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Hello Rebelle development team,


After using your program for several days, a serious problem is becoming clear - Rebelle's viewport displays the image too sharp. Sharper than the finished result. 

There are 2 problems with the viewport:

1 - 100% view is blurry. If you open the same image in Photoshop, or any other program - and view the same at 100%, side by side - you will see Rebelle is blurrier than what it should be, at 100% zoom.

2 - Problem #2 is that at any distance further away than 100% - it is not blurry, but the opposite - way too sharp. Meaning, the pixels and textures are exaggeratedly sharp. In this case, I'm viewing a painting at 33%. In Rebelle, it looks sharp, and looks "finished". But when I open the same painting in Photoshop, the same painting looks unfinished, lacking texture and details. This is because the viewport in Rebelle is too sharp. The "filtering" it uses is exaggerated. This causes a painting to look finished, when it really isn't. 


In order to fix this, maybe different viewport filtering options could be added to "Preferences", "General" - as Image Display options... I know PaintStorm Studio, for example - has an option to allow the user to manually change the sharpness of the pixel display. Something like that, or a more similar viewport to Photoshop's, might give the user a better representation of their finished painting. So they can trust that what they're painting from far away - will look the same in the end.


Thank you so much for taking a look at this problem and idea.

Veronika EscapeMotions

1 - 100% view is blurry.
This seems to be a bug in our code, which we'll try to fix.

2 - Problem #2 is that at any distance further away than 100% - it is not blurry, but the opposite - way too sharp.
This will require changes in the viewport renderer. We'll need to rewrite the code for this one in the future.