01.04.2024 05:34
Aaron Lea

I'm about to start a study of Mark Rothko to prepare for an upcoming project, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to approach this using Rebelle (I'm still new to this application, having come from Clip Studio). My apologies in advance, because I'm asking a brush question and hate myself for doing it. Still, Rebelle is a different beast, and it's more of a settings question since Rebelle uses a lot of physics and simulations.

Some facts (based on what we know):

  • Rothko painted thinly, but layered his colors
  • He used acrylics from what I could gather but diluted them heavily using turpentine to create a stain essentially
  • The level of gloss was varied
  • He feathered the edges using a turpentine burn

There isn't a way to dilute oils in Rebelle and make them watery (from what I can tell). I've experimented with watercolor brushes, and while that gives me better options to create a stain, it still looks like watercolor, and won't layer the same.

I'm here to learn, and I would love to hear any insight the community could offer regarding adjusting the Visual Settings for the way the canvas behaves and brush settings to mimic Rothko.

These were two valuable resources regarding Rothko's technique: