7 practical tips for overcoming creative block

Mon, 18 Jan 2016 14:45:36 +0100

In the previous post we talked about the most inspiring websites that can help spark artist’s creativity. But what to do when such visual boosting doesn’t help and one finds a creative dead end? Creative block is surely a scarecrow in the field for all creative people. No matter if you are a writer, painter, graphic or interior designer, block can strike all of a sudden and may lead to a deep dark despair and frustration. The way you fight back is an important detail, which determines whether you can easily overcome it or you’re likely to surrender. That is why we are bringing you seven ideas on how to clear creative hurdles and be a happy creative person again!



We may be lucky to have access to all data over the Internet, however such advantage can be harmful at times. All the unnecessary information may fill your mind and leave no place for your thoughts and ideas. Try to go offline and search for inspiration somewhere else. When was the last time you took a walk or got out of town for a weekend? Explore the natural world and find the beauty in there. You’ll be amazed how inspiring it can be to get out of your regular environment.


Would you say you are a night owl or a morning person? Try changing your working hours just to find out how your brain would react to such a change. If you like working during the night, try to get up early in the morning. If your mind is more refreshed in the early hours, relax during the day and find out what inspiration will bring during the night. It may work, it may not…but it’s definitely worth a try.


Creative inspiration can come in many different forms and places. You can never expect when it appears, so be sure to have a sketchbook or notepad with you all the time. You can, then, easily write down any ideas or draw what catches your eye in an instant. Doing a few sketches can keep your hand inspired much easier than staring at the blank paper. Take notes on everything interesting that surrounds you before you forget it.



You may be stuck on one project, but that does not mean you will be stuck on the second one. Context switching can be a wonderful thing and can help you keep your mind busy and productive. While being creativity charged working on one project, many ideas may struck your mind for the latter. Try keeping yourself busy with creativity and never let the muse rest.


Exercise your creativity in other ways. Try to do something else entirely. Maybe you wished to be a great guitar player but never had a chance to practice? Now is the time. And it does not matter if it’s dancing, cooking or handcrafts - such exercising your creativity in other ways can be very helpful. What is more, you can meet many interesting people with various artistic backgrounds. Spend time with them and gather as much inspiration as possible.


Think about your task as a game, not a work. By playing you’ll have fun which will bring back that state when everything is new and exciting and help you get more out of your mind. Spend more time with children and learn from them - we tend to forget how interesting child’s point of view could be. They teach lessons you might have not understood earlier.



This is the most important thing to remember. The talent that you were born with and the hard work you’ve put into your profession over the years has not left you, you are just struggling a bit, which is not a horrible situation. The way you feel has a direct influence on you in many ways. By reaching real, constant happiness you will learn that even if today isn’t your best day, tomorrow will be better. There is a scientific reason why being creative can make you happier - and it works both ways around ☺

Have you ever had a creative block? How did you cope with it? Share your ideas in the comments!

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