02.01.2024 12:37

I tried tweaking all the parameters and the suggestions for debugging in the commented-out lines of the script, but I did not get the previous frame erased. In the circle.json, I see the erase brush defined every few frames but no other events like pointer down, move, or up to actually erase the drawn line.

Do you have anything like this in your tests? 


12.01.2024 04:35
Michal Escape Motions
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Hi @syno!

I've added an example JSON output into that tutorial. Here's the direct link:


Could you post your python code here? Or do have just the code from the tutorial without any modifications?

20.02.2024 04:02

Hi! I have the same issue and I have not changed anything in the python script. I've run everything as the tutorial says without modifications - downloaded the python script and used the same bash commands to run - and the result was the same as the person above.

I'm running mine on macOS if that makes a difference.