scaled using touch input
- Reference image is saved to *.reb file
- Icon indicators appear in top left corner for actions: Invert Selection, Select All, Deselect All
- Stencil created from layer or from selection is placed on preferred position

Bug Fixes: - Fixed color artifacts when project is saved
- Corrected touch gestures for selection, transform layer and resize canvas
- Fixed paint and pick color bug while fast clicking on same canvas position
- After startup, menu items Copy/Paste Brush Preset and Import/Export Brush Preset are available
- Click to canvas from outside of menu or brush preview does not paint splat
- Info dialog about memory limit is shown only once

Version 3.0.5

Changes & Fixes - Fixed: Performance issue (visible in v.3.0.3 and v.3.0.4) with small brushes fixed
- minor bugfixes

Version 3.0.4

Changes & Fixes - Fixed: Performance issue (visible only in v.3.0.3) with small brushes fixed
- Fixed: Preferences -> Tools "Always use Pen Tilt/Rotation..." does not influence Brush Creator -> Rotation "None"
- Fixed: "Use Deckled Edges" switch in "Select Canvas" is remembered correctly
- Fixed: It is possible to edit Brush Creator after deleting a brush group
- Fixed: After brush preset import, the list of brushes is refreshed correctly

Version 3.0.3

Changes & Fixes - Export paper with deckled edges to .psd file
- The blend mode is remembered when merging layers with the same mode
- Read DPI from imported paper file
- Dialog with note that it is good to save file in .reb format when closing application
- Support for drag & drop items to given position
- Support for drag & drop Color Sets from local disk or browser
- Move and order brush / paper / stencil groups
- Info dialogs appears when there is memory limit to undo actions
- Minimum paper scale is 25%
- Fixed: Canvas flickering when painting
- Fixed: Circle brush cursor flickering
- Fixed: Color Set panel size is stored correctly
- Fixed: Canvas with 72 DPI has correct paper structure
- Fixed: Blend and Smudge tool smudges water correctly
- Fixed: Publishing image with deckled edges to gallery
- Fixed: Canvas size text in title bar

Version 3.0.2

Changes & Fixes - Tilt angle can be locked with "Shift" shortcut
- Canvas size can be set up to 3 decimal digits
- Pick color from Reference, Preview and Navigator panel
- Smoothed image in Reference, Preview and Navigator panel
- New icons design in Layers panel
- Mouse icon changed when using Ruler and Perspective tool
- View -> Show cursor is saved when closing application
- Fixed: after layer deletion, selected layer had wrong blending mode
- Fixed: corruped file after canvas resize, crash on file open
- Fixed: Masking layer in Layers panel minor issues
- Fixed: crash when using custom canvas presets
- Fixed: Wet Tool when used with touch devices
- Fixed: UI - merged panels had white line
- Fixed: warning when using Filters and system has low memory

Version 3.0.1

Changes & Fixes - Masking Fluid layer is active even if layer is hidden
- Pick color from Reference panel
- After layer duplication a new layer is selected
- Fixed: Hide Stencils crash fixed
- Fixed: menu -> View -> Stay on Top, all panels have correct position
- Fixed: Lock ratio when changing canvas or image resize
- Fixed: When starting application on macOS, panels are hidden

Version 3.0

Changes & Fixes - Ultra-realistic papers
- Watercolor simulation code re-design
- New "DropEngine"
- "Masking Fluid" layer
- Straight line, Ruler & Perspective tools
- "Reference Image" and "Preview" panel
- Magic Wand
- Support for pen rotation
- Canvas and Image resize
- New "Filter" menu
- and much more ...

