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Free Papers & Canvas
This set is a mixture of different types of materials and surfaces. It contains an imitation of a canvas with soft edges, handmade cotton paper with a naturally irregular edge of a paper sieve, and gorgeous Japanese paper with the edge of long, hand-combed threads. This set is included in Rebelle 3.
Contains: 1x Canvas, 1x Handmade, 1x Washi Kozo paper
Cold Pressed
Watercolor Papers
This collection is inspired by the Western European tradition and mimics the moderately coarse grain of a cold-pressed paper. Each paper is an interpretation of surface fragments and different types of edges in order to achieve the most realistic effect. Excellent for watercolors, acrylics, as well as ink, pastel or pencil drawings.
Contains: 3x Cold Pressed papers
Watercolor Papers
This set is an imitation of different types of machine-made papers that have been produced in the past century in Eastern Europe. For decades they were used by artists living and creating behind the Iron Curtain in the former Czechoslovak state, which no longer exists today. These papers are very versatile.
Contains: 3x Machine-made papers
Japanese Handmade Papers
This unusual paper assortment is inspired by the old Japanese paper-making tradition called Nagashi-zuki. It imitates the appearance of different ways of processing the beautiful paper mulberry fiber called Kozo and the ancient hemp fiber. Papers with a beautiful edge of natural wrinkling fibers are great for aquarelle, calligraphy and combined techniques.
Contains: 1x Washi Hemp, 2x Washi Kozo papers
Aquarelle Papers - Coarse Texture
This set mimics papers with naturally distributed coarse grain. Each paper in the set comes with unique edges that originate in the production of a real world paper on a round form. Every new document has a different combination of surface and edges. These papers are perfect for watercolors and acrylics.
Contains: 3x Rough papers
Hot Pressed
Universal Fine Textured Papers
Papers in this set have fine grain, which captures every detail of your painting and drawing. They are immitations of papers which are produced using hot pressing technique. Slightly irregular torn edges will complete your artworks wonderfully. The papers are great for detailed aquarelle paint, pencil or pastel drawings.
Contains: 3x Hot Pressed papers
Washi Fine
Japanese Fine Textured Papers
New package of Japanese papers offers very fine grain, which originates during the manual processing of the inner bark of the gampi tree and mitsumata bush. The package also contains finely processed paper from the kozo bark. These papers capture every nuance of inks and watercolors.
Contains: 1x Washi Gampi, 1x Washi Kozo, 1x Mitsumata paper
Handmade - Natural Texture
This package imitates the look of the Central European handmade papers produced by the processing of old cotton or linen fabrics. The set provides papers with a variety of coarse grain and beautiful irregular edges, therefore it is suitable for various painting and drawing techniques.
Contains: 3x Handmade papers
Washi Heavy
Japanese Handmade Papers
Japanese papers in this set were created by mixing long coarse fibers and fine fibers of the same plant. The set contains paper from bark of gampi, kozo and mitsumata. Unique blend creates a visual diversity in each paper. Papers are suitable for watercolors, ink and pencil.
Contains: 1x Washi Gampi, 1x Washi Kozo, 1x Washi Mitsumata paper
Canvas Raw and Coated
Beautiful coarse textured canvases in this package are based on the hundred-year-old tradition of painting on a linen canvas. The canvas imitates the tension on the frame and is distributed in either a raw state or coated by the unique painting primer. Papers are suitable for various painting and drawing technique.
Contains: 1x Raw, 2x Coated Canvases
Washi Long
Natural Texture
The material for making this paper set has been prepared to preserve as many long fibers as possible in order to enhance their natural beauty. Some papers were additionally sized. These papers are suitable for textured artwork and painting.
Contains: 3x Washi Kozo papers
Beautiful Surface
Papers in this set are made from the Hibiscus cannabinus plant, which is used as an ecological substitute for wood pulp. Kenaf is one of the allied fibres of jute, its name is of Persian origin. Its beautiful surface is very variable. This paper is suitable for watercolors, drawing with ink and pencil.
