20.01.2024 10:11
Mike Haszard

I would like to propose the ability to use purchased canvas textures as tileable structures with deckled edges. This feature could provide more versatility for the papers I have purchased and could facilitate the creation of unique paper collages. It would be as if I created a ‘Frankenstein’ canvas with various papers, canvases, and rough gesso areas, adding to the texture of artists work.

Ideally, this feature addition would:

  • Utilize existing paper textures as structures.
  • Include a checkbox to enable deckled edges for each individual structure instance.
  • Tile the canvas texture when scaling the structure.
  • Incorporate a texture scale slider (similar to the one that exists while selecting your paper surface).

Additionally, it would be beneficial to either:

  1. Include canvas textures into structures by default, or
  2. Allow users to install the canvas textures to the structures panel via drag-and-drop functionality with the intended ‘paper.zip’ file.

I have included a concept below that convey how i imagine it would look in practice

Concept for canvas structure UI

20.01.2024 10:42
Mike Haszard

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