06.06.2024 08:56
Veronika Escape Motions
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Hi there!

We've just released another update to Rebelle 7 - version 7.1.7 with the following:


- New "Show Reference Image on Canvas" added to the menu: View -> Show -> "Reference Image on Canvas" and to Keyboard Shortcuts -> View
- The "Removed" folder for deleted items has a better folder structure (e.g. brushes, brush sets, color sets, gradients, mixing palettes)


- Fixed: Liquify crashed after canvas resize
- Fixed: Painting strokes crashed during processing of tablet events
- Fixed: The main window lost focus when switching tools while the Properties panel was near the right side of the screen
- Fixed: Corrected pen pressure and rotation at the beginning of strokes
- Fixed: Copy & paste of a layer could crash when canvas size was changed before pasting
- Fixed position of Rulers, Reference Images, Stencils, and Paths after changing Canvas Size
- Fixed warp of a selection on an empty layer
- Fixed slower rendering for Deform, Perspective, and Warp
- Motion IO: The simulation bounding box wasn't recomputed after the LOAD event. This is crucial especially when importing data into the "water" layer.
- Motion IO: The LOAD event's "function" parameter wasn't parsed properly, falling back to the "replace" function regardless of the given value
Go ahead and download the latest Rebelle 7.1.7 update from your Community profile. You can access the download links to the update also from within the software, just go to the menu Help > Update to 7.1.7. This update is free for all Rebelle 7 users.