20.11.2023 02:30

Is anyone else having an issue uploading art to their portfolio? I have tried multiple files, different browsers and restarting my computer. I can drop the file but when I click upload nothing happens... the screen just refreshes. Thanks in advance

21.11.2023 01:02

Yes, it may be due to updating the site for the upcoming Rebelle 7, not sure. But I have not been able to upload images either. 

21.11.2023 07:12
Veronika Escape Motions
Team Member portfolio
Hi guys, 
We are sorry for the issues, we have migrated to a new hosting server and suddenly there is an issue with uploading to the portfolio.
We're currently fixing this, hopefully, it will be available soon.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
21.11.2023 04:10

ok got it... thank you for the reply and explanation. Looking forward to the new version!

10.12.2023 11:29

WIll there be an announcement when it's back to working, or should we keep watching here? 

27.12.2023 11:39
Alzbeta Escape Motions
Team Member portfolio

Hello all,

We apologize for the inconvenience with uploading artwork to your Portfolio on our website. We were able to fix it and it should work now. 

After logging in, please click on Upload Artwork and follow the steps presented there.