Touch of Tradition in New Rebelle Art Papers

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Today, we're excited to introduce three brand-new sets of extraordinary full-color digital papers designed to enhance your creative experience with Rebelle. We've worked our magic to transform these real-world papers into digital formats. The surfaces are inspired by papers used by traditional artists and include not only cold-pressed varieties but also exotic and handmade options.

Lokta Rough

The first set, called Lokta Rough, was created using a visual interpretation of hand-drawn papers created from the fiber of a Nepalese plant Daphne papyracea. This plant grows in the highlands of Nepal, Bhutan, and India. Exceptionally strong and durable papers are produced here, handcrafted and traditionally sun-dried. This set is an extension of the already available range of Lokta papers with different levels of bumps and a beautiful natural texture. The set includes fine details down to the NanoPixel level and is suitable for painting and drawing techniques. The paper set includes three (3) Lokta Rough papers compatible with Rebelle 5 and newer.EX40 Charcoal on Lokta Rough Paper

EX41 Dry Pastel and Oil Pastel on Lokta Rough Paper

EX42 Watercolor on Lokta Rough Paper

Close-up of EX42 Lokta Rough paper

Handmade Rough

The second set, called Handmade Rough, completes our offer with traditional, hand-drawn papers created from cotton rags. Our interpretation of the distinct grain of the surfaces can enrich your watercolor paintings, bold pencil or pastel drawings. These papers are excellent for combining different techniques. NanoPixel detail is present when zooming closer into the structure. The paper set includes three (3) Handmade Rough papers compatible with Rebelle 5 and newer.HM17 Pastel and Oil Pastel on Handmade Rough Paper

HM18 Pencil on Handmade Rough Paper

HM19 Pen on Handmade Rough Paper

Close-up of HM19 Handmade Rough paper

Cold Pressed Typography

The third set of new Cold Pressed Typography papers is a result of the ideal balance between the fine and grainy surface. It follows on from previous sets that were created by hand-recycling old books. You can thus find small typographical fragments in the papers - old letters that enrich every drawing or painting. These papers were made from a unique blend of pulp and cotton and then cold-pressed between different firm meshes. This resulted in very versatile papers that can be used in watercolor painting, ink, and various drawing techniques. They can also be a canvas substitute for bold experiments with oil or acrylic. The paper set includes three (3) Cold Pressed Typography papers compatible with Rebelle 5 and newer.CP22 Oil on Cold Pressed Typography Paper

CP23 Watercolor on Cold Pressed Typography Paper

CP24 Charcoal on Cold Pressed Typography Paper
Close-up of CP22 Cold Pressed Typography paper

How We Create Papers for Rebelle

The ultra-realistic papers are an absolute gem. When creating papers, we look for a suitable contrast in texture to capture the characteristics of the fibers, which creates a unique paper structure every time. Papers are not a simple copy of reality. They are new textured images created with respect to the original pattern and behave realistically like real papers while painting in the Rebelle.

The new paper sets, along with the rest, are available on our website starting at $9.99 USD each. Each set contains three different papers. Do not miss our Summer sale and get each paper set with a huge 25% discount!

We wish you lots of creative ideas!
Your Escape Motions Team


These papers and canvases are exclusive assets for Rebelle software. They were created by Lubomir Zabadal, an expert in traditional art media and assistant professor at UKF University, Slovakia.

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