08.02.2024 06:01

I am a beginner to digital art. Do  most memmbers use a specific brand e.g. Wacomb, expense is a consideration. I have a Wacomb One but it's difficult to use. I'm handicapped so coordination is an issue. Can Rebelle 5 be uppgraded to Rebelle 7 for less cost than purchasing at full price?

"Mondrian Owns Geometry!"

Thank you!

09.02.2024 07:17

Check out the Huion tablets.  Every bit as good as Wacom.  I used to use Wacom tablets, but their prices have gone crazy. Wacom used to be just about the only quality tablet, but no more.  I got a Huion Kamvas Pro 16" for $593 USD. This is similar to the Wacom Cintiq 16" which sells for $882 USD .  My Huion works well with Rebelle 7 Pro, Painter 23 and Artrage.

11.02.2024 04:42

I have an XP-Pen 14 gen2 it is about, $360. I like it, no lag, good colors and light weight.
one thing to consider is a graphic tablet, which duplicates the screen, can use more system resources than an drawing tablet (non display) plus drawing tablet can be bluetooth. which ever one you go with see what type cables it uses and wether or not your computer supports it.

20.02.2024 12:10

Is Rebelle suitale fo IPad pro? 

20.02.2024 02:36


In my Eyes the question is more like
is the iPad Pro suitable for Rebelle.

As you may know, Rebelle simulates watercolor
other natural painting media, which is why
n some cases you need a good PC or Mac
to be able to work fluently.

To answer your question, there is no Version of Rebelle
which will run on an iPad. Only PC and Mac.

But you could use Apps like Duet or EasyCanvas
which allows to paint on your iPad in your PC/Mac
Software by mirroring the PC/Mac Screen onto the iPad.
A Youtube search would show you some possibilities