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In recent years, AI has generated significant buzz, sparking widespread debate. There have been numerous arguments both for and against its use, leading to disagreements both online and offline. The undeniable truth is that artificial intelligence is here to stay, and it will impact our lives to a great extent.

When it comes to art, the feeling of insecurity is justified. AI will threaten the artist's expression because, let's be honest here, AI will create paintings much quicker for less. Critics argue that AI-generated paintings lack the emotional depth and personal touch that comes from human experiences and creativity, but it can be a matter of time, as AI still evolves. Devaluation of art is also a risk, as a concern that the spread of AI-generated art could depreciate human-created art, both culturally and economically is at stake.

We at Escape Motions believe in leveraging technology to enhance lives. Our software is using a lot of technology to enhance the user experience. Rebelle's NanoPixel export, for example, allows you to scale your images up to 16x for larger export files, which would not be possible without machine-learning technology. Many artists agree that AI art is a powerful tool but believe it shouldn't be celebrated in the same way as human-created art. And we must agree. The current lack of legislation to protect artists is frightening.

Our mission at Escape Motions is to give everyone a chance to express themselves artistically as we believe we all have the skills to dribble, draw, or paint, it is something that we need to train. With the right tools, like painting software, everyone can become an artist. That is why we understand the crisis in the industry which is currently ongoing with AI threatening the sole existence of creativity in human souls and want to support artists. Here's what we do:

No generative AI in Rebelle

Our vision is to make the best painting software for people who love to paint. We have no plans to add a generative AI in Rebelle to create full-scale art images. We believe images created with AI can serve for inspiration but to just put a whole painting together through AI is not in alignment with our vision.

Ban of fully generated AI images in Community Gallery and portfolios

Moreover, we have updated our Terms of Use where we officially prohibit uploading fully AI-generated images to portfolios and Gallery. Eventually, in the future, it will be possible to upload an image created with the help of AI but it will need to be properly labeled.

Blocked scraping of Community Gallery and portfolios by AI robots

We have implemented various precautions to disable AI from scraping user portfolios and Community Gallery. We do not allow using any of your content by third parties for use in datasets utilized by Generative AI Programs, or in their development.

Our recent partnership with Yuify

Last but not least, we have partnered with Wacom and their new initiative called Yuify to enhance the intellectual property rights of artists. It is a service that keeps your paintings and other 2D artworks yours. It helps to prove your authorship with secure records and provides a hassle-free licensing tool.

Wacom Yuify cannot protect an artwork from being scrapped by AI tools, yet, but with the help of a Yuify record, your artwork has proof that it is human-made. It acts as a stamp of creation from an author and also establishes a direct link between the artist and his content. Yuify will be available in Rebelle pretty soon and we will talk more about Yuify in the upcoming blog. In the meantime, feel free to read this article about Yuify on Creative Bloq or visit Yuify's website.

Let's connect on Cara

We support artists on the new recently very hip social media and portfolio platform for artists - Cara. With the widespread use of generative AI, the founders decided to build a place that filters out generative AI images so that people who want to find authentic creatives and artwork can do so easily.

Let's connect with Escape Motions on Cara:

In conclusion, while AI presents exciting possibilities and advancements in the field of art, it also brings with it a host of ethical, economic, and cultural challenges that need to be carefully considered and addressed. At Escape Motions, we will always support artists and champion human-created art.

Keep it creative!
Your Escape Motions Team

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