07.02.2024 06:55

Hello all! I have just started using Rebelle. I've been using Procreate to create digital watercolor paintings, but I have been frustrated with the limitation of realistic effects. I don't have a drawing tablet yet, so I've been conducting experiments with colors, mixing, and effects while I wait to order one. 

I did a search of the forums and didn't find very much on the topic of re-creating salted effects in watercolor. Maybe everyone already knows how to do it, but it took me a little while to figure it out! Here are my experiment results - hopefully this is helpful to another n00b. 


Spatter brush set to high water, mid to low opacity makes a great salt effect. Can use same color for regular salt. Can use different color for pigment salt. Use Fast Dry hotkey (F) to end spread when salt looks correct. 


  1. Spatter 1, opacity 62 water 85 (same color spatter)
  2. Spatter 2, opacity 100 water 58 (same color spatter)
  3. Spatter 2, opacity 100 water 98, (same color spatter)
  4. Spatter 3, opacity 22 water 90 (same color spatter)
  5. Spatter 4, opacity 8 water 68(same color spatter)
  6. Spatter 5, opacity 93 water 97 (different color spatter)
  7. Spatter 3, opacity 57 water 100 (different color spatter)
  8. Spatter 3, opacity 89 water 90 (different color spatter)

8 watercolor swatches with different salted effects