Version 2.1.5

Changes & Fixes - Painting is more fluent now, we fixed delay after the wet stroke is painted
- Faster and nicer acrylic tools
- Fixed: bug when removing stencils
- Fixed: undo/redo memory leak
- more minor bugfixes

Version 2.1.4

Changes & Fixes - Fixed: when editing the spinboxes the cursor disappeared on Windows
- Fixed: various bugs after using undo function
- other minor bugfixes

Version 2.1.3

Changes & Fixes - Fixed: DPI on high resolution (Retina) displays
- Fixed: when low on memory, stencils used to crash software
- watercolor balancing
- minor bugfixes

Version 2.1.2

Changes - Nicer watercolor drops
- Watercolor diffusion better follows paper structure
- Crash reports

Version 2.1.1

Changes & Fixes - Faster and more precise watercolor engine
- Faster watercolor brushes
- Fixed: multitouch for Surface and ink devices
- Fixed: manipulation with stencils
- Other minor bugfixes

Version 2.1

Watercolors - Watercolor strokes don’t have a hard edge when working wet on wet, they blend more smoothly and follow the paper structure better
- Water slider is less sensitive

Brushes & Painting - Improved brush renderer - nicer and smoother thin lines
- New adaptive lazy mouse, line smoothing is a lot better
- Brush icon thumbnails can now be changed - choose to show image, stroke or brush name to save the space in UI
- Group support for brushes, papers and stencils
- Copy & paste brushes between tools
- Drag & drop of brushes, stencils and paper textures from local disk, web browser and between groups
- 4 different cursors: Circle, Circle with direction, Circle with crosshair and Crosshair

Shortcuts - Import and Export keyboard shortcuts
- Import and Export your custom UI layouts
- Canvas zooming is now possible with “Z” + mouse move
- Rotate canvas is now possible with “R” + mouse move
- New shortcuts available in Preferences -> Keyboard

Image Tracing - Modified Image Tracing - from Layers panel choose Tracing Layer (T) and Influenced Layer ( • )

Colors - In Color Panel a secondary color has been added
- When creating color set from image you can choose from 4, 9, 16 or 25 colors.

Layers - All selected layers can now be transformed simultaneously
- Ability to turn off canvas rotation using two-fingers when using multitouch
- Added ability to switch on “Always show texture on paint” when exporting image (in Select Canvas window)
- Ability to move selected and transformed areas by pixel using keyboard arrows
- Drag & drop PSD files

User Interface & more - New Dialog UI changed -ability to open recent work or open/import work
- Autosave (you can set time in Preferences)
- Select All / Deselect All buttons added in Selection tool
- Option to set custom color for Selection Tool in Preferences
- Brush Creator - shape and grain texture preview, option for flip and invert the texture
- More minor changes and many minor bug fixes...

Version 2.0.3

Changes & Fixes - Fixed: crash during application launch
- Other minor bugfixes

Version 2.0.2

Changes & Fixes - PSD created with other than RGB color mode is automatically converted to RGB when opened in Rebelle
- No need to restart application after changing tablet options in Preferences
- Windows "Flicks" & "Press and hold for right-clicking" are turned off
- Added option "Don’t Show Again" in New Artwork dialog
- Undo action is not created every time the canvas is cleared or dried
- "New Artwork" window is now displayed on monitor with the main window
- Fixed position of the main window after application restart
- Fixed incorrect position of the stencil menu
- Fixed handling of keyboard shortcuts
- many other minor fixes

Version 2.0.1

Changes & Fixes - Iterative save of other file formats, not only .reb
- Windows 32-bit version released
- Fixed for Surface tablets: pressure sensitivity as well as eraser now work
- Fixed: check keyboard shortcuts for duplicities after hitting Reset
- Fixed: lag when stencil was selected on canvas
- Fixed: crash with backspace shortcut on stencils
- Fixed: show cursor after saving artwork
- Fixed: invalidate pre-blended structure after current layer is moved
- Fixed: per monitor dpi awareness
- Fixed: unexpected crash while painting
- many other minor fixes

Version 2.0

Changes - New Brush engine
- Custom Brushes
- Creative stencils and masking fluid
- Selection tools
- Layered PSD support
- Multi-touch gestures
- and much more ...

