12.02.2024 11:22

I have noticed that in version 7, when you click on a slider in the Properties Panel, the slide value does not change. You have to drag the slider to change the value. This was not the case in Rebelle 6.

The experience is much better an consistent with other applications if you can click on the sliders to choose a value.

13.02.2024 12:43

You need to drag the panels a bit wider, so it looks more like this:

It's the same as in Rebelle 6.

14.02.2024 06:56

Thanks! Perhaps this could be made consistent, or at least optional so as not to cause confusion.

15.02.2024 02:09
Veronika Escape Motions
Team Member portfolio

Hi aaronrutten,

Sliders have two "modes":

1. default mode - in which you can drag the slider OR click to set up the value


2. narrow mode - used when the Properties panel's width goes below a certain value.
In this mode, you can only drag the slider. Clicking to set up the value is not possible:

Of course, typing the value using keyboard works on both modes. This works the same way in Rebelle 7 as it did in Rebelle 6.

Hope this clear things up! Let us know if you have any further questions.