16.11.2023 11:07
Veronika Escape Motions
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We would be grateful if you help us spread the word about our software by sharing it on your social media or forwarding it to your friends, colleagues, and anyone who is interested in digital painting.
As a reward, you will receive freebies worth $25:
- a FREE "Kenaf" paper set (value $9.99)
- a FREE "Exotic Smooth" full-color paper set (value $14.99)

All you need to do is post about Rebelle 7 online - write a blog, share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on a digital forum and post the proof (a link or a screenshot) of your online mention to THIS FORUM THREAD.
We will add two above-mentioned paper sets to your Community account.

Thank you!
Your Escape Motions Team
About Exotic Smooth Paper Set (includes 3 full-color papers)
Finely processed exotic materials like Yucca, Japanese Kozo, or Himalayan Lokta full-color paper, containing tiny colored fragments and impurities in the material emphasize the beauty of ink or watercolor painting and create an exciting basis for pencil and charcoal drawings.

About Kenaf Paper Set (includes 3 papers)
Papers in this set are made from the Hibiscus cannabinus plant, which is used as an ecological substitute for wood pulp. Kenaf is one of the allied fibers of jute, its name is of Persian origin. Its beautiful surface is very variable. This paper is suitable for watercolors, and drawing with ink and pencil.
17.11.2023 11:39

Hello, the real topic starts on November 22 and will be published by Escapemotions. :-)


17.11.2023 11:56

Here is my ad posted on my facebook profile.

17.11.2023 08:43


 I purchased my Rebelle 6 Pro in July of this year 2023; I am enjoying the program and it has enabled me to increase my skills, THANK YOU

 I have to say that I am a little disappointed that Rebelle 7 Pro will be available to pre order and a discounted price only a few months after my purchase of $143.79 CAD excluding tax.  I understand that you do not control when your product is purchased, however if I had known I would be able to purchase Rebelle 3 back in July for less than the amount mentioned above and in a few months be able to make a substantial upgrade for a few dollars more I would have been really pleased.


I am sure I am not the only one is this situation. Is there something that can be done for persons who have purchased your product within say the last year to receive the upgrade for free?


I am looking forward to your thoughts and reply,



17.11.2023 10:37
Raquel Bigby

I posted on Facebook, and I am so looking forward to Rebelle 7

18.11.2023 04:19

Posted everywhere, lol.

18.11.2023 10:44

Posted on Threads - https://www.threads.net/@drdamn/post/CzyF_fHNkc-

18.11.2023 05:27

don't know how many people will actually see it