08.01.2024 03:12
Veronika Escape Motions
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The message "Unable to verify the license" is displayed in the Rebelle 7 trial when the software cannot locate a purchased license associated with the registered Community account.

The solution is to re-register Rebelle 7 using the Community account associated with the purchase of the full license.
To do so, please open the Rebelle trial and click the Try button to get into Rebelle first.


- go to Help > About Rebelle - you will see your email address and a Logout button below it, click the button;
- close and run Rebelle again and register using your Community account used for purchasing Rebelle 7

If you purchased Rebelle 7 using a different email address and do not wish to create a new Community account, drop us an email at: [email protected] and we will merge the purchase with your existing account.