Top 5 YouTube Channels Offering Painting Tutorials in Rebelle

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Do you seek more How To digital painting videos? If your answer is yes, make sure to check out the following channels. We are providing a list of the best names who are currently creating tutorials, painting workshops, and how-to videos in Rebelle.

We have been lucky enough to collaborate with Justice Frangipane for a couple of years now to create Rebelle tutorials for the Escape Motions YouTube channel. However, as the demand is increasing and painting topics are limitless, we are happy to see more artists are creating inspiring and educational content using Rebelle. Here is a list of the channels you should definitely have on your radar! 

The Art of Tom Gallovich

Tom Gallovich enjoys photography, traditional painting as well as digital watercolors and oils. His photography and paintings are displayed in several local and online galleries. Watch his watercolor and oil painting demos as he explains his creative process in a thorough way. He gives importance to composition, anatomical accuracy, colors, shapes and to tell the story of the subject. Visit Tom's channel:

Basement Picasso

Rebelle Featured Artist, Peter Smith a.k.a Basement Picasso started his journey in art in the ’90s as a self-taught Comic Colorist, working in traditional acrylics, inks, and airbrushes. Later, his passion led him to study Fine Art. For the last 10 years, Pete has been blending his interests in art and technology to combine traditional techniques with new digital technology. Watch him work with various textures and marks to achieve the perfect results for printing. 

Visit Basement Picasso's channel:

Steve Elliott

Join Steve Elliott on his journey as he explores the world of Digital Painting. Working in various painting apps as well as traditional Media. He shares demonstrations, tips, tricks, tutorials and resources he's developed including custom textures and brushes. Steve has been using our software for a couple of years now and developed a great collection of almost 70 painting tutorials in Rebelle. We hope to see more videos in the new version soon.

Visit Steve's channel:


Brett Tadlock is a trained Acrylic and Oil Painter who wanted to move into the digital age. He also sculpt in ceramic clay and paper mache clay. His channel is filled with how to turorials on topics such as how to paint ocean, how to paint landscapes, and abstract digital artwork tutorials. In addition to painting lessons created in Rebelle, he offers a so called "Newbies Guide" series for those who are just starting with digital painting.

Visit Brett's channel:

Wee Bob Art

Robert Davidson is a self-taught artist and animator. He provides painting and animation tutorials to help you on your artistic journey. Visit his channel to watch plenty of tutorials and tips on how to work with Rebelle watercolors.

Visit Bob's

New Rising Channels to Look For

Art by Benjamin

Benjamin Aeilkema is an illustrator, artist and art teacher from The Netherlands. With years of teaching experience, he decided to share his knowledge, helping others to start their journey in art or getting a bit further along the way through a YouTube channel as well. Check out his first few tutorials created in Rebelle. 

Visit Benjamin's channel:

Rebelle Tutorials by Aaron Rutten

In addition to his successful YouTube channel providing reviews and tutorials, Aaron Rutten recently introduced a new channel, where he is sharing tutorials that are focused on working with Rebelle exclusively.Simultaneously, he is producing a paid course that can be pre-ordered on his website.

If interested in more details, visit his new channel:

Do you know about any other artist that creates tutorials in Rebelle? Let us know about them! We would like to promote channels creating tutorials in various languages. Feel free to use the comment section below or contact us at [email protected]

Happy Painting!
Escape Motions Team

Cover Image by Daniele Fabbri

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