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hello support ,

just downloaded the entire brush set and most of them do nor show up in the application . tried to use the import function to no avail and alspo places them manually into the correct folders , pleaser can smeone tell me why a cant use theses brushes.

Also i have a lot of great brushes from the previous version , will the new upgraded software be able to use them.

i_mac running OSX Mojave 10.14.6 runninf Flame Painter 4.1.0



Veronika EscapeMotions

Hi @mehauK,

thanks for reaching out! What "entire brush set" are you referring to? I see you purchased Particle Systems Bundle on November 27. Please note the particle systems will be installed in your Flame Painter 4 copy automatically. Only a software restart and internet connection are required after you purchase them.

If you wish to import Flame Painter 3 brushes to Flame Painter 4, here's how:
- open FP3 and from "Help menu" select "Show brushes folder" - you will go to Escape Motions folder where all data of all our applications are stored. Here you can find "brushes" and "gradients" which you copy to the respective folders under Flame Painter 4.

Please note the brushes created with FP3 may not look/behave the same way in FP4 since we've rewritten the code for the included particle systems. But you can always edit your brushes via Brush Creator panel if needed :)


I have this same problem.  Brushes will be missing, then I download one I know I already have installed, I install it then an entirely different set of brushes shows up.  These brushes are all from the website for FP4, using FP4.  I have all but quit using this program due to the ongoing issues regarding this.