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It would be ideal to create a way to place the actual photographic image below revelle paper to allow to work directly over it.  Have the capacity to manually lower and increase the opacity of the revelle paper to view the below layer.  


You can add any image to a Rebelle file by treating it as a tracing layer. Of course you don't have to actually trace. See page 60 of the Rebelle 3.1 manual.

"Rebelle enables you to create paintings by tracing colors from a selected image. You can Drag and Drop picture directly from any source - folder, browser or website and it opens as a new layer. "

Veronika EscapeMotions

Hi @Michael58,

thanks for posting your idea to the Forum!

At the moment the paper is always the background layer. It is not possible to place an imported image behind the Canvas paper.
It is only possible to import the paper to a separate layer, hide the actual Canvas paper in the Layers panel, then place the layer with the imported image below the paper on a separate layer.

May I ask what you would like to achieve by placing the image behind the paper? It'll help us understand your idea better. Any examples are welcome, too :)