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If you have any technical questions or need help with using Amberlight software, please feel free to post to this forum. When you make a post, please include the following information:

  • Which version of Amberlight you're using and whether you're using a demo or the full version. Here’s how you can find which version you’re using.
  • Your system specifications including the operating system you're using (e.g. OS X 10.13.3), RAM, processor and type of graphic card. If you’re using Amberlight on a graphic tablet, please write the specific type of tablet.
  • A description of the problem in as much detail as possible including what you were doing at the time of the problem. If you can reproduce the issue, please write the steps we can follow to reproduce the issue on our computers.
  • If there is an error message, write the exact text of that error message.

Providing this information will help us resolve the issue much faster.

You can also contact us directly at email address: