24.06.2024 04:13

Good Day all. I really wasn't sure where to post this, so maybe this forum is as good as any. I am brand new to FP (I don't have it yet), and am very interested in purchasing it for some space art I'm working on (no, I don't mean the 'space between my ears ). I'm not sure sure how FP operates holistically, so thought I'd post what I want to do with it, and somebody here can maybe tell me if this would work or not.

I would like to create a design of some sort, then export that design. I would then like to open that exported image in Affinity Photo* as a layer, and incorporate the other layers already completed in Photo as one image. *It is important to note, I no longer use Adobe products (long, and not a happy story), so the plugin option is of no value to me. So, can I do this (I don't need to know how, at least at this point) using FP4? 

Thanks very much for your help in advance. 


24.06.2024 08:10

As a follow up to this question, can I bring a FP image in as a layer in Rebelle 7 Pro, similar to the above?

Thanks again.

26.06.2024 08:40
Veronika Escape Motions
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Hello GlennsArt21,

Of course, you can open FP image in both Affinity products and Rebelle. You can open it in any software that supports PNG, JPG, PSD, BMP, or TIFF import/export.