Contains: 2x Kenaf, 1x Kenaf mixed with Hemp paper
Washi Fusion
Japanese Handmade Papers
The papers in this package represent a unique combination of Japanese and European paper traditions. By combining the Kozo bark and a small amount of cotton or wood pulp, a balanced, versatile blend suitable for wet and dry artistic techniques has emerged.
Contains: 1x Kozo and Cotton, 1x Kozo, 1x Kozo and Wood Pulp paper
Washi Extra Fine
Japanese Fine Textured Papers
Washi Extra Fine assortment is another beautiful example of Japanese paper tradition. You'll get a luxury, very fine Gampi paper with a hint of gloss, a Kozo paper reminiscent of a fine spider web and a traditional Kozo paper with a smooth surface. Papers are very responsive to watercolors, pencil and ink pen.
Contains: 2x Kozo papers, 1x Gampi paper
Cold Pressed 2
Watercolor Papers
This set contains beautiful, cold-pressed watercolor papers made from pure cotton by pumping in cylinder form. Papers are interpretations of the front and back sides of the sheets and are ideal for painting with watercolors, a pen and wash drawing and a pencil or pastel artwork.
Contains: 3x Cold Pressed papers
Himalayan Papers
This set of handmade artisan papers represents the variously processed fibers of the Daphne papyracea plant, also called Lokta. It grows high in the Himalayan forests of Nepal. Extremely durable and beautiful Lokta papers are still used today for recording important religious texts. They are suitable for experimenting with watercolors, ink and pencils.
Contains: 3x Himalayan papers
Bamboo Soft
Bamboo and Kozo Mixture
The papers in this set combine the density of bamboo and the delicacy of Kozo bark fibers. The result is a paper with a soft yet distinctive effect allowing various types of painting and drawing. They can also be used to imitate traditional methods of manual printing such as a color woodcut.
Contains: 3x Washi Bamboo with Kozo papers
Handmade Craft
Handmade Originals
The Handmade Craft package was made by a papermaking craftsman as the only original. It contains 2 papers from a unique pulp blend and one hemp paper hand-smoothed with a stone. Papers provide a great variety of visual effects. Watercolors, charcoal, pastel, pencil, and acrylics stand out perfectly on them.
Contains: 3x Handmade papers
Hot Pressed Gentle
100% Cotton Papers
This series is an interpretation of the hot-pressed watercolor papers made from 100% cotton. It allows a calm and gentle flow of inks and colors. The soft surface lets the details excel in your drawing or painting.
Contains: 3x Hot Pressed papers
Machine-made Line
Papers with Linear Texture
If you want a painting or a drawing with a clear, linear effect, this series of papers is a perfect choice for you. The horizontal or vertical layout of the paper surface gives your art a distinctive expression. The papers are suitable for watercolors, acrylics, pencils, and pastel.
Contains: 3x Machine-made papers
Yucca & Kapok
The Beauty of Exotic Paper
The exotic Yucca, combined with the soft Kapok, gives your painting the vast watercolor and ink flow variations. When touched with a pencil or pen, the varied aspects of the surface are revealed. Experience the adventure with this original set!
Contains: 2x Yucca papers, 1x Kapok paper
Cold Pressed Versatile
Versatile Texture
This set of papers features cold-pressed papers that can be used for any dry or wet technique. Watercolors spread beautifully, whereas pastel and pencil strokes are naturally captured on a paper structure. The pen will also look exquisitely. Nothing can stop you from experimenting!
Contains: 3x Cold Pressed Versatile papers

These papers and canvases are exclusive assets for Rebelle software (version 3.0 and newer).
They were created by Lubomir Zabadal, an expert for traditional art media and assistant professor at UKF University, Slovakia.

"It is magnificent software, which opens new doors to new levels of creativity."
Suawek Kolakowski

"It's amazing! the physics are really spot on. Aside from its standalone quality, for me this will eliminate endless hunting online for quality watercolour strokes / resources / elements."
Francis Aeonic

"Firstly bravo! I have used nearly every PC art app of any worth and you have beaten them all. This is a different league."

"In Rebelle I've found what I was looking for. The working process and the way how the paint spreads is so incredibly close to the traditional media!"
Kamila Stankiewicz