Version 1.5.5

Changes & Fixes - Fixed touch gestures for Wacom and Ink devices on Windows
- Fixed compatibility with Wacom touch devices on Mac OS
- Added ‘Enable multitouch’ option to Preferences
- Pause Diffusion bug fixed
- Minor bug fixes

Version 1.5.2

Changes & Fixes - Fixed the cursor position when painting
- Preferences - use mouse or pen position when painting
- Preferences - select Wacom device or Microsoft Ink device
- Fixed painting with Astropad tablet
- Fixed Dirty brush when painting after Clean brush
- Fit language translations into text boxes

Version 1.5.1

Changes & Fixes - New languages included: French, Russian, Turkish
- Preparing: Japanese, Chinese, Finnish, Slovenian, Welsh
- Auto-update for language translations within application.
- Languages can be selected from menu -> Help -> Languages.
- Fixed cursor offset for some tablets.
- Fixed bug with multitouch for some tablets.
- Shortcuts for brush modes (Normal, Permanent, Dirty and Clean).
- You can choose the color also with "Dirty Brush".
- Changes in layer naming when merging layers.
- Mac OS texture visibility fix.
- Number edit box easier to use.
- Edit box slider can be changed with touch.
- Tablet rotation fixed.
- Tilting respects portrait/landscape orientation.
- Transform layer scale fixed.
- User interface minor changes.
- Default UI changed.

Version 1.5

Paint tools - New, more realistic paint blending for watercolors and acrylics
- New options for watercolors and acrylic - Permanent, Normal, Dirty and Clean brushes
- Lazy mouse for smoothing painting with mouse, finger or pen
- New options for Eraser to keep the layer wet when erasing
- Smudge tool, new option to smudge only wet parts of painting
- Dry tool, new option to keep layer a little wet when drying water
- All users brush settings are stored and reloaded when application is open
- Reset to default preset for all brushes and tools
- Active pressure pen eraser for Wacom and Surface Pro
- One finger can be set for any tool, brush or to move the canvas

Editing - Touch gestures for Wacom, Surface and other tablets - rotate, move and resize layers easily with two fingers
- Translate layer - Keyboard shortcut "Shift" to lock layer proportions when resizing layer
- Translate layer - Keyboard shortcut "Alt" to resize layer around its center
- Translate layer - Keyboard shortcut "Shift" to lock rotation in 45 degrees
- Keyboard shortcuts to lighten, darken, hue and saturation of the existing color
- Precise editing when translating layers
- Buttons to flip layer horizontally and vertically
- Option to import greyscale Jpeg

User Interface - Language selection support: English, German, Spanish, Korean and Slovak with option for any language
- More flexible user interface, panels can be locked to left, right, top and down borders.
- New panel Tilt, with optional use of tablet acceleromenter
- Center the accelerometer when using tilting
- New panel Color with cleaner interface
- New panel Color Set with a list uf user color sets
- Publish pictures to online Gallery
- Hide panels when painting over them
- Rememeber last used layer when saving file
- Minimize panel button
- Reset user interface to default settings

Viewport - Multitouch gestures for touch tablets - rotate, pan and zoom canvas
- Rotate and mirror canvas
- Greyscale preview of painting

Layers - Shortcut "Alt + ]" and "Alt + [" to scroll through the layers in the Layers panel
- Shortcut "Ctrl+ ]" and "Ctrl + [" to move layer up and down in the Layers panel
- Drag & drop layers Layer panel icons to duplicate, clean or remove them

Papers & canvases - Rename and reorder list of canvases by user
- Option to set the scale of canvas texture

Colors - New pick color tool
- Color Sets with custom colors
- Create Color Set from any image
- Edit color names in Color Sets

Version 1.4.3

Fixes - fixed painting smoothness

Version 1.4.2

Fixes - fixed paper selection
- fixed Wacom pen
- fixed undo

Version 1.4.1

Fixes - fixed Undo/Redo on fluid flow simulation
- fixed Undo/Redo on imported image
- fixed right button for move canvas on Wacom tablets
- fixed lagging on some system configurations
- fixed handling of numeric keyboard shortcuts
- fixed handling of mouse events for spinboxes
- fixed hiding dock panels

Version 1.4

Changes - smoother painting
- stronger Eraser, better for small sizes
- faster painting for large canvases
- more intuitive numbers editing with mouse movement
- zoom scale 1 - 2000%
- changes in New file dialog
- paint structure is visible when painting diagonal lines
- stable show / hide all panels with Tab
- possible to pick color from locked layer
- less undo memory used when painting
- it not possible to remove locked layer
- numeric keyboard shortcuts available

