I'm back figuring out how to create animations in Rebelle (check out this Instagram post). This time, I created each frame by successively painting a blob, letting it drip a bit, rotating the canvas, making an iterative save and then doing the next blob (28 blobs/saves in all) - then extracting the frame from each saved file and putting them all together in Photoshop in an animation.

I was hoping that when I rotated the canvas, the drips would start going in the new direction but the iterative save froze the canvas, stopping the drips. Is there any way to change this behavious so the drips keep going?

TIA, Tony.

Veronika EscapeMotions

Hello @tonylinde,

please note that after saving, all layers are dried. This is needed in order to correctly save the work.

After you save, you may use the Water tool on the drips but it may create a bit different results.
Another option is to avoid saving and only screenshot the canvas after pausing the diffusion, then enabling diffusion again for continuous dripping.