Tips for Selling Your Art Online

Mon, 16 Mar 2020 14:13:00 +0100

So you have put a lot of time, energy and creativity into your art. Now you are wondering if it can be sold. Rest assured it can. If you are not familiar with how to sell your art online, we are here to give you a few tips! We’ve rounded up the most effective ways the aspiring artists can get their name and their artworks out there on the world wide web and make money.

Let’s first take a look at who’s buying art. This would help you decide how to sell your art online:

Online Buyers of Art

Actually, everyone - from a housewife or homemaker to that topmost business magnate abroad are all buyers of art. Some broad categories of art buyers include:

·      Art Collectors
·      Art Galleries & Museums
·      Offices
·      Interior Designers
·      Home Owners
·      Companies and organizations of all kinds
·      Investors

Art of Buying Art

How and where they buy art depends upon their budget and what they’re looking for. Obviously, a billionaire would buy a piece of art at an auction at Sotheby’s or Christie’s for adding to their prestigious collections. Others with lower budgets will look at buying excellent art at exhibitions.

Then we also have people that wish to buy art for home décor or to give away as a gift. They will buy art online, usually at a lower price.

And finally come investors that have enough money, are willing to pay fairly large amounts of money and remain anonymous. These kinds of investors usually buy art online.

Tips to Sell Art Online & Make Money

Create a Website

Creating a simple, personal website doesn’t really cost a lot of money. There are many websites and apps for it. For example, a basic WordPress website with a domain name, hosting and other essentials for eCommerce can cost just about 45 EUR per month - which is affordable and reasonable if you consider the return on investment which comes later.We'd also strongly recommend looking at these beautiful websites that gather art-loving people together and create a community of people searching for an original piece of art:

- Society6

Showcase your art on these websites in the form of excellent pictures of your art, detailed description, material, time taken and the concept. It could be anything: a painting, portrait, picture, sculpture, carving or just about anything.

Also, open a Facebook group or page and Instagram account with the name of your website and spread it around to your social contacts. Get people to ‘Like’ your Facebook page, follow you on Instagram and share.

The primary purpose of a website and social media accounts is to build your personal brand as an artist. And secondly, you can include an online payment button on your website and social media page for people who wish to buy your art.

Etsy is Wonderful

Not many people are aware of this wonderful online marketplace known as Etsy. It is an American portal that allows you to open own marketplace for a small monthly fee. Etsy specializes in handcrafted stuff and unique art. Therefore, discerning buyers of art visit Etsy to shop around for something that meets their taste.
There’re lots of famous artists that sell art on Etsy and make money. In fact, opening a marketplace on Etsy has several advantages. One of them is your online marketplace receives only people that are genuinely interested in art. Hence, the chances to sell are higher. And secondly, Etsy gives you global coverage. Meaning, your art will be seen by people around the world. You can quote a price in American Dollars to get more money.

Online Art Galleries

Just in case you’re unaware, there’re several online art galleries that operate from the US and other parts of the world. You’ll have to register with them. The registration process can be slightly complex because these art galleries are very particular about whose art they’ll be displayed on their website. Therefore, be ready to provide details such as the school of art from where you got a graduation degree or your detailed profile if you don’t hold any formal fine arts qualifications.These online art galleries usually promote upcoming artists. They help you build a portfolio and display it to visitors online.

Of course, they’ll charge a small fee for this service. However, the fee is worth the value you get by displaying your art online on a very famous Internet-based art gallery.

Nowadays, lots of medium to large investors visit these online art galleries solely with the purpose of buying art. They look for excellent art from budding and upcoming artists that show promise of becoming big names. That’s because junior artists sell at a lower price and the same piece of art will fetch much more money when you become very famous.

Amazon Handmade

And last but not the least, Amazon Handmade is an excellent way to sell art online and make money. As the name suggests, this is a service from Amazon, the world’s largest online store. In fact, you can sell any handmade products such as paintings and sculptures or just about any art object through Amazon Handmade.

Also, you can sell portrait making services through Amazon Handmade. This means you can take orders and create portraits for your clients. Joining Amazon Handmade is free for artists, provided you meet the criteria set by Amazon. And agree to their terms and conditions. Amazon Handmade has thousands of art sellers like us that promote and sell their art to discerning buyers around the world.


Selling art online can be a challenge but if you are consistent enough, you can succeed. Eventually, once you get the hang of it, it isn’t as hard as you thought. With the right connections and an effective marketing strategy, you’ll be on your way to making a living out of selling your artworks online. Our recommendation for you would be to carve a niche for yourself by participating in various free exhibitions. You can also host an art expo at some educational institute such as your school or college. Remember, the higher your popularity, the better your chances to sell art online and make money from it.


Images by Kelly Sikkema, Arnel Hasanovic, Khara Woods, Klaudia Piaskowska, Steve Johnson from

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