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as the FP4 license apparently got quite a bit more restrictive regarding computer counts here a few questions:


1) is it okay to install this on a cloud computer (obviously the instance is not shared and only I have access to it)? I can see a lot of "fun" coming from this because one probably cant keep a solid hardware ID on a VM)

2) does it still count as me being a private individual when using the license I bought myself at work (PC is obviously not shared) or would me installing it on a work PC lock me in as "being a commercial enterprise" and therefore just being able to use 1 copy instead of the normal 3?


to be entirely honest I much prefer the License model of affinity Designer for stuff where the license for individuals even goes above and beyond the expected.

Veronika EscapeMotions

Hi @My1xT,

1. As long as you are the only user, you can install FP4 on a cloud computer.

2. This one is a bit tricky but if you bought the software copy yourself and you are the only user, you can install it on up to 3 computers (for both non-commercial as well as commercial use).