Fixes - fixed threshold when picking color from palette with pen
- fixed canvas scaling when rotating tablet
- paper visibility save fixed
- blending modes save fixed
- undo behavior fixed
- fixed layer selection in Layers panel when using pressure pen
- fixed painting with mouse on Mac OS
- fixed paint lagging on Mac OS
- fixed file dialog on Mac OS
- many more bug-fixes

Version 1.3.1

Fixes - Custom keyboard shortcuts.
- GUI scaling.
- Thumbnail preview on windows.
- Drag&drop .reb files.
- Color selection when drawing started (in palette colors and recent colors list).
- Bigger icon for tracing layer ("T" icon).
- Show/hide cursor on Mac OS.

Version 1.3

User Interface - Redesigned UI, Tools panel can be horizontal or vertical.
- Scale interface for Hi-res displays.
- UI icons repainted for high resolution displays.
- In the New Artwork dialog you can set dimensions in pixels, cm and inches.
- Paper Size Presets in the New artwork dialog.
- Full screen mode fixed with Esc key.
- Fixed crash when display is rotated in Surface Pro.
- Preferences added (File -> Preferences).
- Option to set keyboard shorctus in Preferences.
- Option to show New Picture dialog with paper presets when app is launched (Preferences).
- Reset Tilt button.
- Tilt amount has zero level point click.
- Hide cursor from menu.

Palette Panel - Palette panel with a new HSL Color wheel.
- Color Picker - pick color reset with “Esc” key.
- Trace color with various sample size (Preferences).
- Mix mode sensitivity (Preferences).

Navigator Panel - New Navigator Panel with picture preview.
- The ability to type a zoom level.
- Option to Zoom in / out at the mouse cursor position (Preferences).
- Smooth Zoom in Navigator Panel.
- Fit to Screen canvas

Layers Panel - Lock Layers
- Alt + click on a layer’s “eye” icon makes only that layer visible.
- Layer structure is restored when merging layers.
- Imported image with alpha channel has 100% opacity.
- Rename layer shortcuts conflict fixed.

Brushes - Watercolor brush first flow fixed.
- When painting, sometimes a square texture was visible.
- When smearing, sometimes smear tool was dirty.
- Fixed airbrush ghosts lines.
- Pastel brush can have user textures.

Files - Standard system file dialog for Windows.
- Rebelle file icon thumbnails and image preview in file browser.
- Open Recent files.
- Iterative Save - useful, when you need a record of the painting process.
- JPG quality can be set from Preferences.
- Drag & drop image and .reb files directly from any internet or file browser.

Papers - Texture visibility slider in Paper dialog added.
- Add/Remove custom paper textures and colors added.

- and many other minor fixes…

Version 1.1

Changes & Fixes - Mix color mode available from color set, palette and canvas.
- Adaptive user interface scaling for high-resolution displays.
- Show / hide panels with “Tab” key.
- When color is picked from palette panel, brush tool is automatically selected afterwards.
- Color picker shows previous and new color next to cursor.
- Spinning wheel appears when opening and saving file.
- Click and drag on layers’ “Eye” in Layers panel to show or hide multiple layers.
- Brush cursor represents a continuous circle.
- High CPU usage when doing nothing fixed.
- Optimized memory usage.
- Opacity issue when merging layers fixed.
- Jumping layers in the stack when merging layers or using undo fixed.
- Key shortcuts available from all panels.
- Fixed mouse buffering when picking color or blowing water.
- 1 pixel wide frame around picture removed.
- Pick color cursor visibility on Mac OS fixed.

"The look is gorgeous and it really feels like watercolor."
Oliver Wetter

"We just bought Rebelle because there is no other paint app that can do real watercolor – great tool!"
Christian Steinar

"I am amazed and very excited by the prospect of this tool. After playing with Rebelle for far too many hours I have decided that I love the program! It is easily the most realistic painting simulation I've ever seen."
Daniel Innes

"I bought your app because it is innovative - surprising in its complexity and playfulness, exact in its textural accomplishments. Thanks for an intriguing, well-developed creative product!"
Alia Thabit