27.03.2024 08:33

Hi there. I'm very new to Rebelle. I love stained glass art and would love to use this software to create a collection. But which tool do I use to create geometric shapes for the glass pieces (not hand-drawn) and how do I fill them with color? 

27.03.2024 11:38
Veronika Escape Motions
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Hi qHZxAA5ABzMl,

You can use stencils or selections for that.

In Rebelle 7 you can also use Paths (SVG files).


27.03.2024 03:04


if you own Rebelle 6 or later, then Stencil are your Friend
Stencil are simple .PNG greyscale or B/W Images
Found ore create a shape you like and put it in the Stencil Folder.

If your own Rebelle 7 then you can import .SVG Paths in Rebelle.
They may a bit more diffcult to use for Beginners, because .SVG
is a vector Graphics Format.

You could Download the free "Inkscape" vector graphics Program
wich offers different vector shapes and you can also create your
own and then save them as .SVG

A Brush will follow a .SVG Path in Rebelle. To fill a .SVG path
or better the Shape of it, create a Selection from a .SVG path
and fill that selection

Take a look at this Posts of mine

Here a link to user Stencils in the Forum, so you can see how they look