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Hi all

Low on Ideas, or are you searching for Figures ?
Try Vectorline painting in Symmetry Mode

FP 4 have a nice Symmetry Function, and it is the only
Particlepaintprogram that i know that have an true
Symmetry on Particlebrushes.

Maybe you paint already with Bitmapbrushes in Symmetry mode.
But what if you try it with the Vectorlinebrush?

You may know that FP 4 accept only one Vectorline
per Vectorlayer and so if you paint another Vectorline
on this Layer the first Vectorline will be deleted.

Well, we can use this to our Advantage.


Here we go.

Create a Vectorlayer, turn Symmetry on
set Symmetry to 0 and Mirror on.

Now paint a Vectorline.
The first thing you see that you have two lines instead of one.

The second thing is you can change the Particlebrush of that Line
to get other Designs. You can change Parameters of that Brush
and edit the Vectorline too.

The third thing is if you paint another Vectorline you get a new symmetrycal Design,
because FP 4 clears the old Design automatically if you paint a new Vectorline.

As i wrote at the third Point while FP4 clear the Layer automatically
when you paint something new, you can paint Designs and stay in
the flow until there is something you like and use this as a kind
of Ideaprozessor.
Hope you get it ;-)

Have a nice Day an may your Ideas spread.