19.11.2023 01:45

File and/or folder names pop up randomly while painting in Rebelle 6 Pro. Very annoying. Never occured in Rebelle 5 or 6 until I moved to a new Mac Studio with Ventura (OS 13). The names appear in a white "bar" hiding the illustration exactly where I'm painting and then a different name appears where I move the brush.  Hard to describe. Anyone know how I can end this annoyance? Thanks for your assistance.

21.11.2023 07:19
Veronika Escape Motions
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Hi planet,

One other user reported this issue and we have not been able to find a solution yet.

I found a way of turning the tooltips off:

...but this is not working for me. Maybe try it to see if that works for you?

We will definitely check this in our code or the code of the platform we use for building (QT), but in the meantime, we have no further suggestions, unfortunately.

Are you experiencing this issue in other painting software, for example Krita?