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Hi, I'm trying out Rebelle 3 Demo. I'm on a Macbook Pro, 15-inch 2017, with 2.8GHz i7 Core, 16 GB memorry, Intel HD graphics 630 1536 MB. Running Catalina.

The brushes are just really laggy as soon as I try them. Brushes will sometimes get stuck even as I move them around. The only way I've found to stop the lagging is to dry the paper or turn off diffusion. Is this normal? 

I'm looking to purchase, but really hesitant with this lagging issue. Is there some other way to optimize? I've already shut down other background apps. Or is my laptop just too old for Rebelle 3?

Veronika EscapeMotions

Hi @morningcup,

thanks for posting to our Forum. There still seems to be an issue on some macs since version 3.1.6.

I will send you a previous Rebelle 3.1 Demo to try out - could you please let me know if the lagging is the same or not?