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Enrico Santi

Greetings from Italy!
I am working on this painting at the moment, it is a remake from a painting I made about four months ago (Natural Bonsai) that you can find on my portfolio.
I decided to modify it resuming the original sun light from the left just as it was on the reference photograph; I didn't want to have just rocks around, therefore I added grass ad few trees to make the painting more complete.
The cabin has taken the place of the bonsai and I am trying to make it as more realistic as I can through my imagination, given that the only part I have been painting from a picture is the clouds.
As I am trying to make all my paintings looking like traditional paintings I usually paint on one single layer, but for this one I painted the cabin on a separate layer that I will merge at the end and I will paint the edges around it just to blend it with the background.