27.03.2024 05:57
Veronika Escape Motions
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Hello folks,

New week - new update! :) Rebelle 7.1.3 is out now with the important fixes and changes.

We're so happy to let you know that we have managed to reproduce and fix the issue with the NanoPixel export, which could result in a blank image (discussed on the forum here and here).

Moreover, 7.1.3 includes a huge fix after years of struggling with the bug which caused the loss of an entire layer and undoing caused the parts of the artwork to reappear in squares. The issue was being reported and discussed in various posts on the forum: here, here, here, here, here and here.

Here is the complete changelog for Rebelle 7.1.3:


- Pattern & Gradient Fill selected position is now locked. You can change the gradient beginning and end; and pattern offset and rotation.
- Image imported to the Reference image Library is added as a linked image
- Added "Copy linked image to Library" option in the right-click context menu for adding imported linked images to the Reference Image Library
- Images in the Reference images panel are now automatically saved to the .reb file
- Added possibility to add groups for Shapes / Grains Library in the Brush Creator
- Changed the Favorite Brush Sets icon in the Library, it contains the number of brush presets
- Trial dialog: When Activate fails, the user can log out


- Modifying a layer (e.g. painting a short stroke or clear/cut layer) quickly after Undo / Redo and then invoking another Undo / Redo caused an unrecoverable data loss in the current layer
- Fixed export for large artworks (e.g. 4x4 NanoPixel size) saved a blank white file
- Fixed crash while transforming multiple layers at once using fractal mode
- Fixed crash while using Transform tools
- Fixed crash when deleting items from the Library
- Fixed crash if the imported Path file was not opened correctly
- Fixed: Undo / Redo transforming a layer mask could cause artifacts
- Fixed: Exporting artwork with deckled edges, hidden paper, or any semi-transparent pixels to JPG or BMP formats that don't support transparency is now correctly blended with a nontransparent black background without "pixelation" and color artifacts
- Fixed: Ruler, perspective, and ellipse tools are now loading properly from .reb files
- Fixed: Shortcuts for ruler, ellipse, and perspective can also switch the tool off
- Fixed: Painting had a delayed start while using the perspective tool
- Fixed pattern icons in the Patterns Library
- Fixed opacity slider for the Blend tool
- Fixed: 'Alt' in the Clone tool would activate the Pick color tool instead of position picking while rulers/ paths were active
- Fixed: If the Brush preset uses the Default brush color, the color changes are remembered until the preset is reselected
- Fixed: Layer, Stencil, and Path are updated correctly when using gestures for transformation
- Fixed: Blending mode/material of the new layer, created after merging layers is now set more accurately
- Fixed: Transforming a deselected layer with Mask Opaque / Mask Transparent now keeps the mask in the original position
- Fixed: Canvas Bounds now display while Deform, Warp, or Perspective transformation is used
- Fixed: Perspective tool sometimes displaced the transformed object
- Fixed: Control points of Deform, Warp, or Perspective now snap correctly to Grids, Guides, and Canvas Bounds
- Fixed: Resetting the position of the imported image now places it in the original position
- Fixed Undo / Redo when working with Stencils, Paths, Structures, and Reference Images
- Fixed rendering of icons when color management is enabled for Stencils, Reference images, Paths, and Color panels
- Fixed: Panels are now centered when Rebelle is first launched and the very first time a panel is displayed
- Fixed scale of sliders' handle in the Color panel when DPI is changed
- Fixed: Deleting the currently selected item from the Library now works
- Fixed: Mixing palette colors were changed incorrectly when reloading the .reb file
- Fixed impasto noise when tapping with brushes


Go ahead and download the latest Rebelle 7.1.3 update from your Community profile. You can access the download links to the update also from within the software, just go to the menu Help > Update to 7.1.3. This update is free for all Rebelle 7 users.