19.02.2024 10:28

I don't understand why when I am painting and I move my brush too far to the south that my task bar pops up.

I don't understand why after 7 versions of this painting program, this is still an issue.

Please enlighten me becuase this causes me great consternation.

If I am painting there is no way under any circumstances that I want my strokes to be interupted by a task bar popping up and then accicentally activating some other window.

If I want my task bar to come up I can press my Window's Key (otherwise what else is it actually good for?)

I want to paint without reservation. and I keep. getting. met. by the same task bar. that prevents me from doing so.

It interrupts my flow.

It makes me forget the wind I was just floating upon.

It makes me livid.

It makes me post things into the community forum and question why it hasn't already been addressed.

(and yes, even without auto-hide taskbar this is still an issue)

19.02.2024 10:29

My God I sound like such a Karen. But SURELY I can't be the only person who feels this way???


19.02.2024 10:31

ugh I think I posted this in the wrong section. Rebelle 7 intended. Fail x10