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On the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we are introducing another VERY special offer. Meet the new edition of Rebelle 5 - Rebelle 5 Personal. With all the features from Rebelle 5 standard, you will be able to create amazing artwork with a smaller budget.

EDIT [ December 12, 2022 ]: The special offer has expired and Rebelle 5 Personal is no longer available. Check other Rebelle editions (standard or Pro) on our website.

What's Rebelle 5 Personal?

Rebelle 5 Personal is the most realistic painting software aimed for personal and non-commercial use. We have introduced it to give all artists a chance to experience the power of Rebelle to the fullest extent. Rebelle 5 Personal has all the features from the standard edition you need for creating the best works, including state-of-the-art oils, acrylics, watercolor simulation, all the editing tools, DropEngine, and all brushes packed in the most intuitive and customizable interface.

What are the differences between editions?

With Rebelle 5 Personal you are not missing out on any feature from the standard edition. It's got it all! The difference is that the standard and Pro edition has 7 default papers while Rebelle 5 Personal offers one paper, you are permitted to install it on one computer and the license is for personal and non-commercial use.

You can get a FREE upgrade from Rebelle 5 Personal to Rebelle 5!

You can upgrade to Rebelle 5 standard (MSRP $89.99) for FREE and obtain:

- 6 additional papers and canvases;
- the ability to install on up to 3 computers;
- a license with commercial use.

How? It is as easy as painting a brushstroke! Spread the word about Rebelle software in the world of the internet within 7 days after the purchase, tell your friends, colleagues, and anyone interested in digital painting and post a link or screenshot to THIS FORUM POST. We will upgrade your edition for your mention of Rebelle software for FREE.

In addition to the free upgrade to Rebelle 5, you can also upgrade anytime for the price difference between editions directly from your Community account.

Help us spread the word

Word-of-mouth has strong powers. It can encourage you to try something extraordinary you never knew existed. That's how tenths of thousands of new artists came across our software in the past weeks. We've received tons of amazing feedback and stories of artists who have now switched to painting in Rebelle and the rest of our software and are excited about what they're experiencing. We want to bring this experience to EVERYONE who is seeking it.

Here are some of our favorite testimonials from the past few weeks:

"The most of my artist friends use Rebelle and they are all happy and excited all the time to talk about it. No other software has the functions of real painting on a canvas like Rebelle has, which is really a genius in the industry!" ~ Eysmael Fundal

"I bought this application because Rebelle 5 is nothing short of mindblowing to me! Admittedly I hadn't heard of it until a day or two ago, but after trying out the demo, I have been absolutely in awe of what this program is capable of. Thank you for creating such a fantastic program, I really don't have the words to describe how amazing it is!" ~ Janet Brink

"Just a quick hello to say how much I absolutely LOVE your software."  ~ Ignatz Reilly

"A friend of mine bought Rebelle and sang its praises to the skies as the most intuitive and easy-to-use program she'd ever used ("it really is just like traditional media, but better, because there's no mess!") and that sold me on it immediately!" ~ Elizabeth Birdsall

"I have to say that the software is impressive and I admire what they managed to do in terms of gliding and general behavior of brushes and pigments. All my respect and admiration for you and your team." ~ Andres Hinojosa

"I have seen someone promote this program on social media and I've seen the amazing brushes, I just had to get it for myself as well, not to mention the easy-to-navigate layout and tools!" ~ Floarea Daria

"I feel great when I use the tools provided in the application, especially the pencils, watercolors, and the paper. I also love the artistic side of the program development, which makes it intuitive to use the app."  ~ Sarsawat Chimnikorn

"The software runs super smooth, and the brushes I’ve used so far work really well. Most of all, the software with keybinds looks efficient, enough to get a real media look, but not too much to confuse the hell out of you. Fast real media simulation is the way forward and Rebelle I think is the best at it so far, keep at it guys." ~ Greg Taylor

"I had a chance to get Rebelle and had absolute blast with it, loved inks and watercolours and how it recreated the watery feeling to the medium! In comparison to other software that there is available, Rebelle seems to be the best match up of Optimisation to Quality one can get. Not to mention how well the colours blend, not creating some mushy smudge of a blob, usually brown, when mixing stuff in some other well known programs out there."  ~ Alicja Marszałek

"The realistic paint tools look incredible. I saw another artist use Rebelle and was so impressed that the art was digital when it had paint streaks and canvas texture in a way i'd never seen before." ~ Madeline Klein

"I am looking forward to being more (regularly!) creative and using your program to learn digital painting. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product!" ~ Jill Conover

"The color mixing seemed absolutely incredible compared to other art programs, as well as the fact that it is a one-time purchase at an incredible price for such an intense piece of software." ~ Raelena Skinner

"I went to fashion school and have dabbled with various online illustration softwares in the past but I hadn't encountered one that tried to recreate a true-to-life painting experience." ~ Daniel Goelz

"The way your software simulates real paint is stunning. As digital artist I prefer the workflow of digital art yet I love how real watercolor looks. Your software simulates it a lot better than any other software!" ~ Anton Trubnikov

"Why did we buy your application? Because you have excellent products!" ~ David and Daniela Giangrande

Thank you so much & have fun painting!
Your Escape Motions Team


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