New manuals and tutorials for Flame Painter 2.5

Wed, 19 Mar 2014 09:46:00

Hi! Hallo! ¡Hola! Ciao!

Do you like Flame Painter, but a manual in English is too difficult for you to understand? We are bringing you three new translations for Flame Painter 2.5 manual: 




With these translations we expand our manual collection thanks to you, our dedicated users and fans. For a version 2.2 there are Japanese and Chinese translations to choose from as well. 

You can find them on our Flame Painter Support Page:


Moreover, to make things clearer with these flames in your computer :), Vladimir Chopine created a new tutorial series for Flame Painter 2 Pro.

They are great! 

There are 7 explanatory videos - each one with a specific topic:

Interface Overview - top navigation drop-down menu; other menu: Tools, Palette, Brushes, Layers Panels; creating a new file with specific features: size, background layer and dpi; customizable interface with dockable tabs: how to drag, resize, move and hide panels.

Interface Navigation Menu - explanation of the top navigation drop-down menu: specifically “File”, “Tools”, “Layer”, “Filter”, “View”, “Window” and “Help”

Workspace and Layers Panel - how to draw a brush stroke; how to navigate in the workspace; how to work with layer; how to add and work with vector layer; blending modes: Normal, Darken a Lighten; opacity settings.

Tools Panel - introduction to the tools panel: Brush, Basic, Eraser, Fill tools; brush tool; variety of the tools: Flame, Follow, Ribbon and their settings: “Size”, “Span”, “Soft”, “Speed”, “Center”, “Focus”, “Chaos”, “Noise”; Normal and Supersmooth Antialiasing; "Fade" and “Details” settings.

Vector Layer Tools -  Paint Tool, Edit Tool, Group Edit Tool, Add/Remove Tool, Curve Transform, Init Curve Transform (available for PRO version only)

Palette Panel - introduction to the palette panel; how to add and remove color; how to add, remove, flip and rotate the Gradient; how to enable/disable color in/from the gradient

Brushes Panel and Presets - how to add, remove and share brush presets; filter menu: “Blur”, “Glow”, “Tile layer”.

As a BONUS you can learn how create fantasy painting with flame brush:

Fantasy Painting with Flames


We hope you’ll find these manuals and tutorials useful.

Let us know your thoughts and stay creative!

Your Escape Motions Team

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