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i recently pruchased this and really enjoyed using it. however, the next time i started my laptop the icon was replaced with a question mark. i removed this from my dock and reinstalled the application only to have the same thing happen again. any ideas what is ahppening and how i can avoid this from reoccurring? thanks!

Veronika EscapeMotions

Hello @Deborahg,

There are several reasons why the question mark appears on the icon:

- An installer replaces an application with a different version in a new location.
- You remove the item from your computer.
- The item in the Dock was stored on a disk that is no longer present or available (mounted). This includes items dragged to the Dock from a previously-mounted disk image.

Go to your dock and right-click the question mark and choose Options -> Remove from dock.

Then please re-download Flame Painter 4 from your Community account.
After you run the .dmg of Flame Painter 4, you should see a window with the program's icon. Make sure you drag and drop the app's icon to the Applications folder, as our apps do not install to this folder by default.

After you install and move to the Applications folder, place the icons to the dock. All should work well now.