Interview with artist: Devraj Baruah

Tue, 03 Jun 2014 13:08:00 +0200

Today we would like to present you another exceptional artist Devraj Baruah from Pune, India. His artworks with recognizable style are a great source of inspiration for many Flame Painter users. Let’s find out what this talented freelancer shared with us.


Hello Devraj, thank you for taking the time for us. You know we‘re huge fans of your artworks. Tell our readers more about you, how long have you been painting?

Thanks, it’s a great pleasure talking to you as well. I really don’t know, since when I’ve been painting and drawing. My mom says, as a kid, before I even attended my pre-school, I used to wait till she finished mopping the floor and before she even finished it, I started drawing with chalk from the other end and then all across. ;)

What a lovely child you were! :) What is something about you that people around you consider different?

Maybe it’s a style of my work that doesn’t resemble any popular style that people usually come across. My artworks are greatly influenced by music. Most of my artworks start with a song and end with it. My surreal approach to many of my artworks is also something I guess people love.image

What is it like to work in the graphic field in India?

It’s a great experience working here in India as a graphic artist. Recently, the situation for artists has improved greatly. There was a time when people didn’t want to pay much for a logo design. But now, things have changed and you can get paid a good price for a good piece of design. And also, that I have migrated to the software industry, I didn’t have to struggle with thinking about who is going to buy my design.

But, as I talk to my fellow friend artists with the same background as mine, it feels bad that things are not that easy for them. A migration to becoming a commercial artist or a software graphic designer makes life easier here. But for someone who decides to be a traditional artist e.g. making portraits and paintings for a living, life isn’t that easy until you’re famous.

What painting done in Flame Painter are you most proud of?

All of them! Flame Painter is such an awesome tool for me that every little stroke I make in it, makes me draw another in a very reflex way. I create a countless number of artwork each day. Even when I met with a bike accident some time ago, I made a sketch of myself lying in bed with my bones broken. Though the broken bones are not visible from outside, you can feel the agony in my face and in my broken keypad. image

There is one flame painting called ‘The Boatman‘, which is a live recording of making art in Flame Painter using Zing. I loved doing it as I guess it is a first of its kind of experiment done in Flame Painter so far!

What programs do you use most often?

I am an avid user of Inkscape, which I use for my work and Flame Painter for my hobby. I don’t use Photoshop much.


What do you do when you have a creative block?

I listen to music, take a ride, do some gardening or spend time drawing something with my five-year-old kid Aarav, who’s also an artist. He often gives me instructions on what he wants me to draw. From a car with a palm tree as shock absorbers to a new kind of rocket. Working on his ideas often breaks the blockage much more easily and effortlessly.

Are there any websites you go to every day?

Yes, I visit LinkedIn very often as most of my clients are there. I also visit Behance, an art website where I have my portfolio as well as many other inspiring portfolios online, uploaded every day.

Lastly, what do you have to say to everyone who reads this?

Yes, everyone is an artist. :)

That’s nice! Thanks, Devraj for your time today. You’re an amazing guy!


Devraj’s portfolio on his website, Behance, Vimeo and LinkedIn

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