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We have been on Amberlight 2.0 for well over a year now. Anyway we can get some updates to enhance the program creatively? I bet you would get lots of suggestions for improvements if you asked for them. It really is a unique program  and is very worthy of an update!


Mike McCulley

Veronika EscapeMotions

Hello Mike,

thanks for posting your question to our forum!
At the moment we do not have any time plan ready for another Amberlight 2 update.
I see you mention 2.0, please note there is a newer 2.1 version available. See what's new and download Amberlight 2.1 from


Hey Mike, I fully agree about the uniqueness of Amberlight, and it is indeed hard to see the other products getting updates and Amberlight not (I guess they sell better?).

In the mean time, I started posting feature requests to the relevant subforum for Amberlight, hoping these will be incorporated, and hopefully to show too that some of us have indeed been waiting for an update for a long time now. Feel free to add your ideas to that forum.

One problem I encounter however, is that I don't have enough knowledge of the simulation part of the program to suggest brand new features (apparently it's partly based on magnetic fields). I'd like to be able to distinguish for example between a 'clean hard line' look and a 'ragged painterly brush' look, but have no idea how to translate this into a feature (and even if the simulation part permits this kind of choice). Let's hope the team with their knowledge of the program will be creative enough to think of their own new killer feature :)