13.05.2024 02:41


I am trying to inject or reduce the amount of water on specific frames using load events but I am seeing some issue and I am not able to figure out what I am doing wrong.

I made 2 examples : add_water.json and average_water.json

Where at frame 5 I load this texure to manipulate the water layer :

(Get the actual EXR here )

For both example it seems that I am losing the water on the side and the function option is not being applied as I expected.

Any idea on what might be happening ?

04.06.2024 11:01
Michal Escape Motions
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Thanks for this report, @Kadeno!

The files you provided really helped us to reproduce the issue. There were two bugs in MotionIO causing it:

1. Simulation bounding box wasn't recomputed after the LOAD event. This is crucial especially when importing data into the "water" layer.

2. The "function" parameter wasn't parsed properly falling back to the "replace" function regardless of the given value.

Both issues are fixed now and will be released in the upcoming 7.1.7 version of Rebelle MotionIO.