06.04.2023 05:41

When I run Inspirit, a warning window pops up and it does not run.

Warning window contents


Inspirit wasn't able to initalize OpneGL. Please, try to upgate your graphics card driver.
Minimum required OpenGL version is 3.0.

For more info, Please contact us at [email protected]


My current graphics card is rx6800xt.
It is installed with the latest graphic card driver.

And I am using Windows 10.

12.04.2023 02:14
Veronika Escape Motions
Team Member portfolio

Hello @junhongwon,

I am very sorry for this. Please try to go to:
C:\Users\[YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Escape Motions

and delete the whole Inspirit folder.

Then run Inspirit again. It might ask for the registration again. Do you still get the error message about the OpenGL?